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  1. Chesneygirl

    Jade enclosed balconies?

    We were on the Jade this past March for a Southern Caribbean cruise and had a PrivaSea balcony. Feel free to watch my vacation video if you want. There are quiet a few scenes with us on our balcony and it might help give you an idea of what to expect. We actually didn't mind the balcony….very private! We were in Balcony 8522 / Category BD.
  2. Chesneygirl

    Rebel Yell -Jost Van Dyke

    We've done this excursion 3 time and will be doing it again on our February 2019 cruise. Can't wait! Feel free to check out my video from our NCL Escape cruise in 2017. There are many scenes of the Rebel Yell and our time on JVD about half way into the video. Enjoy!! :)
  3. Chesneygirl

    Bidding on upgrades is a SCAM!

    There have been some significant price drops lately for our upcoming cruise and I'm strongly considering upgrading our current cabin without the bidding system. Our original booking came with a NCL OBC of $300. We are past final payment and they are no longer offering that OBC promo. Will I lose that OBC if I decide to upgrade our cabin?
  4. Chesneygirl

    Bliss Jersey Boys scheduling from Miami

    For our February cruise, reservations for The Jersey Boys show up on Wednesday and Thursday with 7:30 & 10:30 time slots for each day.
  5. Chesneygirl

    Bonaire with a golf cart

    Thank you so much! You definitely have a dilemma on your hands but I can think of worse things to be conflicted over! I hope you have a fabulous time whatever you decide to do! :) Don't forget to subscribe to my YT channel for more videos. We have another Caribbean cruise coming on up and I plan on making another video. By subscribing to my channel YT will automatically send you a notification once I've uploaded my new video. Channel: www.youtube.com/reelfocus Happy Cruising! :)
  6. We had one for the first time this past March on the Jade. It was the last available option in the balcony category that we wanted. I took it thinking we would try to upgrade later through the bidding process but that was not meant to be. I decided to just go with an open mind and not let it get to me. I have to say…we were pleasantly surprised and actually loved our balcony! It was very private and shielded from the sun which we like. It was totally fine. We would not hesitate to book one again if we had to and if that's what was given to us as guarantee I would be totally fine with it. :) Take a look at my video below. There are quite a few shots of us on the balcony and it should give you a good idea of what it will be like. yOehkhCujxU
  7. Chesneygirl

    Bonaire with a golf cart

    We made many stops along the way but never swam as it just seemed to rocky. Having said that we did stop for a couple of drinks at a beach bar called The Hangout and there were people swimming and laying out in the sun. The beach area was kind of small and there were quite a few people there.
  8. Chesneygirl

    Admiralty House Park Cliff Jumping Video

    Thanks for watching and the positive feedback! I appreciate it! Feel free to support my YT channel by subscribing. www.youtube.com/reelfocus It's an incentive for me to keep making more of these travel videos and the best form of flattery. :D
  9. Chesneygirl

    Admiralty House Park Cliff Jumping Video

    Thanks for clarifying. :) We rented the Twizy cars from the Hamilton Princess and that's how we got there.
  10. Chesneygirl

    Admiralty House Park Cliff Jumping Video

    Thanks! The park is located just outside of Hamilton about a mile past the Hamilton Princess on the right hand side. It's definitely worth the trip just to check it out even if you don't jump. The views are great and you can see the ships in the Dockyard from there!
  11. Chesneygirl

    Cliff Jumping in Bermuda

    We are just back from a fabulous cruise to Bermuda on the NCL Dawn. While in Bermuda my daughter was determined to overcome one of her biggest fears which is to cliff jump. We took her to Admiralty House Park where she conquered her fear. Hope you enjoy the one minute teaser video! :) qTk4umTuqvo
  12. Chesneygirl

    Admiralty House Park Cliff Jumping Video

    Thanks! :)
  13. Chesneygirl

    Admiralty House Park Cliff Jumping Video

    Thanks for watching! :)
  14. Chesneygirl

    POM to Ft Lauderdale airport 11:45am flight

    Thanks for the info and the link. I just got a quote from them and will be using them! :) Wow thanks for the awesome information. Just contacted them and we will be using them!
  15. Chesneygirl

    POM to Ft Lauderdale airport 11:45am flight

    Do you recall how much Larry's Limo cost? Does he have a website? Thanks I am beyond excited to sail on the Bliss!!