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  1. Hey all: Someone on another forum brought to my attention that the drinks package for Harmony 15SEP has gone on sale to $46. If you're previously booked at $49, you can cancel and reprice, saving almost $50 for two people after the gratuity. (Cross posted from Roll Call)
  2. THANK YOU FOR THIS! I've been waiting with bated breath for your thoughts on Wonderland, and this review (especially the pictures) sold me!
  3. Well I sure can HOPE for that plush suite! But indeed, I booked an oceanview balcony with that as my expectation.
  4. Forgive me if this has been asked before. I did a search and didn't find what I was looking for. I know that when booking a guarantee cabin, you can get your assignment anytime from minutes after booking to the day of embarkation and that it could be anything from the category guaranteed up to the Master of the Universe Suite. But I have two questions I can't find answers to: When did you ACTUALLY get your assignment (how far before sailing)? How did you find out your assignment? Did Royal call you? Your TA? Send a singing telegram? Email? Or did you just log in one day and say, "Hey, honey, we have a cabin number!"? Thanks in advance, and first beer's on me if you're ever in Atlanta and can answer one or both of these!
  5. Methinks a good film of the launch would go over well. I'd watch it!
  6. This is a huge disappointment, and may drive me to cancel my snorkeling plans on CocoCay. I was more excited about the plane than anything else...the fact that it's still on the maps is a bit deceptive. We had booked the snorkel at your leisure, but may cancel that in favor of relaxing on the beach, oasis pool, or at the floating bar.
  7. Agree: Good settings help significantly, but some people don't have the settings quite right. Also, plenty of people have casual acquaintances added on social media that aren't necessarily as well "curated" as they perhaps should be. I'm not saying it's the highest risk activity. But it does make sense to take a precaution. There's a big difference between telling your parents/siblings/children/best friends of your travel plans, and another to post it where people less close to whom you may still be connected (digitally). For example, you mention connecting with former classmates: some of mine I'd place in the acquaintance category rather than in the close friends. Still happy to hear from them, but not ready to share my vacation plans.
  8. Quite possibly true, as you know the people at your local post office or newspaper are, well, local. But why make it easy by posting on social media, too? Just like adding an alarm to an already locked door, just keep it behind one more layer of protection.
  9. Doesn't this just publicize to the folks at the post office and the newspaper that you're going to be out of town? It's a vicious cycle because one precaution leads to publicizing it to another group. Honestly, even so much as having a friend or neighbor pick up the mail publicizes it to someone. So I guess we have to figure out what our risk tolerance is.
  10. Slightly off topic, but hope you forgive me... GF and I were staying at an AI in Cancun during Winter 2018. They had a play casino (no cash). So they'd teach you blackjack, allow you to "cheat" (if you made a bad bet, like splitting on the wrong cards and got burned, they'd say "see why you don't want to do that" and let you take a mulligan.). It was a great way to learn. And of course you could get more chips anytime. (The downside is you couldn't actually win anything, but hey...) GF wanted to learn to play craps, but when we got to the casino, we were told the craps table was "broken". I'm pretty sure it was a language barrier issue meaning that nobody knew how to run the table because, by gosh, all the legs looked intact and the felt looked fine... I've told her about the casino classes on our upcoming cruise and she joked "I hope that it's not broken..."
  11. Don't you know that perspective, rationality, and complete information aren't permitted on the internet? 😏
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