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  1. Thank you for your thoughts. I have all 4 perks on this cruise so I don't really want to spend $500 extra, I want to lower my remaining balance. As Charles 4515 stated this big box store has an exclusive agreement with Visa and they refused to call Celebrity to make the payment directly. I escalated to a supervisor and no go. On the bright side the cruise price went down an additional $220 and I am paying for 3 cabins so that saved me $660 and the airfare for 3 of us went down a total of $2000 so I'm not overly concerned about my $150 AMEX offer.
  2. I have the standard American Express everyday card. I found the Celebrity offer as well as one for Princess ($100 off $500). I added both to my card and called my travel agent this morning to make the payment. Unfortunately my big box travel agent does not accept American Express and would not take the payment. I asked about calling Celebrity directly and was told that they should not accept a payment directly from me. Has anyone else had this experience and is there a work around or am I SOL?
  3. I canceled and re booked 2 shore excursions on my Edge 2020 cruise but the 3rd one was no longer listed. I only booked 1 excursion on my Apex June 2020 cruise (doing all the rest private for my family of 6). It went from $229 pp to $160 pp so a substantial amount saved.
  4. Heidi 13, Yes we did pay for Air Plus but in our case it was $100 pp, perhaps because the basic airfare price was only $699. I'm not saying that EVERY flight booked in separate airlines would cost more, just that the ones I checked did. Delta and American are not partners. I don't know about Air Canada and BA. I was just trying to alert others to the fact that the Viking Insurance price will increase if you increase your airfare in any way.
  5. I booked flights yesterday for Trade Routes of the Middle Ages and would like to alert others to a few different quirks that we encountered. The first time I called choice air I mentioned that I wanted to book Delta flights outbound for the better choices and American coming home because of the non stop from Barcelona to Charlotte. She agreed to price it out and I was told that there would be an additional charge of $136 pp. We were considering doing it but then she informed us that the price of our Viking cruise insurance would increase by $200! That made the total increase $472 so we declined. She suggested that we check back frequently since prices do change. The second time I called I got a much less helpful agent who told me that mixing those 2 airlines could not be done. I insisted she price out a slightly different Delta itinerary with the American return and that one came back +$120 pp. I asked her about the insurance and she said "no it won't go up" but when she "booked" it sure enough $200 again so I declined. I finally chose American outbound flights that were paired with SAS and there was no increase in cost BUT they had to be immediately ticketed for some reason so now we are locked in. Any changes will cost $350 pp. When she gave me seat assignments I was surprised that on SAS we were in row 1. It turned out that she had booked those flights in Premium Economy. Who knows what that would have cost if I didn't challenge her. She re booked us in regular economy and we have no seats since they have to be assigned at the airport. So make sure you do your due diligence before you call and challenge any info you suspect might not be correct. If your agent doesn't sound knowledgeable, hang up and call again.
  6. You stated that your cruise went down about $1000 after final payment. There are a number of factors to consider. I will tell you our situation and what we did. We were booked on a cruise with a total cost of $3941.96. We made our initial deposit of $500 and made the final payment of $3441.96 just 3 days or so before the Veteran's day sale. The price of the cruise dropped $737.16 (my husband is a veteran). At first our TA and Celebrity told us there was nothing they could do. However after thinking about it for a day or 2, we decided to cancel the cruise, pay the $500 penalty, and re book the cruise. That saved us $237.16 not a huge sum. However we also went from 2 perks to 4, and an upgrade in the beverage package. In addition, we gained an additional SBC of $200. So all in all a very substantial benefit. Cancelling and re booking was easy. We had to re book all of our shore excursions, and specialty dining, but the Celebrity agent re did all of our dinner reservations. So my advice is do all of the math and see if the savings (after a cancellation fee) are worth the trouble.
  7. I am also trying to book our first Viking Air tickets. Our cruise leaves on September 15th, 2020 and returns on September 29th. All of the airline schedules were up when I called on Nov. 5th but they told me that I couldn't book until Nov.10th. I called back on the 10th (yesterday) and was told that I couldn't book until 310 days from the RETURN date. That works out to around Nov. 25th.
  8. Regarding my previous post, I thought that the cancellation penalty for the Edge cruise made the sale not worth it. The reason is because the Celebrity website would not price it with 4 perks and when I selected that option, it would add almost $700. So I went to that NH website and found the correct price. Then I called my big box agent and they called Celebrity. Bottom line was after paying the $500 penalty I came away with a $237 refund, upgraded beverages, free gratuities, unlimited internet and an extra $200 SBC. Well worth the trouble of re booking 3 shore excursions and 1 specialty dinner. The Celebrity agent re booked all of my dinner reservations in the 4 dining rooms for me. My advice is ignore the Celebrity website and either call them or your travel agent.
  9. I just happened to check the web site early yesterday morning for our Apex cruise in June of 2020. I got a ridiculously low price on the website which I took to be a glitch but I called my Big Box travel agent at 8 am and they called Celebrity and although I didn't get that original price, I did get one that was close. I am paying for 3 cabins and my total savings was $4883. The cabin with my veteran husband was $200 less than the other 2. We are also on an Edge cruise in February of 2020 but because final payment was a few days before, they would not give me the new promo and paying the $500 cancellation penalty made it not worthwhile.
  10. I just happened to check the web site early yesterday morning for our Apex cruise in June of 2020. I got a ridiculously low price on the website which I took to be a glitch but I called my Big Box travel agent at 8 am and they called Celebrity and although I didn't get that original price, I did get one that was close. I am paying for 3 cabins and my total savings was $4883. The cabin with my veteran husband was $200 less than the other 2. We are also on an Edge cruise in February of 2020 but because final payment was a few days before, they would not give me the new promo and paying the $500 cancellation penalty made it not worthwhile.
  11. I booked a cruise directly with a Viking agent. I happened to mention that I usually use a TA but my regular one doesn't deal with Viking. She told me that I could certainly transfer my booking to a TA of my choice. She was not allowed to recommend any but encouraged me to shop for one online. I was able to find one and was quite happy with the result.
  12. Thank you for your replies. I checked TripAdvisor before I booked but thought I would seek first hand info from a cruise critic member. There are so many hotels in Rome that I knew it was a long shot.
  13. Thank you for your response. It sounds like it will be fine for our one night.
  14. Considering a stay here due to good location. Anyone stay here and have opinions?
  15. We have booked a stay in the Ohla Barcelona for July 2020. Has anyone stayed there? if so, can you comment on it please.
  16. I was just on the Reflection for the Baltic cruise and enjoyed our experience very much. Each day as I fought to get a seat at Cafe al Bacio, I would look over at the completely empty Sushi on 5 and think "what a waste of space!"
  17. The Baltic cruises are generally very expensive. We were on the same cruise as Mercruiser (8/25) on the Reflection. We booked it when we were on board a cruise in February 2018 (18 months in advance). We booked a C3 cabin for $7473.64. Celebrity was giving 1 perk on their web site but for booking on board we got an additional perk (we took Beverages and gratuities) and $200 OBC. Fortunately our usual TA had a group rate of $6569.12 which we were able to combine with the on board offer so that was our final price. The TA also gave us an additional $50 OBC and a cash card. I believe Mercruiser actually booked after final payment.
  18. We sailed on the Chandris line so long ago I don't remember it but we have sailed Celebrity pretty consistently since 2007 (14 times). The food has definitely gone down hill but we just came off the Reflection Baltic cruise and the 4 of us thought the MDR food was as good or better than we have had recently. We've also sailed several times on Princess and feel they do a few things better than Celebrity but also many things not as well. We have considered trying Holland but wish they had a shared loyalty program with Princess.
  19. I am on this cruise as well. If you are on the Roll Call you are probably familiar with Pennypop. I am Mrs. Pennypop (Joyce). We're flying out on Saturday, arriving on Sunday which I am regretting. With all of the storms right now I hope we make the ship!
  20. I have 4 upcoming cruises on Celebrity. Called my travel agent yesterday with mixed results. First cruise is already after final payment. I booked with a group rate and 2 perks since we booked on board. I asked for the 3rd perk and was denied. No surprise there. Second cruise is on the Edge and was not included in this promo. Third cruise is on the Apex in 2020. We are paying for 3 Aqua cabins. We booked with a NRD and 3 perks. The price for a refundable deposit 3 perk cabin is slightly less than I paid but I knew they wouldn't change the deposit from non to refundable but I came away with the same 3 perks and $1260 in savings. The last booking was on The Milly in January of 2021. Because the price went up slightly the 3rd perk was a wash with the new price so I didn't do anything. Now I think I should change it because in the future I can get a price drop but they may never have the 3rd perk again.
  21. Our first Celebrity cruise was on the Summit in 2007. I miss Michael's, the old specialty restaurants (our great meals in Normandie), and the French baker that was on deck 5. She would make delicious quiches and sandwiches at lunch and fabulous croissants at breakfast. There were also macarons every day, long before they became so popular in the states. I don't miss the every night buffets but I do miss the 1 grand buffet.
  22. AdGuyMG , thank you for the answer. I hope to keep cruising so we probably would use the $700 credit.
  23. Does anyone know if you can book the lowest rate on board and have the lower non refundable deposit? We're currently looking at a 14 day cruise which carries a NRD of $900 which worries me. If I wait until I am on board (4 months) I realize the price can go up but will I be able to book the lowest rate with a $200 NRD?
  24. I didn't write down the exact pricing but yesterday I looked at an Asia cruise for January 2021 on the Milly. The price for an Aqua cabin with 2 perks was just over $6000. Today the $300 promo was gone so the cruise was $6384.98 with 2 perks. Interestingly if you choose 4 perks it did say you would get the Premium beverage package. However, the price goes to $7644.98. Not worth for anyone like us who is Elite plus and gets some free drinks and discounts on internet. The price with no perks was $5320.98 for us with a $200 Military discount and a non refundable deposit. It's nice to have the choices. The no frills price might be right for us but a $900 non refundable deposit would give me pause.
  25. I didn't receive an email but I was just looking on the web and found this deal. We recently booked a 7 night Europe cruise on the Apex to celebrate a very big occasion. We are paying for 3 Aqua class cabins and originally booked with "Go Best". I switched to this new deal with the non refundable deposit. We were also able to get the Military benefit for my veteran husband. All told our bills are north of $2000 less, after adding back the gratuities for the kids cabins. I will wait for a sale and upgrade 4 of the 6 drink packages to Premium and add unlimited internet for my husband. As Elite Plus we get a nice discount anyway. It didn't pay to book "Go Best" because the price was the same as the original booking.
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