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  1. COMPLAINT says it all. Get refund and find s another cruiseline. Never have seen so much whining. Get over it
  2. Promised full refunds in 30 days. Too much drama to book or consider. Health and crew safety first Cruising is luxury not necessity. We have been on 25 which we love but crew now is concern for them and families. BEST TO HARDEST WORKERS EVER
  3. Look forward to meeting you on March 15. I am Puxey, wear large hats and with er rillator or wheelchair. Registered for Meet n Mingle so keep eyes out. We nitely have CROCKtail in Ensemble lounge 7ish. We registered for 815 select dining as lwvel 3 late dining 845. I wld give wmail but too many loonies. Did they have ABBA or white nite
  4. Mass hysteria on once simple, gregarious and thoughtful posts. Look forward to meeting happy and carefree!!
  5. Brig your own wine bottle opener and bring wine to dinner in tall glass. No rules against it
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