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  1. It's Jerome Dabney. He was on the Victory and Malcolm said that Stevie Wonder "got on in St. Thomas". :D
  2. I also sailed on the Paradise in 2001 when it was smoke free. The T-Rex lounge is cool. I have a purse that matches the interior. :D
  3. First the ziplining death and now this. Neither one of which ever interested me in the first place. How sad for the family.
  4. Obviously some on this thread DO care what people wear. "It must be a cocktail dress and not just a dress you'd wear to church." :rolleyes: Give me a break! If that's the biggest thing you have to worry about, consider yourself lucky!
  5. Maybe it's just me then? I'm not really "myself" when I'm dressed all dignified. I'm more funny when I'm dressed casual.
  6. I think people who are dressed casual and comfortable are more relaxed and fun. Some people get all stiff and snooty when they're dressed to the nines.
  7. That wasn't very smart or responsible of them. Alcohol is the cause of many drownings.
  8. $300 should be enough for a four night cruise. I'm sure you have better things to do with the other $1000 than drink it away. Have fun.
  9. That's a joke. More like K-Mart to Target. We're not comparing Carnival to Crystal! Many people who have been on both Carnival and RC will say that they're very similar except RC costs more, and that Carnival has better food. Their standard inside cabins are also bigger.
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