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  1. We board her next Thursday to go north . So excited !
  2. I was able to sign up for all three of the shows last night ! . Now DW wants to know about water shows and comedians and who ever is on this cruise. Any help ?
  3. Any ideas ? We have not filled out our sea passes yet as we are waiting on our passports to get back Could this be the issue ? Thanks !
  4. We did get to do the Trikes ! it was a blast and we would do it again ! i just learned they closed that office down
  5. We rented ours in ST Maarteen. They provided helmets and wanted to see my DL. Traffic is such a mess close to the port, but after that its ok. DW and I loved the bike and despite a short downpour, the rest of the ride was wonderful. The bikes have reverse so that makes it easy to park. We took towels and the go pro and had plenty of room for storage. Insurance was not talked about. ? We did receive a map, but once it got wet it was useless. French side is still in very bad shape. Maho beach was fun and we had lunch at Orient Beach. Water was wonderful. All in all we would do it again ! We even got back a little early and he reduced our costs. I recommend.
  6. We were right next door in 6338. We love the Hump Cabins on any floor. No Water slides on Freedom yet. Choco bar adds semi sweet chocolate bars to the grilled cheese. They make their own chocolate. We bought some to bring home too.
  7. Power was only out about 3-4 blocks back from the port. Ralph lauren , CVS, Walgreens etc. Hadn't lost power the day we were there. We felt bad for the smaller locations that had lost power. Visit Choco Bar for their grilled cheese ! I promise its worth it
  8. We totally missed that standard poodle mess. Rest of the cruise was fantastic!
  9. We didn't see any service dogs/ cats or T-Rex's on the ship. However, there were 473 children under 18 and most were well behaved although some needed a bath. Meant to add that getting on the ship was absolutely the fastest ever. From Baggage drop off to windjammer in 30 minutes and that included retaking my picture 3 times. Apparently they are humorless with that seapass pic. Overall a great experience! Can't wait to get to Diamond status !
  10. We ate in the Windjammer maybe 3 times. ALl the rest of the meals were in the Dining room. Breakfast , lunch and dinner.
  11. #7 cruise is in the books. #8 is pre booked at next cruise on the ship. We had a hump balcony and it was very convenient to the promenade and the elevators. Elevators were in and out 2-3 were out for the length of the trip Ship could use a refurb, but overall was clean. St kitts we rode the train. Its a little noisy but the scenery is beautiful. St Maarten we rented a 3 wheeled motorcycle and had a great time. We did get rained on and wished we had a jacket, but we dried before we got to Maho beach. Margot area is a complete mess and traffic around the island is very bad. The lagoon and other areas still have many many ships upside down or otherwise destroyed in the water. Swimming / fishing is banned until cleanup is complete. Orient beach is coming back although slowly. The water is warm and crystal clear, but there's not much else left. We did meet a very nice lady Jazmine that works on the border line with her dad at a little restaurant. Food was good , but I should have passed on the ice ( maybe) San Juan , we went to the Fort before it opened and then took pictures. Shopping in town and then a drink at a little bar. Power seems to be a hit and miss or probably more likely its a pay to play scenario. Power went off and on in the little bar a lot. Made us leery of eating anything so we passed. Finally found a place where power was more stable and had a nice lunch there. Choco bar ! Grilled cheese with chocolate was fantastic! Finally a stop at CVS for shaving cream and monster drinks and we were out the door and back on the ship. There was a drug dog present , but no issues with us. Labadee! we pre rented a Cabana on the water! It was very nice and gave us a spot to get out of the sun. There is power for charging phones and a fan blowing in the top. Labadee was as perfect as I have ever seen it. Food was typical windjammer fare but appeared fresh and tasted good. Casino was very good to us and we heard that someone walked with a $35,000 prize ! Disembark was little chaotic, but really didn't take too long. Next cruise we are going from Cape Liberty to Canada! Mark
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