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  1. Interesting reading about peoples houses and length of residence. During my time in the RN and police, 34 years, I had 11 residences ! Since retiring, 25 years, I have had 3. Never had time to get sentimental about property and couldn't imagine living in the same town all my life. Good job we're all different !
  2. Anyone on the Iona shakedown cruise ? A short review and photos/video would be very welcome. Thanks.
  3. Morning Avril. Very quiet for us, isolating ! Went to a family party on Saturday, first time in that sort of environment since last February. Guess what, a teenager has since gone down with Covid. Luckily it was outside and we didn't have close contact, so doing daily testing, so far so good. Typical, I know of people who have been very complacent without a hitch, first time we venture out and bingo ! Stay safe, it's still out there.
  4. Good morning. A funny couple of days on here, let's hope we're allowed to settle down and return to some normality. Very quiet at the moment, trust all are ok.
  5. I am getting fed up with comments about tattoos, not just by the OP. I have three tattoos from my days in the RN and completed 24 years police service, retiring as a senior officer. Some judge others solely on narrow perceptions, without knowing the person. Enough from me, otherwise I'll be banned.
  6. Standards have changed over the years simply because cruising is affordable these day. Many will not payout for dinner suits and posh frocks because they will not use them elsewhere. It's no excuse for some outfits you see but just ignore and enjoy. Service has also changed, especially in the dinning rooms, cost cutting, but I have rarely had poor service and the staff work hard and want to please. I am so looking forward to our upcoming cruises on Iona and will be very surprised, after all this time without a holiday, if I am disappointed.
  7. Over the years I've used all the routes advised and there are pro's con's for them all. I am hoping if I can get on the M25 by 11am, I'll be ok. Time will tell and I'll report back on my adventures !
  8. Thanks all those giving advice on the route. Having discussed with She who must obeyed, travelling Thursday is out, hair and beauty day !! Will leave about 6 am Friday and straight down M1. Even with s breakfast stop should be on M25 well before noon, then M3, arriving in Southampton mid afternoon, after another stop for light lunch. That's the plan !!!!!!
  9. Good morning, isn't it hot !! I can sleep but my other half is struggling, sleeping in another bedroom with a fan blowing all night, which would drive me mad ! The Hamilton driving debate, well I've seen a lot worse go unpunished but we are in an age of safety comes first, rightly, so the penalty was fair and he overcame it, great race. Now a little favour from those of you that drive to Southampton. We are on the Iona Sunshine Cruise, departing on the 28th August, the dreaded Bank Holiday weekend. Driving down from Penistone, near Barnsley the day before, Friday. We ar
  10. I take gin and F T tonic for the cabin. As soon as I see the cabin steward I ask him/her to keep me topped up with ice and a plate of lime slices. A £10 note ensures good service !!
  11. I use an independent TA, she gives excellent service, generous discount and asks for the balance a week before the cruise line.
  12. It will give a level of protection, so anything is better than nothing, and it will make me feel better !
  13. Good morning, although that doesn't apply to the weather ! So it's going to be down to personal choice how you approach protecting yourself against Covid. I agree we couldn't go on forever restricting peoples lives, personally I will wear a mask in an indoor situation with lots of people around. Stay safe.
  14. How dare you refer to THE North London team as "the other lot" !! Come on Spurs 😄😄
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