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  1. I am following this closely. I haven't booked but was hoping to go on the July 3 sailing.
  2. It looks like the family balcony category comes with a pullman. Based on my research the mini suites that sleep 4 just have a sofa bed. I have never sailed on the gem but am looking at it so I have done some recon.
  3. What is your cabin #? There are a lot of pictures and videos out there. We are now at that age with our children and I have found the many of the balconies on many lines only have a double sofa bed.
  4. I have a friend booked on a cruise in July and I told her about this. She contacted her TA and said that she could delay her final payment but then told her if she canceled at the 90 day mark she would have to pay the normal penalty. That makes no sense to me but that is what she was told.
  5. If I remember correctly, you can text thru the ncl app without a wifi plan but you do have to pay a small fee for texting. Make sure you download the app before you get on the ship.
  6. So I have a friend booked on the POA for July. Final payment is next week. I told her about this thread. She reached out to her travel agent and she agreed that she could delay final payment for 30 more days. However she also sent this. From NCL: To further clarify, we are extending the final payment date, but we are not waiving penalties if your Guest chooses to cancel. Any cancellations after the original final payment date would be subject to our standard cancellation policy. This doesn't make sense to me. She is in a suite. Does that make a difference?
  7. This is all great information. I am looking at the Gem on July 3. I am willing to pay the price for a mini suite now. Final payment is next week and there are 6 haven cabins, 10 suites and 35 minisuites available and Sailaway rates in every category below a minisuite. I am hoping either for a price drop on a minisuite or bumping up to a suite for the same cost.
  8. We were on the Epic last summer with several families all with drink packages. If we only ordered one drink, the servers always asked us if our kids wanted anything. There were a couple times that we got sodas or virgin drinks. No charge.
  9. There is also a past guest offer that gives you an extra 20% off.
  10. Yay!! Unfortunately this will only be my 3rd cruise with NCL but it will push me to silver after this cruise. Which isn't saying much but it's progress!
  11. I hope this happens to me! I booked a suite under a past guest offer that gives me an extra point per day.
  12. I can't wait to see some pictures. As far as the room I booked, there are now 5 penthouse categories, 4 in earlier dates. Some of them also say "separate" bedroom. Currently there is a curtain divider. I don't consider that a separate bedroom but maybe they do.
  13. Bumping this up. I just booked for 2022. I am in a penthouse and the descriptions and categories are changing.
  14. And I am so glad you posted this. Logged on this morning and it was $200 cheaper.
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