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  1. I saw you very briefly a couple of days ago, you were getting out of a lift as we were getting in another. Our paths never crossed again ! Loved the ship and great weather.
  2. Why question people who prefer different size ships to your taste ? It's personal opinion and for the record I prefer large ships. If some on here differ, that is their preference.
  3. Not true according to someone onboard now.
  4. I hope the stickers have been removed, no consistency last week, one area tables were 3 feet apart and open, others tables further apart and closed or resting as they say.
  5. The difference in the examples you quote is "could have " as opposed to definitely has if a positive test.
  6. At my sisters after my week on Iona, loved the ship, but the app, is a joke, also speciality dining is open for booking at 12 noon for those onboard, later arrivals, we were 4pm by the time we had our test, had no chance. Very unfair and a lot, including me, complained onboard. That aside, I loved the ship and look forward to returning a week today !
  7. I won't promise I'll wave ! Hope to have had a meal and enjoying a drink in the Crows Nest, somebody's got to do it !
  8. Good morning from the Harbour Hotel Southampton, as I type I can see the Iona from my bedroom window, she's massive ! Good journey down from near Barnsley yesterday, left 6am arrived just after noon, with an hour of stops, a good journey, M1, M25, M3. Looking forward exploring the ship an a few hours.
  9. Frinton on Sea, notoriously snobbish. Haven't been their for many years, there used to be level crossing gates, maybe still there, if you lived on the other side of the gates, near the green and sea you were "accepted" also no traders were allowed, through the gates.
  10. No duty free but VAT free. Reliable source, which I'll be able to see for myself when I board on Saturday !
  11. Me again ! Just speaking to someone who was on last week and the shops were VAT free.
  12. Interesting to read different peoples wants for a cruise. The smaller, older ships no longer appeal now the big, sparkly new ships are here. All the choices of restaurants, bars, entertainment, beautiful atriums, the thought of returning to old, small ships doesn't appeal. Good job we're all different, I wouldn't pay £50pd to cruise on an old ship.
  13. Good morning. Dull, damp and cold, Yorkshire in August ! Booked entertainment for our cruise next Saturday, so looking forward to cruising again after a three year absence. Also booked flu jab for late September, doesn't time fly ? Staying away from people until we hit the road on Friday. Agree with comments re mask wearing, some stores, Iceland are one, are leaving it up to staff whether they wear one or not, something I find irresponsible.
  14. Yes, at last ! Their customer service is a shambles.
  15. The full version of what I said, only CPS is stated. I take that to mean I am arriving by another means.
  16. My instructions from P&O state if your arriving by car AND using CPS, enter gate 20 and queue for testing. No mention of any other car park, except to add if you are arriving by other means, in our case by foot after parking at Triangle, do what shopaholic6 said, so as I said, that's what I'm going to do.
  17. That's why we used to sit on end of isle seats in the theatre, often beaten a hasty retreat.
  18. I'll take the advice from someone that's been there.
  19. Thank you for a great review. We are onboard on Saturday week. I was interested in your comments re parking. We are using Triangle Car Park and I understood you had to queue in your car for the test before parking. You parked, walked across and had your test near the ship. Is that the way to go next week, rather than wait in a line of cars ? ,
  20. That's where we are staying, special treat, 25th wedding anniversary. When I booked it was £220 pn with £20 cash back, it's now £370 !!!
  21. We have two staycations booked , 28th Aug and 11th Sep, both on Iona and at 50% discount as a Veteran, no UK hotel could get close to the price when you consider what's included. Everyone has to do what suits them.
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