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  1. Just checked for you and it’s listed on the cruise planner! $1800...yikes! While that is a huge pax load, I’ll keep an open mind. I’m sure we will have a great time no matter what. We have no plans of any excursions but I may get off the ship before anthem debarks to stake my claim
  2. Our visit in February lists us (Navigator) and Anthem together. Seems like it would be a lot of people but I am not too concerned. We usually sit at Captain Jacks and let our son run between the two splash pads (while obviously keeping an eye on him). Once we are at the pool we are in the water. I guess my main concern would be the beaches but again, there are tons of chairs.
  3. Did you notice a push to purchase specialty dining on board? We are doing a 3 night in November and there are no good deals on the planner right now. We may just wait until we are on board to see what kind pf pricing we can get. I remember from other cruises, the wait staff were out in full force trying to get bookings so wondering if there is a deal to be had on board.
  4. You have tons of options in Nassau within walking distance. If you want to have some beach time with it, go to Junkanoo - there are several huts with "beer bucket specials" as well as fresh fruity drinks. We have also walked up into the shopping area (not the straw market) and have found some fun places to sit and drink. I wish I could remember the name of the hole in the wall we went to...all i remember is that it was in an alleyway and had strong free wifi and good drinks.
  5. Maybe an odd question but are the cabin doors on Mariner magnetic? We usually never do door decorations, but considering our cruise is celebrating three birthdays, I thought it might be fun this time around.
  6. I loved Wonderland on Anthem, not so much on Harmony. I am not sure why...if it was location and company? On Anthem, we were a group of 6 (and it was our first experience). On Harmony it was me and my husband. I am an adventurous eater, he is not. I liked all the food we got on Harmony, the changes they made to his were awful (like the cone without crab?? Why would DH want to eat a cone with wasabi only???) I would say, this restaurant is great in a group setting or if you and your dining partner like the same things. I thought the food on both ships was awesome. Husband does not agree. I hated the location on Harmony. We dined a bit early and the sun blazing in through the windows was awful. Maybe it would have been better at/after sunset. Not sure we would reserve there again without a group or without new people to dine with in the mix. On the other hand, we LOVE Jamies. Might be our fave specialy. So, to each their own.
  7. Hello Disney cruisers! Although I am not new to cruising, I am new to Disney Cruising. I have a November 2020 7 nighter booked on Fantasy and barring any pregnancy/young baby things that may cause us to cancel before final payment we will be heading out with some family and friends on our first long Disney. Looking as this is so far out, I am considering a 3 night (MAYBE 4) intro cruise on Dream out of PC in January or February. Usually we would be looking at RCCL again but thought I would throw this in the running. I don't care about Nassau and would stay on the ship. At Castaway, we would just do some beach things. Is a quickie like this worth it to get our first cruise under out belts to make scheduling and whatnot on our longer cruise a bit easier? I am not terribly concerned about booking "extras" as I have a planner and I will leave that to her. But are there perks I am not considering by cruising something short as a getaway? Also, is it even possible to get an inside room for 3 for under $2k for 3 (or even 4 night)? I will be honest, Disney was/is a hard sell for me. I know what I know and RCL/Carnival is what I know. Pricing for Disney is high in my opinion but obviously has not stopped me from booking (though I am not convinced yet to keep this reservation). To note: we are 37 (me), almost 40 (husband), almost 5 (son) and maybe a baby at some point.
  8. I had one session that was 2 of us and one that was me alone. The one with me alone, the guy was 5 min late and ended 5 min early (so 20 min training session). Maybe it was just the ship but I thought it was way overpriced for what you get.
  9. FWIW I didn't think the classes (bootcamp) were that great. You would be better off buying a month of beachbody on demand, downloading the workouts to an ipad or similar, and getting a workout in yourself. Basically, the "trainer" had a pamphlet of 5 days of workouts that he just read to me as I worked out for the 30 min. I could have done all those exercises on my own. It was a waste of $$ in my opinion. I can't speak to the spin or yoga classes though.
  10. My son (4) brought a tiny blow up circular pool float into the pool and we were asked to remove it from the pool (lifeguards stated no floats allowed). Not sure if same goes for pool noodles. Pool had lots of rules...but drinking in the pool was not one of them. Also pool is VERY shallow so fine for non-swimming adults.
  11. My son is 4.5 and we just got off Harmony. He liked the water area on that and Anthem equally. He felt the brilliance slide was too slow but that did not bother him either. Brilliance actually had a decent kids splash area too. He likes all pools equally. Harmony had some other fun things for him (namely abyss and the carousel). Adventure Ocean was equivalent for us across the fleet.
  12. Actually, my protein smoothies were covered under my deluxe package! Not sure if this was a miss or something new, but I had several pure protein shakes with almond milk and fruit, no issue.
  13. We just got back with our 4.5 year old. So not a toddler but he has been :) The splash pad is amazing! We spent 2 hours there. Get there early for seats in the shade. The ship splash pad when you first walk in probably won't be as good for a little one but my son loved that one too. I know they had life jackets on the island but we just brought our puddle jumper since my son is more comfortable with that. There is a 0 entry part to the pool that is nice. The beach had lots and lots of shade and the water was VERY shallow and calm. It's warm and there is a decent amount of walking so a stroller could be helpful. There are a few kid related activities on the sand though a small toddler might be too young.
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