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    Got my cabin assignment...

    No worries Delta - your cabin is in a great location. I was on an Upper deck balcony on the same side of the ship 2 years ago on the Glory - which is the same class of ship, so almost identical layouts. Above you are staterooms, which is good b/c they're less noisy. Your balcony is covered by the balcony above you. Like Yukon said, you're above the sushi bar - which is not where people will be congregating into the wee hours of the morning! The only potential noise issue is that you're kind of close to the nightclub 'One Small Step' so you may hear some of that music, but I really don't think it'll be too bad. And there definitely won't be noise early in the morning. PLUS, if you need more 'pros' for your room, it's in a nice central location. 1 floor from the promenade - where there's lots of action, 2 floors from the dining room, and 3 to the pools/buffet. And right in between 2 staircases too. No balcony room is bad :)
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    What not to forget to pack

    Great thread - thanks for all the suggestions! I would also add: - hand sanitizer (for excursions) - bug spray (depending on what excursion you're doing) - deck of cards - we had to wait in line for awhile during embarkation so the cards came in handy.