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  1. My saddest memory will be crew members trapped in limbo on ships. Thank God they got home.
  2. ..forgotten a cruise you booked with carnival I forgot about an april 2022 cruise until today.
  3. Darn. Four degrees and seven years of college down the drain. Look around your parking lots. Number one trash are masks. Carnival has had to look at things to limit pollution. Disposable masks may be next. Be safe. Get the shots. And watch out for each other.
  4. https://www.openaccessgovernment.org/more-masks-than-jellyfish-ppe-marine-life/105123/
  5. With reports that masks on beach threaten sealife..will masks go the way of straws on carnival?
  6. On carnival a common complaint is that kids with bottomless soda had to go to a bar to get soda. There were no juice bars for them to go to. Might change.
  7. Holy cancellations! My next cruise is now carnival radiance dec 30 from long beach. Our first holiday new years eve cruise. I am now fully vacinated and wife is getting her second shot. Since i did not retire yet maybe it will be my retirement cruise after all. God bless everyone and stay safe But i really want to cruise again!
  8. Mmm barbados..sea dream..might want to see how they hsndle folks at airport and covid
  9. I was hoping this would not turn into another covid thread. There is a sea dream thread. There is a covid too. This is a volunteer thread. I would still volunteer. I need my vitamin sea.
  10. we all get ready for cruises..sometimes odd prep...when carnival dropped capt morgan rum for oakheart my wife broght a bottle to see if she could get used to it before a cruise..she hated it .wonder if i will have to switch from diet coke to diet pepsi before next cruise
  11. Would you volunteer to go on test carnival cruise?
  12. if you have carnival cruise booked. When is it and what will you celebrate? My next cruise is may 2021 on panorama. We are celebrating my wife's retirement and maybe mine. Lots of friends are booked from all over. Looking to have lots of fun and time to catch up.
  13. https://cruiseradio.net/meet-the-worst-cruisers-on-the-planet/
  14. for once it is good business to leave idiots behind. Getting off a ship will be a big risk. I am glad they have tight controls.
  15. https://cruiseradio.net/meet-the-worst-cruisers-on-the-planet/
  16. Sorry. No more wandering on your own in ports. Have to stay in safe bubble. Should have review post.
  17. Dont break from leash. https://cruiseradio.net/kicked-off-cruise-line-boots-guests-for-ignoring-new-protocols/ I figured therevwould be no more wondering on your own to keep a safe bubble
  18. so times are a'changing..muster drills may be virtual. I loved the drills...it made me feel i was doing something special. Post your carnival drill photos.
  19. The rhythms of the night tour/show was excellent.
  20. Ok. I bailed on october and moved my money to may. And it is feeling great. Once again my friends are ready to talk cruising and are locked into may panorama. We are making hotel reservations and some air fare to west coast. In weekly chats enthusiasm is up. We are ready to cruise again. Anyone else locked into a cruise where they are feeling good about.
  21. Cruise radio says more than 26,000 crew members returned home. Less than 400 remain trapped by closed borders and blocked flights. Sad that cdc prevented a faster return. Congrats to carnival to get it done.
  22. The article in cruiseradio and the link to the release both indicate "additional" airport requirements. As far as itineraries they are always subject to change. I think the islands will all require masks. Glad i picked up a box of 50 at costco for 19.99.
  23. St. Maarten is now requiring all visitors wear masks and have a negative test 72 hours prior to their day of travel. US visitors not allowed until august 1 at earliest) so where do you get a test showing results 72 hours before sailing? People wait in cars all days for test in phoenix and wait days and weeks for results. Carnival won't beonly ones we will have to adapt too. By the way disneyworld has comfort areas that are mask free with distancing. Some are indoors too. Will carnival do this?
  24. Which carnival ship has your favorite atrium. I may be one of few but i like the atrium in the horizon. Love the way it changes. I do not get tired of it.
  25. Well i pulled the plug on my oct 17 cruise today. I had paid it with may fcc and had 600 plus obc. The majority paid for our may 2021 panorama cruise and the rest to may 2022 horizon cruise. Our obc moved to panorama and all prepaids that did not will be refunded.when? Who knows. I did not wait for canival to cancel oct and got same deal. Win for now. Make the right choice for you. The worst day cruising is better than teleworking at home.
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