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  1. Ours doesn’t either at the mom Ours doesn’t either at the moment, only covers domestic cruises. I wonder if they will cancel these Greek cruises if the FCDO doesn’t change their rules?
  2. Yes we have but we keep getting the message that we are not eligible. Will keep trying.
  3. Are the upgrades still working? I keep getting the message ‘sorry looks like you’re not eligible for an upgrade at this time’ but we seem to fit the conditions.
  4. We used Medicspot who are on the BA list (with a discount code of BA) and on the whole it worked well but we needed to contact them and couldn't find any way of getting in touch and their 'Chat' was just a Bot which was frustrating. We got the Day 2 (and 8) from Randox who were the cheapest at the time and the tests had to be dropped in a mailbox outside the Roadchef. Quite random but it worked! Hoping we won't need the tests by September.
  5. Yes it really is Phil, not to mention the cost of the tests and the stress in case the results don’t come through on time! Liz
  6. We have booked one of the first cruises too. I believe the test to return to the UK can be an antigen test which can be bought in the UK and taken with us. Some of our family just did this on returning from Portugal. The completed test had to be taken within 48 hours of travel and laid on a paper showing the reference number with an open passport and a photo taken and uploaded. The fit to fly certificate is emailed through within 12 hours. The day 2 test has to be ordered in advance as the reference number is needed for the passenger locator form on return. Waiting to see if the Government ch
  7. We love Crystal too being all inclusive and very friendly with no set dining times so you can eat at a time you choose with the option to dine with others or at a table for 2 if you prefer. The tours are great with many ‘special Crystal moments’. They have their own extremely spacious and comfortable tour buses that follow the ship.
  8. Does anyone know what the minutes are for a veranda (not veranda plus)? The letter refers to other room types in the sentence at the foot of the first page but they don’t seem to be in the chart as it says they are?
  9. On the Pursuit there were 2 in our room which are changed as necessary and it said there would be a charge if not returned. We prefer to pick them up as we leave the ship and dump them in the bin on our return but the bins aren’t there now.
  10. Oh yes, that’s true. Have to pay full price for the other days.
  11. This doesn’t make sense. We booked under a very special deal - a 7 night cruise with 6 free days - but we were still eligible to bid.
  12. Yes we did! It was good. Missed the engine room one though. I knew it was you when you mentioned hiring the boat! Loving your photos - we loved the cruise so much!
  13. Lovely photos. We were on the same cruise and wonder if we met you. Were you invited to a galley tour but you couldn’t go because you had hired the boat? We went in the wrong day initially. We loved Vishal as well!
  14. Date of cruise - 29th JuneLength - 7 daysLCV - Discoverer PlusBid submitted - 5th MayAmounts bid - £1,540 total from N2 to Club World Owners or £1,320 total to Club Ocean. Both weakest bids.Success email - 30th May to Club World Owners for £1,540 total We decided to bid as we used 6 free days for the cruise. We knew which deck we were bidding for as there were only 2 left. Upgrade came with full perks such as OBC and best of best dinner.
  15. Last week on the Pursuit it was in Prime C.
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