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  1. I repriced with the kids sail free for my October 2020 cruise. Saved a whopping $95. Price for guests 1 and 2 went up a lot.
  2. Thank you both. Steerage Joe that's a great website. Not going until next October. I checked rates for this October and it's over $300 for an oceanview. Pretty pricey.
  3. Looking for reviews on Laquinta Inn and Suites next to Cocoa Beach pier please.
  4. Booked this for my Harmony cruise. Also noticed the soda package and 1 voom device was showing $8.99 for a child, $23 for an adult. Booked the $8.99 for my granddaughter. $8.99 is usually the price for soda alone. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. Booked entertainment yesterday for my February Anthem cruise.
  6. I certainly hope that is not true. Going in February. Fingers crossed.
  7. You only put in 1 passenger for clam shells, day beds or a cabana.
  8. Any updates on debarkation room to wait in for transportation? Going in February.
  9. Keep checking for sales. Got mine for $125.
  10. Surf, stream and soda package on Anthem 2-23-19 is $21. Separately soda $9.99, surf and stream $11.99.
  11. Do the soda machines have any kind of juice in them?
  12. I took this tour in 2016. You go to a tiny rum cake store, the distillery was another spend your money stop. At the fort they have locals selling t shirts and things. When you go to Atlantis you stop to take pictures of the outside of the building then take you to the shops of Atlantis. After that they take you to a restaurant I wouldn't eat in. The guide said Woo Hoo! so many times I couldn't wait to get off the bus. I'm usually not this negative but I thought it was a waste of money.
  13. Cut off is 2/15/19 cruises. Of course mine is 2/23/19.
  14. Thank you. I used the app on my last cruise with voom. I had a different carrier then. I'm glad it will still work.
  15. I don't have an iPhone. Can I use what's app with voom when I don't have Wi-Fi calling?
  16. Sorry if sounds like a dumb question. Do I need Wi-Fi calling to be able to make calls using voom? It was disabled on my phone when I switched to t mobile.
  17. Thanks every one. There will be three of us so $60 for the shuttle. Looks like Uber is the way to go.
  18. Has anyone used Uber from Embassy Suites to Port Liberty? Looking for prices. Never used Uber before and don't know how it works. Wanted to know if it is cheaper than using the shuttle.
  19. Has anyone taken an Uber from Embassy? Courious about the $25.00 rate.
  20. Not sure about the weight limit. They have a small elevator to take you up if you have mobility issues.
  21. The cruise lines used to have an observer price if you have someone in your party doing one of the dolphin or stingray encounters. I don't know why they don't offer it anymore.
  22. When I called the hotel they told me they also drop off at the airport from the port.
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