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  1. Another vote for these!! I just ordered them for my husband and myself. They come in a variety of colors, but we just bought the black and white one. https://www.amazon.com/EverAct-Compatible-Holder-Replacement-Fitbit/dp/B01KO2T45U/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=EverAct+Compatible+Clip+Holder+Replacement+for+Fitbit+Zip+(Set+of+2%2F3%2F4)&qid=1572977586&s=sporting-goods&sr=1-1
  2. Are there any ride services like Uber or Lyft in Vancouver?
  3. Following. We will be making our flight reservations in another week or so. Wondering how early to arrive at YVR for a flight to the US. It will probably determine what our departure time will be.
  4. For anyone that knows Astoria, what about bicycle rentals? Thinking it might be fun to ride the riverwalk, that is, if bikes are allowed on it.
  5. We are also Elite on Royal and Celebrity, but have 3 Princess cruises under our belts (and another scheduled for 2020) since 2018. We started with Princess because of the availability of cruises leaving from the west coast. We are very happy with Princess, and on our first cruise (the Ruby), kept comparing her to Celebrity. Very, very comparable!! I think you will really enjoy the line. We usually arrive 11:00-11:30 in San Pedro, and are on board within 30 minutes. Princess has embarkation in San Pedro down to a science!
  6. Bruin Steve (GO UCLA!!), we just got off the Emerald Princess and we were in 622. We walked multiple times past the mid ship cabins (near the mid ship elevators), and when the doors were open, none of them looked any larger than ours. I think probably Princess deems them "premium" because, #1- they are more mid ship , and #2- closer to elevators. Some people like this location, and will pay more for it. When we booked, I actually looked at the prices vs. the locations, and figured for a short walk past a few cabins, it wasn't worth the extra $$. So, your assumption is correct. There is no difference in the cabins other than location.
  7. Just off the Emerald and I found a new drink that I had a few times in Adagio. It's the Dark and Stormy. Made with dark rum and ginger beer, garnished with a lime. I am not a big rum drinker (I like my Grey Goose martinis), but this drink was very refreshing!
  8. We just got off the Emerald and I wish we had gone to the MDR breakfast every day!!! We NEVER waited any longer than 10-15 minutes for our meal. AND everything was hot when we ate it, unlike the buffet when, once you find your seat, you are eating lukewarm food.
  9. Enjoying your review very much! You are doing a great job!!
  10. If I want to bring canned soda, can I put it in my checked luggage, or does it have to go in a carry on?
  11. We are Elite on Celebrity, but just recently started cruising on Princess since we are on the West Coast, recently retired, and would prefer not to pay for airfare. On our first Princess (the Ruby) cruise, we compared her to Celebrity, and were pleasantly surprised. Some pros for Celebrity, some for Princess, but generally, for us anyway and what is important to us, they matched up. We like the option of the self service laundry on Princess, although we have never used it. I do miss the Elite status we have on Celebrity though. Maybe one day on Princess.....???
  12. So yes, as least with Princess, we can bring flowers on board from the islands, we just cannot take them with us off the ship.
  13. Oh, thank you so much for your response!!
  14. I was hoping to purchase a live flower lei in Hawaii. Will I be able to bring it on board the ship?
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