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  1. Before everyone jumps up and down to defend Marella and how busy they are.... blah de blah.... I am curious what loyal customers think of the Customer Service in this difficult time.... We should have sailed in 15th March on Dream - cancelled on 13th by Marella.... over a month later still no refund despite calls to Customer Service and being told different things including it’s being dealt with in date order ( which I don’t believe or it’s taken over a month to refund 13th & 14th - us being one of the 1st cruises cancelled). We are loyal customers this being our 13th year with Tui/Marella..... however EVEN TAKING ACCOUNT of the difficult times I personally find over 5 weeks waiting for a refund to be processed totally unacceptable and bad customer service. They were also not allowing changes to dates pre-cancellation despite having 3 members in the party who were deemed ‘requiring shielding due to age and/or respiratory conditions) unlike other cruise lines who were. Will we stick with Marella after this.... I seriously doubt it. In my opinion when the going got tough Customer welfare came lower for them than profit - they only took action when their hands were forced by Spain banning ships. We will be looking elsewhere...... what about you ?
  2. The single supplement charged for Dream is an absolute disgrace and Marella should be ashamed ! We were on there last Xmas so know the singles right up front are very small as Dad had one then. Just looking for March next year and twin for me and hubby £1200 ish each.... Dad on his own as widower so not choice.... 83 years of age... eats like a sparrow so wont empty self service.... £2100.... how the hell do they justify that ! Complete rip off.
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