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  1. Our October 24 cruise was cancelled Aug 5, all four of us had a full refund by Aug 20
  2. I did the online checkin for our October cruise but just haven't printed anything yet.
  3. You might be facing port side in one port but not in another. The chance of a port side cabin facing the port when docking at every port is pretty much nonexistent. If seeing the port when docking is important, up on an upper open deck is the best place.
  4. We are booked under a casino rate for October. It included a $500 OBC. We got two price drops before the rate expired. I did have to go thru the casino dept but it was super easy. We stopped checking for price drops because any price match we found later would have to include the $500 OBC or we would lose that.
  5. Of all the pier runners videos I have watched I have never seen a big group of people (like coming back from an excursion). It is always just a few people. And almost all have either shopping bags or beach bags. Evidence of not paying attention to the time. I don't feel the slightest bit sorry for those people. They were given the same information I was about what time to be back on board and thousands of other people managed to get back on time. The only time we have ever NOT been back on the ship in time was on a Carnival excursion. We were on the ferry from Carmen to Cozumel at our sail away time, along with over 100 people on the same excursion. Yes, the ship did wait because it was a ship excursion. But when the ferry docked we all ran to get to the ship, not strolled along at our own pace.
  6. Last Carnival cruise was Sept 2017, the Miracle out of Long Beach. In Aug 2018 we did a Mediterranean cruise but it was not on Carnival because there were no Carnival ships there at the time.
  7. We booked a cruise for Oct 2020 using my sister's casino rate. We have gotten 2 price drops since then. All I did was call Carnival and spoke with the casino dept. Her offer was good until 3/2/20 and offered $500 OBC. Both price drops were before the offer expired so we didn't lose the OBC. We booked a spa balcony cabin and they are sold out now so no more price drops. BTW, we are not paid in full yet.
  8. Some OBC do have some restrictions. The OBC for booking and being shareholders can be used for anything. I have had both in the past with no restrictions. Also OBC for price reductions do not have restrictions. Don't know about any other OBC.
  9. Another cruise line tried to employ an all american crew. It didn't work because Americans won't work the long hours that is required on a cruise ship. It didn't last very long at all. President Trump asked the cruiselines to suspend operations for a time and they have complied with that request. As another poster said, airlines have started charging for everything, some even for carryon bags. So why should they get a bailout? Auto makers are suspending operations too, do they deserve a bailout? We the people (because it IS us that will be paying for it) can't bail out every industry that is suffering from this. I don't want to sound heartless, I know people are suffering. Our son has 2 jobs and both have been affected by this. He will very soon have no job. With 5 children to feed. With all these companies that are closing down, millions of people suddenly have no paycheck coming in. Those are the ones who really need a bailout.
  10. If you go to print the documents (choose 'additional documents' and then mark 'general information') then click print. It will show that you have YTD confirmed. I just looked at mine and it does show there.
  11. The cruise cash for build a bear will be applied to the cost of the build a bear but may or may not cover it all. There are different bears with different prices and then there are different outfits that can be purchased also. Cruise cash is automatically applied to the onboard account. The build a bear will be charged to the account and the cruise cash will be credited to that.
  12. We have gotten $160 in price drops for our October cruise.
  13. Was the OBC part of the booking rate or is it from the Carnival CC? If it is from the booking rate then you could lose it. If it is from the CC you probably won't lose it. If you do rate matching I would call Carnival rather than using the form. You can find out if matching to the lower rate will cause you to lose the OBC. The forms are much more convenient but aren't always the best way to get the price reduction.
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