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  1. Yes about providing the water, and they will tape down the extension cord for you if it is necessary.
  2. I am not certain how my activities affect you. I for one do not enjoy socialization with strangers on a ship, so I keep to myself. I will however enjoy an occasional FaceTime chat with my granddaughter, who is my favorite person in the world. And although you bemoan the use of cell phones on the ship, if my husband could not stay in touch with his office, we would not be able to cruise, so I am very grateful that he can do so. Of course the rules of common phone courtesy should apply, but as long as they are, I think people have a right to do what makes them happy on a cruise.
  3. We ate at Eden and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. I was actually feeling a bit under the weather that night but I still tasted everything and each course was outstanding. Neither my husband or I consider ourselves adventurous eaters, but we loved every course. Watching the preparations in the kitchen was like watching artists at work, I found it mesmerizing. We also enjoyed the entertainment during the meal, interesting and different. It was a lot of fun. We also ate at Fine Cut Steakhouse and the food was very good. I found the noise from the music playing outside to be very loud. I liked both but I thought that Eden was more special.
  4. On the December 15 cruise there were many loungers in the shade on the deck above the pool. Very few of the shade seats were taken. I will say however that the Sunset bar and the dining area below it that was outside we’re often times completely in the sun.
  5. I agree with your review and the review of the OP. We were also on this sailing of the Edge and had a wonderful time. I thought the ship was beautiful and our Infinite balcony room seemed larger and the bathroom certainly was larger than other Celebrity ships. My husband did not love the infinite balcony, but I likeed the way it added space to the room. This was the quickest embarkation and debarkation I have ever experienced and it was a pleasure. Having captain Kate outside the ship saying goodbye to everybody was really a nice touch, and I do agree that she looks like Sandra Bullock! I thought the food was much better in the dining rooms than previous cruises, And I loved the four small dining rooms rather than one large one. Our sushi meal was also not the greatest and I don’t know if I would go back there again. Our meal in Fine cut steakhouse was delicious, And our dinner in Eden was one of the best meals we’ve ever had in our 22 Celebrity cruises. I found the entertainment during dinner to be very pleasant and non-intrusive. I was disappointed in the casino, I found it to be small and closed in. I was also disappointed that the minimum blackjack bet was $15. This is only happened to us once before and it was during a holiday cruise. Normally they’re at least two $10 tables and $15 table was more than I was comfortable bedding. I hope this is not a trend on all the ships. I did enjoy the fact that cocktails are complimentary While you are playing slots or table games since I do not get a beverage package. Everything is not included but I either have a simple cocktail or wine and both were included. We loved our cruise are already booked for a cruise on the Apex.
  6. Ours was just a regular balcony cabin and our cabin steward had a new pillow for the second night.
  7. No, we were in Alaska out of Vancouver.
  8. Just got off the Edge on Sunday. The embarkation process took 10 minutes from the time we entered the terminal to the time we were on the ship (got to the terminal at 11:30). Disembarkation took less than 10 minutes including collecting our luggage. A photo was taken as we exited but no other customs stop. Is this easy process limited to Port Everglades or has it changed in every port. We sailed in July and it was totally different.
  9. 100 % agree with both statements!
  10. Yes, last week on the first night my pillow was too hard so I asked the cabin steward for a softer one, no problem.
  11. My husband wears nice jeans and a casual shirt every night.
  12. I think she may be playing a bit more than she is telling you!
  13. I have not cruised since last summer. Do I understand correctly that for every cruise now You can go to any bar between five and seven to get your drinks, or is that only for cruises with a high number of elites?
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