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  1. I should have seen it coming. The trikini with matching mask. Otherwise i am speechless.
  2. Sigh. Every forum turns into covid topic. Personally i make my snacks at salad bars. I will fill a bowl with olives, cube cheeses. Deli.meats. i sit and read in the afternoon. Balance is tough on a ship. So please have cheese olive veggie plates. As far as dressings..we have the butter problem. Carnival is being forced to reduce waste of single use items. So they moved to butter tubs. We grossed out. (There are folks that added individual butter to packing list. I hope it has not gone bad.) So individual salad packs adds to waste. Rock and hard place. How to protect environment and keep passengers healthy. Maybe go to.fired pie concept. Tell them what you want in salad and they make salad for you.
  3. When i go on mexican cruises i would like to see more mexican food. I want enchiladas and rice and real corn chips. I know blue iguana exist but i would like it in lido food.
  4. Alas masked or unmasked. I think if cdc requires some uses carnival will do it. They want to operate. With cruising reservations up 600% people want to cruise. Broadway plans to open in september. Performers on ship.will be in a sense quarantined on board. Hopefully the lessons learned is that people get covid and not a disaster for them to get off ship in places like miami. It is already there. It is 105 in arizona masks are really hot. Can you imagine in the hot humid carribean? Arghh .
  5. I like buffets because of choices but i skip a lot..l love the addition of homemade ice cream...please keep that carnival. What food changes would you make to the menu or keep? Anything you want added?
  6. Our first cruise was on the big red boat. Not carnival but it gave us the cruise bug. It would be 16 years later before our first carnival cruise. My son had been injured in a car accident when he was two. We were told he would not gain ues of right side. He fooled the doctors. He danced with mickey and had a great time. Cruises will always be magical for us.
  7. I like to read stormcarib.com. there are separate reports from the islands. It has technical and non-technical information.
  8. In 1969 the hong kong flu shut down our high school. Over a million died from this pandamic. Bodies were stored in berlin subway tunnels. However, in the summer of 69 Woodsock was held. I wish i was at woodstock. Imagine the world if it had not happened. Cruising will not be for the timid. There may be less passengers on the ship but service will be great. Tip a lot. Ships will be safer than sitting in a nursing home. And now i will look for a tie dyed cruise shirt.
  9. "Royal Caribbean to Cut Traditional Buffet Once Cruises Resume." If they get rid of lido buffet they can expand the casino?
  10. We cruised in sept and our itinerary was changed as we boarded. We rushed to cancel and rebook excursions. At the welcome show they changed their mind. Brides to be had weddings in st thomas and other ports. They had thrown a fit. So into the storm we went and hugged coast of cuba. We had fun but it was a rocking wet cruise even in st thomas.
  11. People touch their face 16 times average or 23 times depending on studies. I figure those are higher on cruise (humidity, wind, dancing on lido, alcohol). On another note will certain ports limit how far cruise passengers can leave port area?
  12. Thanks carolyn. I know it is difficult task but too many of the same threads can suck the life out of cruise critic.
  13. When covid arrived and cruises were cancelled, the boards were joined. But now there are daily new topics on refunds. Why not combine. I dont read cc because it is the carnival complaint department on refunds. I know folks need a place to vent but one is enough.
  14. No one will be discussing refunds because we all went for fcc and obc.
  15. We are in arizona and restaurants open today. Came in with mssks and once at table they are off. Tables spaced. I dont see masks in lido or mdr.not possible. It feels wrong but wife is happy. Has her frozen margarita. It will happen campers.
  16. We enjoyed chef table on miracle with magician
  17. Can someone start a survey on wearing masks? I tried. Something to effect..will you wear a mask on your next carnival cruise? Yes. No. Only if requied.
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