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  1. Yes, that's what it was last time we were on Allure, 9-11, 12-14, 15-17. The new deck plans for Oasis say the teen lounge is for 13-17 year olds.
  2. I was just looking at the app for my upcoming Oasis cruise in a few weeks and it looks like they re-vamped the teen area and it specifically says that area is for 13-17 year olds. The Adventure Ocean areas still say they're for 3-11 year olds. What about the 12-year-olds? They used to be part of the Teen group/club, but now it looks like they've been forgotten about. Anyone know?
  3. Does anyone know if they have the various flavors of sparkling Dasani water in the Freestyle machines? I've searched and searched and the images I've seen show only the lime flavor option (not all the other flavors that Dasani sparkling comes in).
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