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  1. I agree with this poster. After I book my flights through Choice Air online, I call them and get seats assigned. This has worked for me with Premium Economy on American and Business Class on Delta. However when my AA flights were changed to Cathay Air by AA, I was told I couldn't pick seats. After they are paid for I will try again. I was supposed to be leaving today on a Viking Ocean cruise and the flight to Bergen included flights on SAS. After they were ticketed, I paid a total of $52 to buy seats. That is the only cost not refunded since Viking cancelled the cruise.
  2. Before our Trade Routes of the Middle Ages cruise for September 2020 was cancelled we had picked all of the optional excursions we were hoping to book. They added up to just over $1600 for the 2 of us which I found rather shocking. This was not choosing an optional in every port but only in certain ports. It probably depends on the cruise and what you wish to see.
  3. We requested a cash refund of our cancelled cruise and we received the credit in 2 amounts, with the $1000 portion coming a day or two later. You should see the $1000 any day now.
  4. This is not gospel but I've heard of instances where passengers called Viking before a cruise was officially cancelled and were able to move the cruise to a future date with 125% value and other benefits. It's perhaps worth a phone call.
  5. I know that they have offered it in the past because 2 friends of mine booked it last year for our Baltic Cruise. They thought it was wonderful. Not sure of the price but probably fairly high.
  6. We are on Trade Routes of the Middle Ages September 15th of this year. We considered cancelling before penalties started on May 18th but decided to wait and hope for Viking to do it so we could get the 125%. Our shore excursions are up for looking, although not booking, and I was frankly shocked to see how many optional excursions there were and how expensive they are! This would have been our first Viking Ocean cruise and I thought the excursions were built into the high price. I estimate we will spend over $1000 on optional excursions. I will book them when I am allowed to so that the amount will be included in the 125%.
  7. If you have basic air through Viking upgrade to Premium Economy or Business class. You will probably be able to easily spend $1500 on excursions.
  8. I too have seen anecdotal reports of people cancelling cruises and receiving a 125% voucher rather than 100%. As far as I could tell these cruisers were not in penalty phase yet, they were more than 120 days from their trips. My conclusion is that Viking would rather offer the 125% than have to refund 100% of the cash back.
  9. I cancelled a June cruise a few days before final payment. We had booked 3 cabins because we were treating our daughters and families to the trip to celebrate our 50th anniversary. All payments including for massages, shore excursions etc. were returned to the credit card used to pay for them, namely ours. However $1000 of future cruise credits are in the names of our children. I’m not sure that we will ever convince them to get on a cruise ship. We’ve applied our $500 to a June 2021 cruise.
  10. I was paying for 6 people in 3 cabins and I received 6 FCCs. One in each passengers name. They are non transferable and my children don't want to cruise so we're out $1000 for theirs. We've applied our $500 to a new cruise.
  11. I did not get the email but saw the posting on Cruise Critic. I called my TA this morning and got this promo. I kept my 2 perks but lost a "bonus" $300 SBC. The price went down $847.66 so even losing the $300, we came out over $500 better.
  12. I have now received 100% of my Celebrity refunds, as of today! I have also received a little over 40% of the private tour refunds.
  13. My next sentence referenced the problems in those countries and our sympathy and willingness to wait.
  14. This was a refund on 3 different credit cards.
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