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  1. So things work in PR just like they do in the mainland?! 🙂
  2. I could not agree more - the last several years (especially with the Playlist Productions - ugh) this has been the case. It's gotten so bad we don't even go to the theater. We may end up shopping for something near the theater - so I'll wander over to hear what is going on and then I am reminded why we don't go. When karaoke competes favorably...eek... And lately - the comedy club is not publicized much. I don't know if it's because they don't want it to succeed - or that's the venue that is killing it on the ship and they don't want to overtax it!
  3. I can respect this line of thinking. However, the fish on the Chef's Menu is only a fraction of the food on the menu (and I am not generally a fish person - but the Sea Bass was amazing!). Two options there - skip it and wait for the next round - or speak with the chef and they may be able to make a substitute. From my perspective, if there had been a round that I just couldn't get myself to try, I'd have been ok simply skipping and not feel I lost on my money. It's a lot of food - and you walk out STUFFED!
  4. It's interesting how the fog works - we debarked Freedom Saturday morning. It was bright and sunny. We were prepared for a little extra time, but it was not to be! The bigger concern was that the port ramp was down so ship operations had to pivot - THAT created a bit of a wait. But much quicker than fog issues. Bonus was once we got into Immigration, that moved super fast!
  5. They will ask you about your concerns on board when they confirm your reservation. They will again clarify with you these concerns the evening of the event. The food is made that evening, so they can make adjustments. And I have to believe they have nearly seen it all! As for aversions to certain foods - I'd recommend you taking advice we all give our kids...try it before you deem it unlikable. The presentation and preparation of these foods is amazing and often done in a way that challenges your preconceived notions about certain ingredients. It's so well done, you can easily be surprised and pleased. Health concerns are one thing, but ingredient averse...it never hurts to try and broaden your palette - it worked on me...
  6. Just off the Freedom - the advice above is spot on. Magic is a little bigger with a little more open spaces on the Promenade deck. Spa options on Magic are more plentiful (including Spa rooms), but the adults only pool area aft on Freedom is a nice touch. Really - they are quite similar with practically the same offerings (food wise anyhow). At this point, I'd look at ports or bottom line cost as a determining factor unless spa or pool choices cannot distinguish a selection.
  7. The dining room was comfortable. I did not take my tux this cruise, but did wear a long sleeve shirt, tie, and vest to the dressier evening and I survived just fine. I am not afraid to remove my jacket for the meal if it gets too stuffy. The effort is certainly worth it!
  8. Fantastic picture! It was a huge difference, but in some cases the smaller size really was a positive. Had I never cruised on the larger ships, I would still think Enchantment a big ship. However, with the knowledge (we've sailed Anthem, Ovation, and Allure), the shorter distances were refreshing. In that picture, I can tell you shot it late in the afternoon. We raced to the ship because we were certain that approaching storm was going to be a mess to deal with. But it just teased us!
  9. I am not familiar with any fix that was necessary. However, I did not notice a good bit of variable temperatures on board. Our cabin was an ice box (and adjusting it warmer made it too uncomfortable, so we put it back to cold and lived with it). Some areas of the ship seemed rather stuffy and warm, where others were quite comfortably cool. At no time (other than muster drill outside on Deck 5 in the heat) were we terribly uncomfortable. If it was a hot spot, we just moved and it improved.
  10. Well - I would generally agree with your assessment. But I think I coming around to the camp of, I prefer being on a cruise ship than dry land! 🙂
  11. This older ship doesn't get a lot of publicity here, so I thought I'd share a little so when someone comes looking like I did, they might have a little insight. We are nearly Diamond (not a brag - just a point of reference as to our experience with Royal ships). We have been on a variety of classes of ships, but Enchantment "scared" me a bit. My buddy gambled enough on an 11 night reposition aboard the Ovation that he was offered a free cruise. We were invited to join. The timing was good and the pricing was right, so we crashed the party. I've said in the past I would not sail for less than 7 days. But I am coming around on that bit of cruise snobbery! We booked a deck 2 cabin (an area of the ship we typically try to avoid), didn't do any real extras, and basically just tried to low key cruise! The ship has seen better days. A little rust here, some disrepair there, paint chips, carpet fray and so forth, but all in all, the ship really is still quite beautiful and one can easily see how she was the belle of the ball in her day. The smaller ship certainly makes standing in line a much shorter proposition and easier to maneuver without massive crowds. One other thing I noticed on this ship - it was easier to disconnect. Fewer TV's in bars with news or sports playing - so if you are addicted, beware. Luckily I was able to record my college football team, not hear any of the news of their game and came home to a shortened viewing of my game of interest. We enjoyed the deck 2 location except for heading to the Windjammer. That was a 7 flight climb (we never rode an elevator - get those steps!), but coming back on board from a port was a breeze going up (and down to get to the gangway) only one flight. Food was hit and a little miss. We never went hungry! Selections are a little less than the bigger ships, but we had plenty of choices. Entertainment and activities seemed a little more streamlined with not quite as much going on, but the normal high points were there (Quest, Battle of the Sexes, Karaoke, Trivia, Bingo, etc...). The orchestra and musicians onboard were high quality. The shows are a little rough around the edges as they are rather dated; but not having seen these shows before, it was good to get a fresh look. Bobby the Cruise Director is a Texan! So, that was fun having so many Texas cruisers with a leader that speak the language! 🙂 The ship had a little extra action on the way north, but rode like a smooth champ heading south. Some crew mentioned it had a little more motion than the big girls, but oddly, I liked the motion that has been missing from prior cruises! Not too much creaking or odd noises, so the old girl is aging gracefully it would seem. So, shorter cruise, older and smaller than normal vessel - no problem! It was a great experience if you can overlook that it's not a shiny new thing. Short of having some bells and whistles, the cruise was a very fine experience. I viewed this as a bonus vacation that was not planned at the beginning of the year. If anyone has any questions, I'll do what I can to share from our experience.
  12. Get on board and enjoy! I took the Honolulu to Vancouver trans Pacific. While they had some missteps, 95% or greater of our experience was high quality. But the squeaky wheel gets the grease...
  13. We sailed in cabin 7612 the cruise before you. For all the complaining - I loved the balcony view. There was plenty of ocean to see with my eyes forward rather than down. Glad to see you've found a way around the "obstructions." 🙂
  14. Both complimentary and Thermal Spa (co-ed proper clothing required). They came in handy for Boston to Bermuda cruise last fall!
  15. Yep $6 per day in Europe - having sailed both lines - this is a no brainer - two extra days means everything! Carnival and Royal Caribbean are more alike than they are different. Only brand snobs on both sides will argue they are drastically different.
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