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  1. Vlog 68 posted tonight an hour or so ago David himself speaking cheerfully from hospital now hes connected at last:)
  2. I'm a single cruiser too and I watch out for particularly American wives or partners claiming their errant one with an invisible chain. They may dress them in the same colours, they may walk around the ship one behind the other with arms firmly outstretched clasping their dearly beloved as if they are glued together. Keep off, mine, my territory: the body language says. Dare the errant one if his loved one is not with him strike up a conversation with an obviously lone female particularly if say up to a decade or two younger . If the conversation is animated and smiling eye contact being made which mutually happens if conversation is flowing ooh never fear hes being watched. Jealous eyes flash and in a jiffy the errant ones partner will be over to claim and drag the bad one away. "Come on, what are you doing you know we arranged to meet so and so" "oh did we'? and the errant one, head bowed, meekly disappears on his chain . I just laugh. Sometimes if Ive finished ,just to be evil i will wait a couple of minutes and leave the area very likely they are still around but the danger has gone and they are doing different things. I just discreetly try and catch the eye of the male and smile as I pass in the opposite direction.:)
  3. Turtles 6: I recently returned from my two European cruises and have just read though your wonderful posts and brilliant photos. Tthankyou so much for taking the time and trouble to do this and patiently answering questions. One ship I was on was Cunards very beautiful Queen Victoria and the rif- raf like me were also not allowed in the better upper forward deck area reserved for grilles passengers, along with the helicopter pad. They access their exclusive domain by cruise card in the lift which recognizes them. However ,early one morning , someone must have activated it and then gone . I rode to the floor accidentally. the lift stopped , it looked like a new area and then I quickly realized I had reached the no go zone. A crew member pleasantly greeted me with a smile then escorted me showing me around a little and allowing me to take photos where I wished in their courtyard then restaurant.Grilles passenger cabins can be on various floors shared by all. Someone who was just around the corner from the grandest suite of all on a shared floor for all ,told me where it was and he had seen it because the door was wide open one day. I investigated and luckily the door was again wide open, no sign of anyone so I walked back and forth several times past the entrance having a good look but respecting privacy not taking photos. Ive seen some pretty luxurious suites but this one was fit for royalty. It was really stunning.
  4. Yes she is always remembered Tracey and little Amelia bear comes with me wherever I cruise now. By the way Ive knocked out Sun Princess recently . You may have seen my post been to Indonesia on that itinerary twice before . Instead ,going with Celebrity Summit Oct 2020 New England/Canada and for the first time since my mother died in 2007, no Xmas/New Year cruise, its time to cross the bridge and stay on land.
  5. I think we are all sad it feels like we are soon to disembark too. I do still have most of your first cruise to catch up on . Well done Jim and Iain your posts have been most enjoyable and very informative with stunning photos too. You deserve a cruise critic award Thankyou so much and safe travel back home. 🙂 cheers Judith
  6. What about using your free cruise on October 5 next year -Summit ? Would repeat some of what youve done on this one but will go to Canada too.Could well be good fall colours too. Thats mine not free though!
  7. That sounds pretty good. I did a super Indonesian cruise including Java and Komodo Island once with Holland America and the second time with Princess from Freemantle return 15 daysdoing some different excursions but the Mekong Delta one twice. Also did twice, a crusie with princess from Singapore return covering SE Asia that was excellent included Brunei if you are going there i recommend Tours by Locals.If you are going to Shinoukville in Cambodia I also recommend Don Bosco tours. Both these tours were booked ahead as private tours involving folk from the cc thread and everyone loved them.
  8. o.k so its Barrier Reef Australia very nice then do you sail on the Dec10 2020 cruise Aus /NZ? Unusual not going to Auckland or Tauranga but is going to Picton , a pretty town part of Marlborough about 1.75 hours from here..There is a supermarket or two in Picton hmm not the cheapest ones.
  9. I did wonder ! Will check that out later heading out soon for a couple of hours or so. Really enjoying your posts great photos and info . With Bar Harbor wont see that on my Summit cruise but will on a prior September Globus tour which will also be at an earlier time for the fall colours.Thats next year too for me.
  10. I dont see a cruise for Eclipse from Singapore in November this year.!!Is it a differnet ship from Singapore?
  11. Which cruise are you going on?I have a feeling it might be Celebrity Solstice a very popular ship over here . I was on her in March if it is and you do the hot glass class and choose to have a product made by them check it carefully before you take it mine had two deep scratches which I discovered when the thick wrapping was removed at home.Too late to to do something about it however one of the local glass making businesses might have an idea to fix.
  12. Just checked out Villa Maria wines at Pak 'n Save one of our cheaper supermarkets. Right now its $11.79 OR $14.79 depending on variety, cellar selection, private bin etc. That includes sales tax which seems to be 10%. Its certainly less then general sales and services tax of 15%. Our dollar is worth a lot less then the Us dollar so you would do very well over here alcohol wise but you wont be able to visit Nelson on a Celebrity ship -too large small cruise ships only!
  13. Good to see Villa Maria offered its grown locally in Marlborough two hours away from here but we have great wine too . I like their Pinot Gris tried that as a supermarket sample last week.
  14. I prefer set dining if it sometimes doesnt suit I let the table and waiters know the night before out of courtesy then after whatever event I go to the buffet or the anytime dining if the food is better. I have been able to change table mates too on the very odd occasion. I was once led to a table with just two very elderly, extremely deaf Romanians they were nice enough but it was impossible my throat was really sore with trying to get them to hear and their English was limited so I changed . Normally I pre-request a six person table but on the last cruise I was led to a ten person one. I refused it too far too many people for my liking and they redirected me to a six person one. on one cruise there was a quite dizzy lady who was tired of female only tablemates . She was very friendly with the very obliging maitre'd ed and said to him "bring me a man" ! He sure did a very rich ,well conducted and pleasant , quite shy Thai who dressed immaculately in silk suits each day and by the end of the cruise she was off to his bachelor pad in Thailand hoping to live in paradise for ever and ever.I don't know if it worked out.
  15. Thankyou so much for posting thats excellent to hear. I am glad I changed to deck two because a number of comments from the rooms aft, a couple or so rooms down onwards from the men's restroom the rooms that are favoured, complained about loud buzzing and vibration yet i could find nothing really negative about deck two except some hallway noise in a different section from my room. Any other deck two comments from folk most welcome and it helps other people considering deck two.
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