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  1. I got a free cruise on my January 2019 cruise on the Seaside. 10,000 points. Got a free Swarovski necklace too. I am going to Brazil in 1/2020. Could do up to 10 days, this is an 8 day. Inside room but I got Fantasia.
  2. Wonder what it takes to upgrade your status with URComped. I took my first cruise with them a month ago on the MSC Seaside. A very nice experience where I was upgraded from inside to a balcony. I earned enough in the casino to get a free cruise. This was not easy as I did not have any handpays, etc. Since that time my offers from URComped seem to be about the same - insides free on MSC, reduced rate on RC mostly, a few other offers from Celebrity or a Vegas casino. I do have a few free inside rooms on RC, but mostly discounted. I am just wondering if I continue to submit the offers I receive if I will get better/more varied offers from URComped or it will stay status quo based on my original information. Anyone have experience with this?
  3. I keep seeing different posts where the Vibe Pass is either available in The Local or the Reception Desk. Going on 2/23 and really would like to know where to head. Anyone?
  4. My opinion only. I once got Vibe and a Spa Pass and it was a waste to have both. Just did not use the Vibe that much on that cruise because I was in the Spa.
  5. I have cruised NCL over 35 times. A couple of years ago it was my birthday month and when I got to my cabin I had streamers, banners and balloons for my birthday. I thought my daughter had ordered it but when I got home she had not. I guess it was from NCL and I may have had other things but I don't remember. I guess I was a VIP of sorts that week.
  6. You can do a search for where kids go free on certain cruises.
  7. Epic now on its way back to San Juan for repairs
  8. Thinking I just might trip and spill my drink there. Lol
  9. We were on the Jade the week following their propulsion issues where the previous week was cancelled and they flew passengers home. Our cruise stayed in Miami for two days while the finished the repairs and then proceeded on course. We were nervous and even while at sea wondered from time to time if everything would be ok but it was. Good luck to you and I hope you get to continue on your journey soon.
  10. Thanks - I won't miss Moderno a bit.
  11. Is Los Lobos on the Bliss one of the options for Platinum dinners?
  12. 9999 points will get you a free cruise for two, up to 10 days, to anywhere but Cuba or China. Has to be used within 1 year,
  13. Last week I "earned" a free MSC cruise from my casino points. I can take any cruise up to 10 days for two people in a basic Bella cabin. I can upgade. I don't know MSC that well (it was my first cruise and on the Seaside). They will not let me cruise to China or Cuba. Those of you experienced on MSC - what cruise would you take? I live in the US,
  14. Just found out that MSC will not provide me with distilled water for my CPAP machine. They told me to just bring some myself. Now I am flying in for the cruise and will not have a car. I guess I am supposed to come up with this water and drag a jug of it along with my luggage and CPAP machine onto the cruise. I have cruised about 35 times and have never had this issue on other lines.
  15. I have about 35 comped cruises from CAS. They have ranged from balcony to inside, mostly inside. I have upgraded and I have kept the insides. Just depends. If this happens to me I will probably continue to cruise NCL, pay for the cruise outright (inside) and not gamble. I will take my gambling to Vegas. You might want to try URComped for your next cruise. I am going with them in 2 weeks on MSC. I paid $400 down but will get it back when on the cruise in onboard credit. I also have free drinks in the casino and was upgraded to a balcony from an inside for 0 dollars.
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