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  1. Hi, I am thinking about sending a couple of senior ladies on a Holland America cruise, but am concerned about the Guatemala travel warnings. What a dangerous place! Does anyone know about Santo Tomas de Castilla? It is a fairly new port just opened last year. Your feedback is so important because I don't want these two ladies in an area that doesn't feel safe. Thanks!
  2. We will be on Crown Princess in November. Considering an ATV tour. Eric's ATV has rave reviews. Has anyone used the tour booked through Crown Princess? Can anyone help me choose which one to reserve? Which is best in your opinion?
  3. We booked Spencer Ambrose at NoNonanette's recommendation! He was excellent!!!!. A good honest man, who knows the island well. He stopped for cheesy bread, and that other awesome bread, took us to the Pitons, the gardens (which are beautiful!)and many other places. You can't go wrong with him. He was the highlight of our cruise! His e-mail is listed in NoNonanette's entry on this thread. Also, you get to have a real personal tour with him! We were just 5!
  4. Great advice Everyone! I'm from NY, flying out of Puerto Rico and going on the Southern Itinerary of St. Thomas, Dominica, Barbados, Antigua and St. Kitts. We've talked about this for 4 years and booked it a year ago....we are so ready!
  5. You guys are the best!!! I get 7 helpful responses in 2 minutes flat!!! Go Cruise Critic!!!! And YES I will have a great trip.....my first one, and won't let anything bother me!!
  6. I leave in a day and a half, and am getting my money together. Never thought about this one thing.....If I pay for an item such as a beach umbrella or a hamburger at a beach shack, and I hand them US dollars, will they give me the change in US dollars? Should I aim for small bills so change back won't be an issue? Hope I hear something soon! Thanks!:eek:
  7. That's perfect! We'll be the only ship in port the day we go as well....thanks for the info. We'll be setting sail in 6 days!
  8. Just looking to see if anyone has the capers for the late March/April 08 Destiny Southern Caribbean itinerary. Want to see what's going on before we board in a week. It's our first cruise......not that I'm excited or anything....:D !!!
  9. We will be at the Marriot on Condado beach.....is this the Marriot we are talking about? How much does it cost pp to OSJ+
  10. I tried to do a search, but I couldn't get information. Has anyone rented an umbrella stroller from the ship, and do you know the cost per rental? We don't need a fully equipped one, just the type for when the newly 4 year old's legs get tired.....don't want a cranky little man on our hands!!!:)
  11. Hi! I read somewhere that they give Bonine out for free on the ship. Is this true? Do they give you one dose at a time, or can you get a few to cover you for several days. Also, who do you go to? I'm thinking the infirmary....or maybe the purser's desk? If it's too much of a hassle, I may get some and just bring it. Any advice?
  12. Thanks for the pics!! It looks like a real pretty beach...relaxing!
  13. Does anyone have any pictues they could post? Also, are there any water sports to rent....(I have two teenagers)? Somewhere I read that there is some kind of slide that goes into the water. Is that true?
  14. Hi! Most of the coments about Darkwood are wonderful, talking about the crowds being minimal. They don't rent umbrellas, but rent the wooden coverings. I recently read that it got so crowded one day, that they put several customers under one unit. The person said it was so crowded on the beach she left. I hope that was just the one day, which had serveral ships in port that day. Has anyone been there March/April 08? Is it still a nice peaceful, undcrowded place? Maybe the word has gotten out, and everyone is going there these days!!!:eek: We really need some R&R that day so are looking for people who have been there recently who can comment!
  15. Thank you everyone for your input! 3 weeks and counting!!!! Can't wait!
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