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  1. Techically my october horizon cruise is possible. Read bonaire is closed til november so no b in abc islands. We have decided to rebook or pay for panorama cruise next year with fcc. Lots of family consideration is going in decision. SO no long covid lectures but have you made a decision on a possible oct 2020 or foraward cruise to pull the plug? Or holding fast?
  2. https://cruiseradio.net/nassau-predicts-cruise-passengers-will-be-kept-tight-leash/
  3. I tead today that nassau predicts cruise passeners will be kept on a tight leash. Carnival will be spending a lot and betting a lot on having healthy passengers. Would carnival restrict departures from ship to approved excursions? This might be our travel choice for a long time. Wearing a mask is nothing to not being able to get off the ship. But carnival will not want any unwanted souvenirs. Would you cruise on this leash?
  4. My cruise is october 17 It is a replacement for last may. We watch our cruise programs on youtube. I just have to stop eating as i work at home or i will not fit into my cruise clothes. Do they make spanx Hawaiian shirts?
  5. My horizon cruise to abc islands is still possible. However at the moment i cannot fly to any of those islands. Heck i am from ariz and i cannot fly to kansas without doing a 14 day qurantine. Az casinos opened but 3 closed for 14 days. School starts july 20 for my grandkids and i worry about that too. I love to cruise but i respect all opinions and hope everyone is safe.
  6. United airlines will keep internal list of travelers refusing to wear masks. United says passengers who don't wear masks will be put on 'internal travel restriction list' fox10phoenix.com/news/united-says-passengers-who-dont-wear-masks-will-be-put-on-internal-travel-restriction-list Will carnival enforce it with more at risk?
  7. For everything a new cruise takes away it has to give us something. Carnival has to return the topless desk 2020...NO MASKS...or provide under mask tanning creme in spa
  8. My next cruise will be different. It will be in october. I have never cruised that late in a year. I will be bringing a costume. I am also trying anytime dining. It was the only choice available.
  9. Should cruise ships supply free masks? You are on a ship and it is not like you can run to a store or find them. Should it be provided like a life vest? I think they should provide free masks. They provide free hand sanitizer.
  10. Everyday i watch businesses open up. Las vegas opens and require masks and social distancing. Volcano island in orlando. Masks in places but not on slides. Social distancing of chairs and loungers. Planes and airports require masks. Stores like kolhs and costco masks. So not a lot of places one can go for vacations right now without some mask amd social distancing. So if you dont want to wear a mask this year where are you going on vacation? How will you get there?
  11. I watched a youtube video about the reopening of las vegas hotels and casinos. A few observations 1. Sanitary seals on doors letting you know room cleaned. 2. Each room (mgm) had guest pack including an mgm face mask, finger key to punch elevators no more having to use elbows, hand saniizer and a stylus pen for phone. Masks were available for free in lobby. 3. Masks in elevator unless your whole group were only ones in elevator but masks up as door open. 4. People were not wearing masks by choice. 5. No masks in pool. Hotels at lower occupancy. Wonder if this is future of cruising.
  12. Funny. Cruising was thought of as lazy old folks vacation and now it is the riskiest adventure of all. Next year maybe we will climb mt everest..something less risky. But i will probably need a mask.
  13. Gene DellaSala told 8 On Your Side he’s lost count, but the health department has tested him for COVID-19 at least 10 times. The 46-year-old was the first person from Pasco County to test positive back on March 10.
  14. If one lucky to live in a place of few cases and opened economy that is great .however cruise ships have cruisers from all over the states and world. For example i would not fly to nyc right now but cruisers from nyc might be on the ship. So i think we all have to recall that ship life is not like home life.
  15. Mask or social distsncing or a mix? Mask in theater and casino (might be no smoking.)..mask on elevators. Social distance eating..bars..i think there will be a mix on the ship. Sunbathing? Topless might mean no mask.
  16. I thought this was put to rest in prior cruise critic news https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5322/et_cid=3328640&et_rid=17415107&et_referrer=Boards
  17. A few days ago royal indicated an end to buffets. Well that must of went over like a lead balloon. Royal has now backtracked and indicated there will be a buffet with modifications. I guess buffets remain popular enough to keep even in these times.
  18. On my next cruise no more glasses. I had one cataract removed and the right eye in two weeks. However i dont think the water can be any prettier in the Caribbean.
  19. America is a big place. Lots of different experiences with covid. Lots of different opinions. Ships have people from all over the world. When we travel we always try to show respect for others.
  20. Scenario Embarkation in miami Carnival: please put on this mask sir CC passenger: i have these studies that say masks are useless and my doctor agrees. (Holds them up) Carnival: sorry sir you cannot board and no refund because you failed to abide by our terms. CC passenger: (what do you do next?)
  21. Not a mod. Just a concerned chatter who loves these forums and cruising. Hope to meet you zll on a ship. I will buy you a drink. I have lots of obc.
  22. I dont think chef table wil exist in current form. No passengers in food prep areas. Maybe behind the scenes will be cut. I laugh at line dances on lido with social distancing ...every one 6 feet apart all over the ship.
  23. Please remember forum rules. No politics. No name calling. There right at the top of forums.
  24. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5317/ Royal has copyrighted emuster.
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