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  1. Thank you for your insight and you are not overstepping. This is the straight up info I've been seeking. What everyone has replied to me so far is what I have been suspecting and makes much more sense than how she makes it sound. I've cruised with her several times, on separate reservations and she is the only one in our group who gambles. So I don't really have any understanding how the casinos work. Other than I put 20 bucks in, hit a few buttons, and get nothing in return. Lol. I've realized she's not being totally straight with me and that her husband kind of turns a blind eye. I just hope she's being truthful with him.
  2. Yeah, I get that one can get lucky and really make out well. She's now up to at least 2 "free" cruises a year and uses he land casino rewards to pay for flights and hotel. I know I'm not that lucky!
  3. Thanks. This relative claims she spends a set amount per day and when it's gone, she's done gambling for the day. She makes it sound like that's around $50 a day, since she compares it to what people spend on the drink package.
  4. So can anyone tell me what the average amount of money people gamble to get a "free" cruise. I have a family member who keeps getting offered "free" Caribbean cruises in a junior suite, both directly from RCCL and a land based casino. She's gotten into financial trouble in the past with gambling and some of us are concerned.
  5. When this is done, can the person on the Refreshment Package still order and pay for the occasional alcoholic drink? The Ultimate Package works for DH, but I only have 1-2 alcoholic drinks a day (usually wine with dinner and/or an evening cocktail).
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