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  1. I think the Great Outdoors areas on the Jewel class ships are terrific. We always spend loads of time there. Buffet is scaled down, but the main buffet is only a few steps away. Wonderful open air space. Bartenders were good back there as well.
  2. To be honest, I wasn’t impressed with any of the entertainment. And that includes the goofy illusionist production in the Stardust Theater.
  3. We were on the same cruise. We had a great time. The Jewel class ships are our favorite. We love the SF corner aft suites and think they are the best bang for buck cabin NCL offers. Took our grown children and their sig others as a Christmas gift. Got them insides and they all upgraded to balconies. Thought the food was good, and the staff wonderful. Ship looks great. Sorry you didn’t enjoy Costa Maya. You need to get out of that port maze and head to the Malecón at Mahajual. Great beach and bars, and the sargassum wasn’t too bad. Probably was next to you a few times at the slots. Glad you enjoyed your sailing. We did have great weather!!!
  4. What happened to Kettle One and Tito’s?? I’m boarding Friday.
  5. The bathrooms? What did you think of the Epic bathrooms?
  6. The gold VIP tags used for disembarkation are the ones that are important.
  7. We are on the Feb. 1st Jade in a suite. I booked our 3 grown kids and their sig. others, inside cabins for Xmas gifts, and if they wanted to upgrade, it was on them. They all got their $150 bids to Balconies on deck 9. The total for their cabins is now under $1500 with bev package and $200 OBC. Seems like a good deal to me.
  8. You can bring some snacks back from the buffet, re fill water bottles and keep them in the fridge, etc.
  9. Your cabin steward will remove all the items for you. Takes away the temptation, and allows you to free up the space for other stuff.
  10. Any info on Jade concierge and butlers? Will be sailing Feb. 1st.
  11. Couldn't find this on the other thread. Will be sailing Feb. 1st.
  12. I for one love the Jewel class ships. Never had a problem with smoke, the refurbs make the ships look new and fresh, and the crew to passenger ratio is great. Although my kids are grown now, when they were young, the ships had no bells and whistles like the Mega ships, but they always had a blast.
  13. Luckily, I have never been on a ship that I would not sail again. And that includes the old guard Dream, Wind, and Majesty. Cruising is what you make of it, not just about what ship you're on.
  14. How about the Bourbons? Last time all I could get was Bulleit.
  15. Haven't seen any OBC from NCL, but they change their promos at the drop of a hat.
  16. Jewel class ships are some of the best designed in the fleet. At almost 100,000 tons they are by no means "small". The mega ships have more to offer, but almost twice as many people to offer it to. The great outdoors area on Jewel class is one of the best areas on any NCL ship. Also, O'Sheehan's is a nice size and centrally located.
  17. Booked an SF suite on the Jade for a Feb. 1st sailing in September. Received $300 OBC from NCL, $300 for booking with my Amex platinum card and an additional $100 from my TA. And the fare when booked was less than it is now. The credit is out there if you look for it.
  18. Upside down thumbtacks work well.
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