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  1. I agree that the pros outnumber the cons. Love those cabins and have one booked on our next cruise.
  2. We have done the raft trip twice. They give you raincoats and supposedly waterproof boots. I don’t think anyone would fall out but the water definitely gets in the boat and it is very cold. Each time water got in our boots and my feet got quite cold. Skip the swimsuit!! You could be lucky like we were in August, but it is usually quite cool and not sunny.
  3. It’s not a necessity but it’s fun to get them in the mail and know that your cruise is coming up shortly!
  4. We were on the August 20th sailing. Evening dress was quite casual. Men had slacks and shirts, some long sleeve, many polo style shirt sleeve. I saw a lot of jeans too. A smattering of sport coats, very few suits or tuxes. On sea days we would go to the Sky Lounge and watch the beautiful views from that vantage point. I enjoyed every minute of the trip and it is too hard to pick a favorite. the ride up to the glacier was absolutely beautiful, don’t miss a minute of it.
  5. We had a 10:40 AM flight and were assigned a 9:30 AM departure. We just went to guest services and we’re easily changed to an 7:45 AM departure.
  6. I do not have the menu, but I will say That I was able to get drinks that were not on the previous menus. For example, as far as wines go, Sauvignon Blanc previously was not on the menu but I never had any trouble when I asked for it. I also did a few different variations of a vodka drink that would not of been on the menu in the past, with no problem. Of course you have to stick to basic drinks, But the bartenders were very accommodating. There is no stated drink menu, so unless you’re trying to be a double fisted drinker, you probably will not have any trouble getting the drinks that you want. Some bartenders would write down my room number, and some never even asked. We did not have a drink package as just having the 5 to 7 happy hour was fine for us, but I always carry some singles so I can tip.
  7. In June the sunset will be noticeably later! First time we were taking the cruise from Seward to Vancouver, our children were young and we could not get them to bed because sunset was so late (and we were all so excited for the cruise! )
  8. I truly hope that all does go well and you get to go!!
  9. I actually took the BimaxNow test at home before I left because I did not get tested until we got to Portland before going to Seattle and I thought I should at least know that I was starting out safely. I did not take the test that needed to be supervised because it was solely for me and not for celebrity.I did the same thing when we got back, and then several days later, for my own assurance before we saw our grandchildren. As I have said and other comments, I felt very very safe on the ship, with everyone being vaccinated and tested, and reduced capacity. We also chose to wear masks on the ship, but that was just a personal choice.
  10. We just got off the Millennium and felt very safe, and we are extra cautious people. Staff was fully masked. At 42% capacity it was very easy to social distance. A few times we did not like the table we were taken to and when we explained that we wanted to be more isolated, we were immediately moved. Nothing was crowded so we could always find a spot that we were happy with. We wore masks, but were in the minority. We really got spoiled by having such an empty ship. Of course I’d give up that emptiness in a heartbeat if we could just get rid of COVID!!
  11. Just got off the Millennium and loved it. Everything looks brand new and beautiful, but at the same time it feels more intimate to me than the Edge. I also preferred our balcony on Millennium. That is not to say I wouldn’t travel on the Edge again, just prefer M class ships.
  12. Back on board this week and couldn’t wait to order the escargot. My lovely server Nelly came over to check how everything was and when she noticed they were already gone she just said “Wow”—-I guess I need some without taking a breath in between! We had a good laugh, but they were absolutely delicious.
  13. Millie is sailing at 43% capacity this week. It is very weird walking around and being in dining venues with few people around! However, I am very happy about it and feel much more comfortable than I thought I would.
  14. I believe the only ones that would be unvaccinated on this cruise would be children under 12, since everyone over 12 is required to have a vaccination.
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