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  1. In the past we have never been notified when our cruise cash was all used. If you have cruise cash bar it will only reduce your bar bill.
  2. We stayed at Hotel Espana, right off the main street of Las Ramblas. It was about a 10 minute taxi ride to the cruise port. We used a travel agent to book the airfare and hotel and she even booked us drivers to pick us up at airport and take to the hotel and then pick us up at the port and take us to the airport.
  3. My right leg from the knee down is full of titanium. I have never set off the alarms at an airport or a cruise port. If you have metal you might have an issue (my BIL did, he had 2 knee replacements and one was metal not titanium). He set off the alarm at the port of Galveston. They wanded him and asked him some questions (and the scars were extremely visible) and then they let him go on.
  4. We have sailed out of Galveston 3-4 times since they started scheduled check-in times. It has always worked great. From arrival to port to getting on ship has not been more than 30 minutes since then. We did it at Long Beach once and it worked great then too. And there was still construction going on.
  5. I have done 4 women in a balcony cabin and it was tight. We booked a spa balcony cabin so we would have access to the showers in the spa. 4 women with only 1 bathroom, GOOD LUCK!!! I would think long and hard about doing that again.
  6. We did a Mediterranean cruise last summer. You use the onboard account for purchases on the ship, just like in the Caribbean. Gratuities were charged in US dollars to our account and our CC was billed in US dollars. If you have a Carnival gift card you will use it just like you would for a Caribbean cruise. The only money difference was on shore where we used euros. We got them at an ATM at the Barcelona airport.
  7. i bought some of the "silver" chain by the inch 8-9 years ago. At that price I knew it wasn't real silver. I wanted a heavier chain. I have one that I wear daily and it has never turned my skin green. It still looks as good as the day I bought it. I bought 3 necklace length chains and one bracelet length. I have a very short trunk and most necklace chains are way too long for me. I was able to get the exact length that best suited me. I don't regret buying those at all.
  8. You can always buy cruise cash with the gift cards and those will automatically be applied to your onboard account. You don't have to do anything then. But make sure that you will spend the amount that you buy because it is a use it or lose it thing. If you have more than one gift card you can use only some of the gift cards to buy cruise cash and keep some. You can always add to your account once onboard but at your convenience when the line at guest services isn't long.
  9. I have had experience with this. If you set up a cash account, you can only spend until the cash is gone. Then they suspend your card until you either put on more cash or add a CC or debit card.
  10. I would avoid the cheap $1 rubber kind of flip flops. But there are nicer ones that you can buy. I have several pairs that I wear to dinner on cruises.
  11. If there is a problem with the service, a person should give Carnival a chance to correct the problem. People are going to guest services at the end of the cruise and complaining about the service. If you don't give Carnival a chance to make it right, then you should not be able to remove the gratuities. And "I just didn't like the service given to me" is about as vague as one can get. Again, give Carnival a chance to make it right before just removing the gratuities.
  12. Something you might want to be aware of, if the OBC doesn't show up on your account you might not be able to argue with Carnival about it since Carnival didn't offer it. You might have to wait until you get back and go thru the big dotcom website that you booked thru that offered the OBC as part of their booking.
  13. I used the spa showers on the Breeze and there were not any dryers in that area. We had to use our own.
  14. I think you really are overthinking this. If you have one account set up and you are going to be paying it yourself, it doesn't really matter. All of the charges will show up on your account as the primary account (and yes everyone's will show up on their own folio charges but you aren't being charged twice). Only the main account will be ultimately charged. The way ours have worked in the past is that you will see each individual charge and then each OBC that you have. This is the way it has been done with DH and I. He is listed as the first passenger and is the primary account. I can check my folio account individually but at the end all charges show up on his. Essentially they will add up the charges and then deduct the OBC and the balance is what you will then owe.
  15. We were on deck 11, toward the front of the ship. We walked down the hallway to the very front and there was the door.
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