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  1. Hubby and I will be cruising in January 2017. I have always wanted to snorkel Trunk Bay so this is the trip! I have a decent camera as photography is my hobby. I am uncomfortable leaving it on the shore while snorkeling. I am wondering if there is a safe location where I can store them while in the water. Please advise. Thank you in advance!
  2. "The non-swimmers can be taken into the beach on the dingy, and many do this." Thank you Ciera. I am more than willing to swim in but MIL and Mom do not swim so..... Good to know that there are options for them. Perhaps they can truck my camera to land as well so I can get some land shots as well!:D
  3. pholter, How deep is the water where the catamaran is moored? We have two non-swimmers who hope to walk in to the beach. Thank you!;)
  4. We are doing this in August and have two non-swimmers. How deep is the water where the boat moors. MIL and Mother do not swim but hope to walk in to the beach. Thank you in advance!
  5. Hey All- Question for those who have done this excursion. We have two non swimmers (Mother and MIL) who would like to do this excursion and stay on the beach. How deep is the water at the mooring point? Can they walk in the water to the beach? Thank you in advance! :D
  6. You can store at Barachinas or Aloha. Aloha is DIRECTLY across the street from the port. It was still closed a 0845. But heard it opened at 9 or 930. Aloha is a restaurant.
  7. That Stinks! Used ours for the first time on our cruise 2 weeks. Cool little camera and really neat videos. We wondered how they would turn out but took really cool videos..... Sorry for your loss.
  8. Just off Victory 2 weeks ago. Was able to bring accepted amount in carryon and "enough" in checked bags. Also brought pop on board. Stuff that was purchased in duty free was being checked as you boarded. Didn't see anyone get pulled over but saw it being turned in though.
  9. I worried about the transfers too but having done the port transfer thing for a first time.... It will be that last. definitely cheaper and more convenient to do a taxi. There are posted zones. Go for it! Better than being herded like cattle!! Have fun. Wish I was there.....again. :D
  10. Not deep at all. The water was a bit choppy as it was rainy but unless you had never snorkled it was not a concern at all. The turtles at max 15 to 20 feet and we were probably 10-15 max above the shipwreck. It was definitely doable from the shore if you watched for the cats. We had a few first timers on our cat and they had no problems.
  11. I went to several stores in both St Thomas and St Marten. I had done my homework. I knew prices etc but found stores had the most common items. Lots of Cannon and Nikon. I was offered lots options but as a Sony owner that wasn't much help (still have my stable of Minolta old school AF lens'). I wanted a specific lens Tamron Dimage 90 mm macro 2.8 Sony Mount. So keep in mind it depends on what you really want. There were a lot to choose from but in a narrower band of choices. Boatloads of the top two but I did not really look to see if an equivalent was available in those mounts. Just a FYI
  12. We had less than an hour and could have used a bit more time. It was gorgeous with some really great views. My camera was hopping and happy!:D
  13. Definitely walking distance. If it is warm wear shoes.....HOT HOT HOT!
  14. We flew out at 3:50 on a Sunday. It was no problem. We were at OSJ pier but had plenty of time to do OSJ and be at the airport by 1:30. Ate a Margaritaville and had 30-40 minutes til boarding. Have fun!
  15. Only in my dreams...... Congratulations. I am soooo jealous!
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