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  1. Wow, sounds like MSC has taken something as simple as a glass of water way beyond any level of complexity I would of thought possible. Thank you to everyone who replied. Greatly appreciated. The cruise I'm interested in leaves out of Miami so it sounds like we'd definitely be able to drink from a pitcher of tap water in the dining rooms at no charge which suits me just fine. Also, its nice to know that something passing for coffee is available for free as well.
  2. Hi. I'm considering taking an MSC Caribbean cruise out of Miami. I've taken numerous cruises on 4 other lines and we've never paid for any beverages (we don't drink alcohol). Water, coffee, tea, lemonade, milk, and more have always been readily available in the buffets and restaurants at no additional charge. Is that how it is on MSC as well? I'm not talking about sparkling water, mineral water, or bottled water. I'm talking about a glass with some ice and plain old tap water in it. Also, pretty much every cruise line will sell you gourmet coffee but there's generally always a poor to mediocre brew available for free in the buffets and restaurants that I can get by with. Does MSC have free coffee available? Thank you in advance..
  3. I've been there a few times. I'd say it's kind of so-so on the vendors. You'll be asked plenty of times to buy trinkets, fake cuban cigars, etc. However after a while, after you've told the same people "no thankyou" several times successively they'll finally give up and quit asking you again each time they walk by. I never noticed any Tropicante staff trying to deter vendors.
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