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  1. Does anyone know what the minutes are for a veranda (not veranda plus)? The letter refers to other room types in the sentence at the foot of the first page but they don’t seem to be in the chart as it says they are?
  2. malcliz

    Beach Towels

    On the Pursuit there were 2 in our room which are changed as necessary and it said there would be a charge if not returned. We prefer to pick them up as we leave the ship and dump them in the bin on our return but the bins aren’t there now.
  3. Oh yes, that’s true. Have to pay full price for the other days.
  4. This doesn’t make sense. We booked under a very special deal - a 7 night cruise with 6 free days - but we were still eligible to bid.
  5. Yes we did! It was good. Missed the engine room one though. I knew it was you when you mentioned hiring the boat! Loving your photos - we loved the cruise so much!
  6. Lovely photos. We were on the same cruise and wonder if we met you. Were you invited to a galley tour but you couldn’t go because you had hired the boat? We went in the wrong day initially. We loved Vishal as well!
  7. Date of cruise - 29th JuneLength - 7 daysLCV - Discoverer PlusBid submitted - 5th MayAmounts bid - £1,540 total from N2 to Club World Owners or £1,320 total to Club Ocean. Both weakest bids.Success email - 30th May to Club World Owners for £1,540 total We decided to bid as we used 6 free days for the cruise. We knew which deck we were bidding for as there were only 2 left. Upgrade came with full perks such as OBC and best of best dinner.
  8. Last week on the Pursuit it was in Prime C.
  9. Azamara Pursuit 8088 Club World Owners. Loved everything about it. Had read comments about scraping chairs noise from Windows open deck above and we did hear it but it didn’t bother us at all. The balcony was huge with 2 sunbeds and 1 reclining chair too. Balcony slightly narrower than owners’ suites on lower decks. Loved having 2 toilets. What a treat, one each!
  10. Thank you for your blogs and all your photos. We enjoyed them very much as we were also on this cruise and enjoyed it very much too. We are in some of your videos of the White Night Party. We had our family with us who had never Cruised before and they loved the cruise too.
  11. We were disappointed on our recent cruise that the back deck didn’t open until 7.30 and sometimes later. This happened on the Quest too many years ago but not recently. Also why no umbrellas on the row of tables along the edge as on the other ships? That row of tables didn’t even seem to have holes for the umbrellas although the tables under cover did have holes but were covered with tablecloths? Next week our room is directly under this open deck but we would still like it to open earlier.
  12. Thank you Bonnie. That’s great news that San Basillio is still scheduled as we board the Pursuit next week too. We only disembarked the Pursuit last week and that was at Marittima and the damaged River Countess was still at San Basillio then. We took a water taxi from our hotel close to San Basillio to Marittima which actually was a great way to arrive but as our last day is in Venice this time, San Basillio will be much more convenient.
  13. Does anyone know if there will be a White Night party on this cruise? Last time we were on a 3 day cruise a couple of years ago there was a lively white night. We are hoping there will be as we are cruising with our family this time and know they would enjoy it and we would like them to experience all the ways we love Azamara.
  14. We loved the food, service and relaxed atmosphere at Earth and Ocean and cancelled our reservation at TK to eat there!
  15. Has anyone else got a child’s haircut at midnight as an event on the daily planner? Very odd 😂
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