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  1. There is also a past guest offer that gives you an extra 20% off.
  2. Yay!! Unfortunately this will only be my 3rd cruise with NCL but it will push me to silver after this cruise. Which isn't saying much but it's progress!
  3. I hope this happens to me! I booked a suite under a past guest offer that gives me an extra point per day.
  4. I can't wait to see some pictures. As far as the room I booked, there are now 5 penthouse categories, 4 in earlier dates. Some of them also say "separate" bedroom. Currently there is a curtain divider. I don't consider that a separate bedroom but maybe they do.
  5. Bumping this up. I just booked for 2022. I am in a penthouse and the descriptions and categories are changing.
  6. And I am so glad you posted this. Logged on this morning and it was $200 cheaper.
  7. I must say that I just booked the Pride of America (for 2022) on this sale and it was a great deal. It qualified for the past guest offer and passengers 3/4 free. I was able to book a Penthouse for $4000 less that a friend that is on a sailing this summer in an obstructed view suite with no balcony. Now I just have to wait.
  8. I figured it out. It shows N/A when I look at the charts with the dates, but if I pick another stateroom type, I can access the Family balcony tab on the next screen.
  9. Yes I plan to call. I just prefer to know my options/prices before getting on the phone. And I find it odd that the website shows no 4 person balconies available for 2019/20/21. Or why a previous poster can see them and I cannot?
  10. Yeah when I look at travel websites, it only offers a family balcony. But why wouldn't that show up as available on the NCL site?
  11. I just entered departure Honolulu and July 2020. If I leave the # of guests at 2, it shows available balconies. When I change it to 4, the entire month of July shows N/A for balconies. I have the same results in other browsers.
  12. I am looking at reserving a Pride of America cruise for 2021 (or possibly 2020) for my family of 4. On the NCL site it shows that only suites, insides and outsides are available throughout 2020 and 2021 for 4 people. And while I haven't ruled out a suite yet, when I go to travel websites (travelocity, expedia) it shows that Family Balconies are available and even on several different decks? I just figured I could reserve with the reduced deposits and decide later if I want to upgrade. Has this happened to anyone?
  13. Best $97 I have ever spent over Spring Break on the Sunshine. My son got a pretty bad concussion while playing basketball at Amber Cove. The ship doctor would not allow him to sail without a CT scan. And since the ship was departing in 30 minutes, my husband and son had to depart the ship. It covered the $500 deductible for medical treatment in a foreign country, transportation to the airport, bout $2000 in airfare back to the states and meals. My daughter and I had to continue on (only 1 day left) as our car was in Port Canaveral.
  14. We have sailed the Valor twice, both times pre-dry dock. Both cruises were GREAT! The first time has remained our favorite cruise. Our kids had a great time and it doesn't even have all of the bells and whistles for the kids. Yes, the interior is interesting if not down right comical. My kids thought the decor was awesome. It didn't affect my cruise at all.
  15. Thanks so much for your review! We set sail on June 2 but leave this Saturday for a week including London and Paris. And I would love to see the Daillies.
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