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  1. Aries 65

    Bucket List

    Knocked a lot off. Taking care of China, Korea, Japan next. Still have sub Saharan Africa, Galapagos, India, and reaching 100 on Century Travel Club's list on my list. Strongly recommend adding Machu Picchu and Iguazu Falls in South America to your lists.
  2. Aries 65

    Have You Visited St. Barts Since The Hurricane?

    We were there in December on an Aramark cruise. Stores open, but they were still working to repair some of the damage. We went to shell beach. Bars and restaurants by the beach we’re not open. Hope this helps
  3. Anyone heard anything yet on the transfers to the airport on 12/9?
  4. Usually you order the night before. There's been no problem with the delivery of meals to the table. They are also very flexible. Last night we had not ordered the previous evening ( too rushed) and they were able to provide a special meal (GF) without difficulty - even provided specially requested items that were not on the menu.
  5. Aries 65

    Symphony's Imminent First Sailing Post Dry Dock

    Still scheduled to board on time. We are to receive half day Lisbon tour on 10/22 and some ship board credit. One sea day lost.
  6. Aries 65

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    Yes, suites showed sold out on our 9/2 Gem cruise, yet bid was accepted. Assume someone else received an upgrade to a higher category. Don't give up hope!
  7. Aries 65

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    Sorry should have included: Gem 9/2/17 Canada New England
  8. Aries 65

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    Bid $700 ( poor to fair) for penthouse from balcony guarantee. Category showed sold out. Notified bid was successful. Assigned aft penthouse:)
  9. Aries 65

    Connection through Frankfurt (FRA)

    Don't know where you can find out about future flights - contact the airline? One more thing about FRA terminal 1 - both customs and immigration were quick and easy when we went through - early am.
  10. Aries 65

    Connection through Frankfurt (FRA)

    Went through FRA yesterday - Newark - FRA - Rome. Landed and departed Terminal 1. Did not have to go through security again. If your flight is on time, you should have no problem. Hope this helps
  11. Aries 65

    Can't Decide Which Beach - Suggestions Please

    We're on the Viking Star and just returned from Carambola. Taxi $16 each way for up to 4. Great location and food. Beach chairs $10. Hope this helps.
  12. Aries 65

    Explorer Society

    Started reading this thread and started worrying about not receiving an email as we've done three river cruises and are booked on the Star in November. The email finally came and we made our selections. Now we'll hope for the upgrade. Ed and Peggy
  13. Aries 65

    Are there Gluten Free Options on NCL?

    My wife has celiac. Just returned from Gem which we booked less than 2 weeks in advance and NCL, always good, is getting better and better with special diets. Just let them know as soon as possible and then find someone from food services to talk to as soon as you board and you should have no problems.
  14. Aries 65

    Viking discount air stories?

    We had Viking's "free" air in Nov. and the flights were timely and we were able to upgrade to premium economy on our own. For our cruise in April I asked about changing, but Viking air said because the flight was "free" I couldn't use their service to change flights. (we have a 6:30 am departure from Budapest - free can't complain). Today I was able to upgrade on the Delta site to premium economy for both trans Atlantic legs.