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  1. Would be interesting to know peoples thoughts on how long the major cruise lines can last. There must be a point when they must pull the plug (sic).It must be costing a fortune to keep operating.
  2. Yes Pacific Sun (Henna when she finally met her end)
  3. The NSW Premier has just announced social distancing is here to stay until a vaccine is found. Doesn't look good for cruising to start up in the short term in NSW.
  4. Be very careful listening to people who probably have no real legal experience
  5. We are isured with Cota (Allianz) and our policy states that all epidemics/pandemics are excluded no matter when you purchased the cover
  6. Wouldn't stand a chance. It would be up against the old Pacific Jewel
  7. If the 4 berth cabins are anything like the converted friendly fours on the Pacific Explorer be afraid very afraid. It goes to show how little respect Carnival has for it's passengers https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/deckbydeck.php?ship=Pacific-Explorer&deck=9
  8. I live in Penrith at the base of the mountains.The highway up to Katoomba is 4 lanes all the way... 2 in each direction. More than likely there won't be a problem getting up there. Going further than that will depend on the fires as the road to Lithgow has been closed at times. However all the tourist attractions are in Katoomba. The main issue will be the smoke. That can be anything from a light haze to very thick where you can look at the sun and just see a red ball. The wind plays a big factor there. No idea what that will be at the time of your visit.
  9. Good to see a Nimby who still lives in the 18th century... I would agree with him but my wife would clip me around the ears and that hurts !!!!
  10. If you could please add me Serenade of the Seas - 30 August 2020 (Alaska) Serenade of the Seas - 6 September 2020 (Transpacific Vancouver to Hawaii) Thank you
  11. They will be using both. Kingsford Smith is here to stay
  12. The only point I'm making is be careful with the low cost holidays. The organization can sometimes be less than you might expect
  13. We have just returned from a low cost tour/cruise around China/Japan. We had organized a pick up through the TA from Shanghai port to the airport. The transfer bus turned up 2 hours late and we missed the flight back to Sydney. Despite a few people trying no one could get any response from the TA emergency number . There were 14 of us affected. Shanghai airport is not a fun place to be under those circumstances. We eventually found someone (the only person I think) who spoke English and worked at the airport. After much heated discussion we were told that there was a Qantas flight leaving tha
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