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  1. This thread turning into a pi***** contest, is it necessary ?
  2. Actually I think politicians have been reluctant to blame people. I would have been a lot tougher and told it as it is. Many have been treating Covid as a joke and as long as they could lead there lives normally, have ignored directives. Governments advise and legislate, people obey or ignore. Y
  3. Not my brother in law, a friends.
  4. The media keep blaming the government for the poor infection and death rates. They have made mistakes but the main reason for the appalling numbers is people. We see it every day in the media and there are far too many cars on the road, which wasn't the case when the first lockdown occurred. I had to take my wife to hospital at that time and the roads, including the M1 near Barnsley was very quiet, it's not now. Too many people are not treating this pandemic seriously and I have witnessed this first hand with a friends, sisters husband very poorly in hospital, aged 49. They haven't
  5. The Brigadier came on the TV a few days ago stating he was in charge of Logistics in the Army and he was in charge of distribution. Should have given the job to the Royal Navy, Uncle Albert and his shipmates would have sorted us out 😄
  6. I understood that the Army were responsible for the logistics of delivering vaccines. Our GP surgery have said the Oxford vaccine is ordered, they are waiting for delivery, so the local NHS is not directly involved in delivery dates.
  7. Re allergy to penicillan and Covid vaccines. I am allergic to penicillan and researched as much as I can and find no credible evidence you are at risk to any Covid vaccines.
  8. The current vaccination rate will increase dramatically once the Oxford vaccine is widely distributed. Some our GPs are at a local Hub giving the jab but have stated that once they get supplies of the Oxford vaccine, they will start at our surgery and can vaccinate a thousand a day. Every confidence the target will be hit and surpassed
  9. So sorry to hear John has caught Covid. Best wishes to you both.
  10. A very good point re money. I continually say to my wife that things could be a lot worse. We could be struggling to feed kids and wondering where the next £10 note is coming from. Very lucky with a guaranteed income from pensions and money to spare each month.
  11. Fair points. My wife is a caring person who is more worried about me than herself, so once I have had the vaccine I know she will feel a lot better. Regarding the numbers, they are shocking and photos of crowds in London parks annoys me, but I have to believe numbers will improve in the weeks to come, it is no point worrying about things out of my control.
  12. I really do feel for you Avril, I am lucky, I am 74, reasonably fit and active and can mentally survive the isolation and being confined. My wife is 62 but is struggling with not being able to do normal activities and missing holidays, we would be away for a month in February. I try and keep her going with the thought the vaccine is being administered and, hopefully by the time the better weather is here, the worst will be over. I am a glass half full person so I am trying to be positive and look forward to the summer, days out and a cruise in August. Take care.
  13. It going to be a Post Code lottery. If a local surgery gets a supply and they get through one group then move on to another, it will depend on the makeup of the local population when your time will come.
  14. Our local surgery has stated it is ready to vaccinate up to a thousand a day if necessary, once they get supplies. It is keeping locals updated through Facebook and a recorded message on a dedicated phone line. Excellent service.
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