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  1. There are two power outlets only. One you can use a European plug in and the other you can use a USA plug in. If you only have European or only have US plugs you can get a simple adapter at most airports/travel shops which should then allow you to use both sockets: one without the adapter and one with.
  2. We really enjoyed our trip with the great company we dined with and the ports we visited - it will take along time to forget! We are not as organized as DisneyJen with a full review but here are some of out thoughts after our first time SeaDream voyage. A wonderful five-star food extravaganza. The cuisine onboard is excellent: well prepared, well presented and well served. Wines are good but you may need to ask. Standard fare is New World Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon; it would seem that those from the USA tend to prefer Chardonnay and Cab Sav and those from Europe prefer Sauvignan Blanc and Pinot Noir. So ask; the sommelier has lots of wines available 'in the price" including Sauvignan Blanc's particularly good minerally ones from New Zealand (no pineapple juice here), Pinot Grig' s from Italy and Californian Pinot Noir's (new to us but excellent - good farmyard). A particular highlight for food is the beach b-b-q with champagne and caviar in the surf and the four-o-clock high-tea snack served around the pool but from breakfast through lunch to supper - all are excellent. The degustation was also an excellent meal, nine courses all of which are a real treat. Could have done with being matched with nine wines - the sommelier missed a real opportunity to shine here. Some points of interest - - there may be bad weather but the captain will do his upmost to ensure a safe and quiet journey. This happened to us and we didn't mind the change of itinerary as long as the sun shone and sea was not too rough. We were well informed throughout the trip. - two plug points are provided in the cabin - one two/three-pin american flat-pin and a European two/three round-pin; there are no UK three-pin outlets. - standard bedding is two single quilts on a queen size bed; ask for a double quilt if you want one. - there are enough beds around the pool/upper-deck, etc. but people don't take their towels with them/put them in the soiled bin: if you need a bed and see towels on them with no personal belongings then simply remove the towels and sit down - nobody got upset when we did this. - If you think you may be sea-sick then choose a cabin amidships (middle of the ship) on the lower decks; there is less movement - don't go forward (to the front). - the 'toys' are great fun but they don't come out very often. Jet-ski's (where allowed) and the banana-boat are both a good laugh as is swimming off the stern platform. - If you have a special occasion to celebrate then make sure you mention it a number of times; we thought we had until we turned up on the evening: we were promised a decorated table but, whilst we did have a good table, it was set up for eight until the end of the first course - a little disappointing. - dress code in the evening is yacht casual - meaning long trousers and collared shirt (jacket preferable) but there is always some oik who tries to get around the code: for our sail this was three who turned up regularly in shorts and tee-shirts (with wives/girlfriend immaculately dressed). We shouldn't have to complain; this is the job of the restaurant manager to enforce!:rolleyes: There is a very healthy mix of people on-board: from our sail the American's and Brits may dominate but there are Norwegians, Antipodeans and Canadians, as well as all orientations: remember though that one person's enjoyment may be whoopping and a hollering from inside the pool whilst another's may be high-tea from a china tea-pot around the pool: there's plenty of room for all to enjoy.:p All-in-all can't wait to go back, fantastic!:) Janner08 & her DH!
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