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  1. For me it is cruising lines I have not cruised before. I have been almost exclusively NCL and a Casinos At Sea comped player. I now cruise Royal, Celebrity and MSC. I also do not incur the "administrative charge" that is on NCL. For example, I have cruised Celebrity to Alaska with my husband (who rarely gambles) for less than $400 cruise fare total. There are rules as to when you can use URComped if you have history in the last year with a line. That is why when I earn a free casino cruise from one of the above, that I book that cruise through URComped. Took me a while to get my arms around this. URComped has some fabulous deals.
  2. riddle

    Casino At Seas

    So you ended 7K ahead and still got a future inside comped? This is contrary to what I have been hearing with regard to CAS. I guess I seldom win so I do get comps but I have to lose considerably even to get an inside.
  3. Just off the Equinox a week ago. I do not play tables. There were a lot of tournaments for tables and some for slots. Never saw 6 card. I found the casino to be abysmal. I would never cruise this ship again for the same reason. I play slots and video poker. Slots were old and "unheard of". None of the new exciting games. It was just a place to dump money IMHO. So I played video poker all week. I did not do well but some others did. Don't know what they spent but they were winning. As on all ships I have been on, pay tables were awful. Slots were tight, tight. They do not announce jackpots and I did see a handpay or two. Drink service was slow or non existent. You were supposed to be actively playing to get a drink so if you went up to the bar they questioned you. I told them no one came by so I did get a drink but it was awkward. Casino was unfriendly and personnel not very visible. I am on the Solstice in August and would cancel it if I could for this reason. But I cannot so I will see but I do not anticipate anything better.
  4. I wonder why Celebrity would not up their game and get modern machines? Seems a win win to me.
  5. Casino host was Silvia. No good old slots that I could see. Were 3 buffalo etc 4 game machines but no tower. Some old quick hits. I ended up playing video poker all week with limited success.
  6. I just returned from the Celebrity Equinox. I am a casino gambler and was very disappointed in this casino. Overall it was a great ship but the problems with the casino included very limited and very old slots, almost impossible to get a drink at certain times, slow bar service the rest of the time, no interaction with slot personnel. With that in the past, I am on the Celebrity Solstice in August. Can anyone with firsthand experience tell me about the Solstice casino. Are there fun, new games? How large is the casino? Does it have a lively atmosphere? Yes, I know I should not gamble. Not going to change though so thanks.
  7. Please no scoldings about going to the casino on a ship. I enjoy it and am going to continue. I just finished my first Celebrity cruise on the Equinox. While a lovely ship I found the casino to be seriously lacking. Almost all the slot games were old and many of them I had not heard of (and I have been to a lot of casinos). Further, the wait staff in the casino area was nonexistent or very hard to find to get a drink. The staff was not friendly and the casino was just dull. I am on the Solstice in August and am hoping the casino is better. Anyone with recent experience on this one. What type of games can I expect? How does size compare to other ships?
  8. I got a free cruise on my January 2019 cruise on the Seaside. 10,000 points. Got a free Swarovski necklace too. I am going to Brazil in 1/2020. Could do up to 10 days, this is an 8 day. Inside room but I got Fantasia.
  9. Wonder what it takes to upgrade your status with URComped. I took my first cruise with them a month ago on the MSC Seaside. A very nice experience where I was upgraded from inside to a balcony. I earned enough in the casino to get a free cruise. This was not easy as I did not have any handpays, etc. Since that time my offers from URComped seem to be about the same - insides free on MSC, reduced rate on RC mostly, a few other offers from Celebrity or a Vegas casino. I do have a few free inside rooms on RC, but mostly discounted. I am just wondering if I continue to submit the offers I receive if I will get better/more varied offers from URComped or it will stay status quo based on my original information. Anyone have experience with this?
  10. I keep seeing different posts where the Vibe Pass is either available in The Local or the Reception Desk. Going on 2/23 and really would like to know where to head. Anyone?
  11. My opinion only. I once got Vibe and a Spa Pass and it was a waste to have both. Just did not use the Vibe that much on that cruise because I was in the Spa.
  12. I have cruised NCL over 35 times. A couple of years ago it was my birthday month and when I got to my cabin I had streamers, banners and balloons for my birthday. I thought my daughter had ordered it but when I got home she had not. I guess it was from NCL and I may have had other things but I don't remember. I guess I was a VIP of sorts that week.
  13. You can do a search for where kids go free on certain cruises.
  14. Epic now on its way back to San Juan for repairs
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