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  1. Hi Kooka, My dad (pacemaker included) travelled with us on Sun Princess in January. Just like at the airport, he let them know before walking through the metal-detector at embarkation (and each time we re-boarded in port), was asked to step aside, and one of the security officers waved the portable metal detector around him, avoiding the pacemaker area. No problemo! Enjoy your cruise - not long now! Stuart.
  2. Thanks for your review, Anna. Great reading. When I read your comment re the sewage smell, my memories cam flooding back like nightmares... I distinctly remember a smell of that order, on Promenade Deck, starboard-side, between the art gallery and the photo shop. Never thought to ask what it was.....Disinfectant?? Probably need to change their brand;) Stuart
  3. Thanks for your review Surfoz. Made great reading. Agree with most of your thoughts re Sun Princess. Feel particularly bad for all of you in that weather, missing ports and travel arrangements being screwed around. Interesting you say that Princess should allow for the fact that the Tasman (and surrounding waters) are often rough. You may have noticed, as may others who have done the SP NZ cruise, that in the original cruise schedule, it takes 4 days to get from Sydney to Milford, yet 2 days to get from Bay of Islands back to Sydney. In fact, Milford is closer to Syd than the Bay of Islands is, and yet it takes twice as long! Hope all is eventually forgiven and that you'll consider going on your DP Xmas cruise after all! Stuart
  4. A real shame about the weather and the missed ports. Shuttle bus prices have gone up from $6 since January. A 16% increase! Reckon that's a bit rough considering we thought $6 was pricey, anyway. Did you manage to get into the 'Sounds' (Milford etc..)? Was missing Christchurch/Wellington die to weather or trying to make up time? Stuart
  5. Allright. That's it. I am SO getting engaged on my next cruise! Great work, Deb! :D Stuart.
  6. Brewly

    Stabilisers on the bigger ships

    On Sun Princess, last month, during a tour of the Bridge, the 3rd Officer showed us the control panel for the stabilisers and fully explained their operation. Interestingly, I noticed an A3 sized piece of paper, stuck to an overhead control panel which read: "Stabilizers - OUT". Nothing like a bit of paper and some sticky tape to remind you of something! For some more detailed info, go to: http://www.sperrymarine.northropgrumman.com/Products/Ship_Stabilisers/gyrofin/ This is the company that made the stabilisers for Sun Princess. They've got a cool computer animation (plus heaps of info - technical and non) of how the stabilisers work. Stuart
  7. Thanks for your review, Neil, great stuff. Seems your experience mirrors my short time on Arcadia (now Ocean Village) in 99. Spent four days - Melbourne to Fremantle. A really different vibe to Sun Princess or, according to other members of our party, any of the Aust. based P&O ships (Pacific Sky etc.). Terrace & Crows Nest bar sound and look fantastic. It's a shame that in the "we've got to cram as many cabins onto this thing as we can" apraoch to cruise ship building of recent years, so many ships, like Sun Princess, and many other 'floating appartment blocks' have filled the stern with cabins. Aurora's Terrace seems a modern take on P&O's old 'Cruising Stern'. Sun Princess misses a public space which truly overlooks the bridge, too. Shame. Used to love sitting in Arcadia's Horizon Lounge (sits above the bridge) overlooking the ocean. We too were surrounded by rich, retired British folk. Made for a very polite, if Victorian, feel. I would recommend to all doing a leg of a world voyage. A completely different kind of cruising experience, altogether. Stuart.
  8. Just found your review, too, Karon. Great reading, thanks. Stuart.
  9. Brewly

    Sun Princess shorter review.Jan/Feb 2008

    Thanks heaps for all of that, Deb. Great to read someone else's opinion of what I saw through my own eyes. I thought Mt Manganui (sp?) was the standout port. Have promised myself I'll go back some day. Once I'd found the beach, I went back to the ship, got a couple of towells and went back for a swim and a body-surf. Agree - the shopping was great. A tremendous afternoon. A short review? No. Great reading? Yep!:D Stuart.
  10. Brewly

    Stabilisers on the bigger ships

    Hi Christine, No such thing as a silly question! Stabilisers started to become common on passenger ships round about the end of WW2. They're principally used to stop the rolling of the ship - that is the left-to-right motion about the centre line. On the big cruise ships they can protroud about 7m out from the side of the ship (underwater, of course) and be about 2-3m wide. They can move both up and down, like a bird's wings, as well as angling forward and backwards, rather like a aileron on a aircraft wing. These days, the movement of the stabilisers is controlled by gyrospcopes and computers on the bridge. They're also retractable. There's not a lot they can do to control the pitching of a ship, that is the forward and backward rocking motion, which is more pronounced in heavier seas. There used to be rumours, especially on line voyages (eg. Australia to England) of years past that the stabilisers were retracted at night, when everyone was asleep, to increase boat speed. Hope this helps - I'm sure you'll get more replies - and I'm happy to stand corrected on any info I've provided.:) Stuart.
  11. Brewly

    Ships Location

    This one is also a goodie. Can track all sorts-o-ships. Tankers, container, cruise - you name it. Just enter the name at the bottom of the screen: http://www.sailwx.info/shiptrack/shiplocations.phtml Stuart.
  12. Brewly

    Sun Princess in Fiordland today

    Ah, yes...remember it well. We had cold conditions on 22 Jan - but the scenery more than made up for it. We were lucky to get into Milford Sound, though, having had Force 8 gales the night before. Interesting to note, too, that the 'Pilot' boat at Milford is just a local fishing vessel. And for those that don't know, the Pilots for Milford etc. are based in Bluff, wayyyyyy down the bottom of NZ. Stuart.
  13. Perhaps there's a link between the pax numbers and the Anytime vs Traditional question. With Princess able to squeeze in 2200-2300 pax, their dining room load factors may not be able to handle Anytime Dining. 2 x Dining rooms at 500 per sitting x 2 sittings = 2000. Leaves 200-300 to be waitlisted or shoved off to Pizza/Horizon Court/Room Service/UBD. If they allocated one Dining Room to Traditional (2 sittings x 500 per sitting = 1000), and held the other for Anytime, that leaves anything up to a further 1300 that have to be put through a 500 seat restaurant over say 4-5 hours. A big call for any restaurant, I'd say. Stuart.
  14. Geoff, I thought of you this afternoon. Was driving home from work and saw a billboard advertisement for Solo softdrink. It read, and I quote: "If it can't be fixed with duct tape, it can't be fixed" Q.E.D. ;) Stuart.