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  1. I'm going to ask that our names be added to the list, too. That's on my bucket list.
  2. Thanks for starting this thread. We go next week. I'm getting so excited! I hope you have a great week.
  3. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. We're planning on using the Port Valet, too. It sounds like a great deal to me to not have to deal with luggage until we get home.
  4. Did anyone stay at the Westin Waterfront in Seattle? Was their room service going and was their restaurant open for breakfast? Princess booked this for us. Thanks, Sheila
  5. Do they have any sugar free or no sugar added options for the coffee and pastries? Thanks.
  6. Thanks everyone. I kind of thought it would be a long shot. Our original trip this year was a land/sea trip starting in Fairbanks with a NL excursion. Maybe next year.
  7. I just booked the Princess 9/26/21 cruise. Is there any chance we can see the northern lights while we are on the ship?
  8. We have also postponed our Alaskan cruise from September 2929 until September 2021. We have until mid June 2021 to cancel that if we need to. I hope we can go. For medical reasons, we didn't have a vacation last year and covid-19 happened this year and I can't even see driving somewhere this year.
  9. We're going to Alaska in September. We're waiting until closer to final payment due date to make a decision. I'm hoping it'll be OK. We haven't been on a cruise for 4 years and I could really use one. It's scary right now. I wouldn't go to Asia for sure and I'm not sure about Europe either.
  10. I guess we'll just have to hope it doesn't rain all the time. We're going to do a cruise tour so maybe we'll get to see the northern lights. If not, I'll just have to convince my husband to go to Iceland.
  11. We are considering taking an Alaskan cruise in September. We've been there before, but in the summer. I have a few questions that I'm hoping someone here can answer. Are there still whales in Juno at this time or have they all gone south? Can you see the northern lights at this time of year? Are there still things to do in the ports. Thanks for any information.
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