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    Quantum Library

    Here are books I expect to find Books on Quantum Theory Books on String Cheese Theory Schrödinger's cat books
  2. derf5585

    Quantum December 1-12, 2014

    [quote name='cruiserking']That flag for drinks is pretty slick. [/QUOTE] About those deck chair flags for drinks. Here is how it works. One speaks into the microphone on the flag the flag also has a internet connection to the robot bar witch mixes your and then sends you the drink via a drone. :D
  3. [quote name='karmacats']Hahahahaha. That makes sense. I'm bringing all my winter gear so I can at least step foot on my balcony for a few minutes the first couple days. :D [/QUOTE] You mean the balconies are not heated:D
  4. Director General in the Ministry of Tourism Joy Jibrilu present plague to Ship Master of the Quantum of the Seas Captain Srecko Felix Ban on the occassion of the ship's inaugural voyage to Nassau. from [url]http://www.thebahamasweekly.com/publish/ministry_of_tourism_updates/Quantum_Of_The_Seas_Makes_Inaugural_Call_To_Nassau38623.shtml[/url]
  5. derf5585


    Salted or unsalted water?
  6. derf5585

    Quantum docked in PC this morning

    Believe she is on the move
  7. derf5585

    Audio from inside QofS?

    When is Canada's Thanksgiving?
  8. derf5585

    Audio from inside QofS?

    Oldest Thanksgiving parade
  9. derf5585

    Audio from inside QofS?

    Who did PocAHonTas save?
  10. derf5585

    Audio from inside QofS?

    What President first declared Thanksgiving a holiday?
  11. derf5585

    Audio from inside QofS?

    Potatoes cranberry sauce or shellfish. Served at first Thanksgiving? (Mrs Robinson playing on the PA system)
  12. derf5585

    Audio from inside QofS?

    Does a human have a wishbone?
  13. derf5585

    Audio from inside QofS?

    4th or last Thursday of November for Thanksgiving