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  1. Get on board and enjoy! I took the Honolulu to Vancouver trans Pacific. While they had some missteps, 95% or greater of our experience was high quality. But the squeaky wheel gets the grease...
  2. We sailed in cabin 7612 the cruise before you. For all the complaining - I loved the balcony view. There was plenty of ocean to see with my eyes forward rather than down. Glad to see you've found a way around the "obstructions." 🙂
  3. Both complimentary and Thermal Spa (co-ed proper clothing required). They came in handy for Boston to Bermuda cruise last fall!
  4. Yep $6 per day in Europe - having sailed both lines - this is a no brainer - two extra days means everything! Carnival and Royal Caribbean are more alike than they are different. Only brand snobs on both sides will argue they are drastically different.
  5. Lots of options - shuttles, taxis, ride shares, limos, rental cars - Google and the forum above are your friend.
  6. Specialties are: Chops - steak Wonderland - adventurous eating Jamies - Italian Izumi - Sushi and Japanese There are indeed tables for two in all of the above MDR and Windjammer. (Just off Ovation on May 2 - May 13)
  7. But Lopez and Carnival split over a year ago - he's no longer associated with Carnival. If anything - the comedy program seems to have improved after he left. It's something Carnival puts a lot of effort into - and it really works. On those nights that entertainment is thin - at least the comedy club can be counted on for fun!
  8. A library guidebook maybe outdated (things change fast in cruise world). Google very much can be your friend - but frankly, your best bet is to hang out around here for a while, read all you can (including reviews) and you will find more than you need to know. What you cannot find -pose a question - someone with an answer will be along quickly!
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