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  1. To clarify my post, the airfare sale is for new bookings after 9/24. I booked prior to that date. If you go to the choice air site it shows the underlying price of the ticket and then the sale price. The current underlying price for the 3 Dulles tickets is higher than when I booked. If that price ever goes down I will be entitled to the lower price. I decided it was not worth the trouble to cancel the reservation and deal with the vouchers so I have not done anything yet. I will continue to monitor pricing right up until final payment. They allow price reductions on the cruise under the "best price" policy but airfare is treated differently. I was able to rebook the 3 cabins twice for lower pricing.
  2. We were told we could not have the sale price on the air because we would have to cancel the cruise and rebook and we had non refundable deposits. I am paying for 6 airfares and the flight from Charlotte on American for 3 of us is no longer available. The flight from Dulles for the other 3 would have saved me $750 but they wouldn't do it.
  3. We received the Celebrity and the Oceania offers but not the Holland one (Carnival corp brands). Since my Celebrity cruise is booked through a big box store that doesn't take American Express I plan to buy $500 worth of refundable SBC. I did this once before, received the credit from Amex and when the cruise was cancelled, I received the $500 back from Celebrity.
  4. We’re in Europe but I saw that the prices on our 3 cabins for next year were lower. I made my daughter call and it took many hours between the TA and Celebrity but we saved $2500.
  5. I enjoy Pelligrino each night with dinner and with the classic package you have to pay for it. I always upgrade. My husband never does.
  6. I always upgrade to get some of the specialty cocktails in Blu, some of the Martinis and Pelligrino with dinner every night. Hubby doesn't care so he sticks with classic. Interestingly enough we drink a ton of water and on our last cruise (Reflection) if I asked for water at a bar, I could get the larger bottle but hubby would only get the smaller!
  7. When you switched from a refundable to a non refundable deposit, did you pay the original rate or the prevailing rate?
  8. We're Elite+ on Celebrity and Platinum on Princess. I prefer Celebrity and I really like Aqua class. Usually itinerary would be the first thing I would look at, then price. We have cruised to Hawaii twice, once on each line. In 2007 we sailed the Summit round trip from San Diego (14 days). The cruise left the end of September and returned in October. The weather was fabulous and the cruise was really outstanding. We loved the sea days spent by the pool. The second time we went in February on the Emerald Princess, round trip from LA on the Emerald Princess (15 days). This cruise was just OK. The main problem was the weather. The Pacific Ocean is cold at that time of year so the sea days were annoying. I would definitely choose the Celebrity cruise if it's in the winter.
  9. We are on this cruise as well. We paid the balance to our travel agent but Celebrity's date is this Friday. I'm convinced that the cruise will not happen but I thought there was nothing to Lift and Shift it to. Does JesMil have any specifics on this?
  10. The only thing I can add to the above is that we love breakfast in Blu and for us that is another reason to book Aqua. We do still go to 1 or 2 specialty restaurants as well.
  11. We have sailed on the Edge in a Concierge cabin which is the same layout as the Aqua cabin. We love Aqua but wanted to try the 4 dining room concept which we enjoyed very much. My husband loved the Infinite balcony concept because the room was larger. I prefer a traditional balcony so I was not a fan, although the room was beautiful. So if you would prefer a traditional balcony I would book S class. The general ambiance on the Edge was lovely but not for everyone. We traveled with friends and they did not care for it at all. .
  12. We received our refund yesterday.
  13. I received the notice about 30 days ago. We weren’t given any choices since the cruise only had a deposit.
  14. Our South America cruise in January 2022 was cancelled because the Discovery Princess will not be delivered on time. Anyone receive their refund yet?
  15. My husband and I get our second shots this coming Saturday!
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