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  1. Thanks. Dont go cheap on full face masks. Poor knock offs leak and could build up co2...this is not good in long term ocean snorkling. As always be safe in water activities. The youngest does not like his because he cannot cannonball in the pool with it. Kids.
  2. If there is a straw hole on masks...will it be for paper or plastic straws. My wife crocheted 20 masks and making cloth ones. We wear for safety and courtesy. We made sure grandboy swim safely.
  3. We are on an October cruise. This could be a new lido masquerade party.
  4. Mango why are they not on the ship,? Can i bring mine own?
  5. We spend time on youtube. Watched a few seasons of "the cruise"...because we were supposed to leave for miami today for horizon...we watch a cruise blog with a young guy taking a group on the horizon. It was well edited. I have read cruise ship confidential by bruns? First one good. Wife googled cruise ship.horror movies ..did not realize one of jason was on cruise ship..and then we googled comedies..lots out there but we finally pulled out movies of our cruises. My wife has weekly zoom cocktail party with her cruise friends from the breeze.
  6. Ok we all have them . The group tshirtswe purchased for now cancelled cruises. Post them if you want. I am supposed to be flying to miami right now for our cancelled may carnival horizon cruise. i was thinking that a group face masks might be the style on our next cruise.
  7. John heald said today.. no over 70 or medical condition policy at this time..will have wait on what cdc says..oh well
  8. Royal now says We know that our 70+ guests and those with chronic conditions are especially eager to understand what cruising will look like in the future. While subject to change, via the Cruise Lines International Association, we have confirmed that the previous restrictions were lifted in early April after cruise lines suspended service. Please know that every decision we make, and all of the fine-tuning we do, has your well-being in mind. We miss you – and can’t wait to welcome you back onboard.
  9. Stories about cruiseline restriction are out there "Additionally, all guests, regardless of age, will be screened prior to boarding, regarding underlying health issues that may prevent them from sailing, such as chronic heart, lung, liver, or kidney disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, or cancer. Written health verification forms are available for download from Royal Caribbean’s website and Celebrity Cruises’ website. " I do not know if it will change but would like to know before i put thousands down on cruises. :
  10. Princess has an april 15 health advisory that states you cannot sail if you have a chronic underlying health condition. Diabetes is one such condition. So if it is an absolute why dont they list it on all carnival sailings and spare us the worry?
  11. Ok i have diabetes. If cruise directors can cruise with diabetes, will i be able to cruise. Whether i can cruise is an Issue hanging over my oct 2020 and may 2021 cruises. I really wish this would get resolved. I know the stats about deaths but older diabetics have other health issues. I have been lucky so far to just have diabetes. I am platinum on carnival and no issues. I think cruising should be my choice. Are there other diabetics in the same situation?
  12. And did they cancel shrimp cocktail? First the chocolate on my pillow and now shrimp? And tablecloths..dinner feels like picnic tables..
  13. Remember when oil went up the surtax for offsetting the price? Maybe with oil below 0. They will owe us..more obc
  14. Ok let's speculate. Will Panorama stay in asia, build up a new crew and start with asian itineraries? Does carnival want to sail in less restrictive waters than america to try things out? Will Vista move to california? It is all your guess but CC readers are smart and have great instincts.
  15. Ok. Stuck at home. How many times a day are you looking at carnival cruise critic? Any specific reason? Or is it your life line? Is there an addiction center for it? Maybe a floating one called Horizon?
  16. Best financial planning. Charge your last cruise and the check you wrote to.pay it off bounces after you die.
  17. Far out No.one will complain but if they do it is their right to do so.
  18. I have been in a couple hotels where robots brought items to the rooms. I think there will more robots on the ship. I saw royal copyrighted their own face masks. I have a friend who collected barf bags from planes. Maybe we will collect branded face masks. The new cheap souvenir. I will be wearing tshirts for cruises we did not take this year. So retro. Anyone need a straw?
  19. The outside muster drill always made me feel hot and sweaty but it also signaled i was leaving my old world and entering a new fun experience.Everyone had to do it and together we became the passengers. Fun fun
  20. Well i started this thread to discuss how cruising will be different. I have two scheduled. One in october and one next may. Life will be different. The virus is real. I feel for those suffering medically and financially. But i want to have a spot where folks can discuss changes and hope. I know ships will be cleaner. As the song says "you don't know what you've got until it's gone." But it will be back. Change is a sign of life and i believe the fun ships will be more fun than ever. I might even try a line dance at a deck party.
  21. I would even participate in the old colors wars game. Go team red, white, or blue.
  22. https://www.porthole.com/is-cbd-allowed-on-a-cruise-ship/
  23. Report is white house softened cdc no sail by 20 days.
  24. We all experienced chair hoggers.. i fear my next cruise will include "space hoggers." I will hear. "We were here first" stay away." Or keep your distance take next elevator." I want to be safe but not lectured.
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