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  1. FWIW, we were looking at this cruise too. It's dirt cheap, but getting to San Juan can be pricey.
  2. We sailed NCL out of San Juan in December 2018. The port and the airport are very far apart and (at time time) the taxis are regulated by how much they charge via a zone system. IIRC, it was about $30-$35 to get from the airport to our hotel. There was no Uber pickup from the airport, but we did take an Uber when we returned. We stayed at the Doubletree which was a short Uber ride to Old San Juan or the port (we sailed out of the Pan American Pier). There were nearby restaurants within walking distance. The Sheraton in Old San Juan looked nice and it appears to be within walking distan
  3. I also remember skeet shooting. It’s the only time I’ve ever handled a real gun and it was quite fun! I was not, however, ready for the recoil and ended up with a big bruise on the front of my shoulder. It did t bother me too much until formal night and I changed into my strappy gown. Rut-roh. I tried to cover it with make up the best I could.
  4. We sailed on the Norway for our first cruise. It was our honeymoon in the early 1990’s. My husband used our hurricane glasses over the weekend for dragonfruit margaritas.
  5. I thought about booking an Alaskan in August about cruise 2 weeks ago and did not. That cruise is now $200 more with less perks (2 instead of 4) and a the classic beverage package instead of the premium package. I think I'll wait for the prices to come back down.
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