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  1. I've checked out this company and their page hasn't been updated since 2018. Are they still in business? Was your visit recent?
  2. In the UK Princess is doing 7 day cruises round the coast with 2/3 ports of call. Everybody taking part must be fully vaccinated
  3. Message me at tartanexile81 at outlook dot com. I'm not allowed to say here!
  4. I've got one up on another social media forum too!
  5. Don't do fly cruises but we are doing a Caribbean cruise from Southampton on Ventura on 3 Jan 2022. Until all the issues with the vaccine I was very positive about it but now I must admit I am concerned if it's going to happen.
  6. I miss drinking in the Glass House. Their champagne, Prosecco and Ice Peller Cuvee are great and best on ship - can't wait
  7. Thanks Bin man.What do `I need to type in to find it?
  8. Thanks Jan. I'll let you know how we get on but definitely very interested
  9. Lovely topic Ann and hope you’re both well. Was it the Baltic cruise we met in? We weren’t due to go to the Caribbean this year but doing a B2B on Iona. Little did we know what would happen to cruising when we arrived back on Ventura on March 17th last year! I love dressing up especially since I retired but when I first started cruising I wore outfits I’d bought for weddings and a couple of dresses from Mess Nights in the 80s 😬. Since then I’ve enjoyed blinging up and like other ladies here (and maybe some gents. What do I know 🤔🤔), I have lots of jewellery and sparkly shoes. It’s
  10. Thanks for the speedy reply. Hopefully we'll meet you on it if we can get a cabin! So few cruises from the UK go to that area and we'd just love to do it
  11. Thank you for that information jantoby. I've recently been in touch with my travel agent enquiring about the Corinth Canal cruise in 2023 to celebrate our Ruby anniversary. Have they given you a date by which you have to say yay or nay?
  12. I love France and the French way of life but you certainly couldn't use the word gregarious to describe them as a nation. Individually though I've met many lovely friendly people and I've spent holidays from Boulogne to Frejus and everywhere East and West. Thank you for the reminder about Guadeloupe Solent Richard. We used Mirva as our guide when we went maybe 3 years ago and she was very good although 4 of us in her little car got a bit tight. the set-up at the church (AKA police station) is new compared to our visit. I'm also hoping to go back to Guadeloupe in Januar
  13. There will be a Bank holiday in England and Wales on the last Monday in May which is 30th. so things will be busy on the Friday night. Traffic will be really bad on the Friday as it is a popular time for families to go on holiday
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