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  1. I have a very good TA who gives personal service. I am sure she will do her best to get me a suitable cabin if I chose a late 23 summer cruise. It's just that reading the P&O speel on pre registering, you were assigned a cabin and would have to wait until general release to choose one. I'll speak to my TA, I know if it's possible, she will deliver.
  2. Just read you cannot choose your cabin number if you pre register and lock in your cruise. I won't risk it on Arvia, don't want a balcony on the dreaded Deck 8 !
  3. I'll certainly give my thoughts after a a couple of days. I am no expert on sound and do not have an all singing tv at the moment, so cannot compare the Glass tv with others of similar spec. It will certainly be better than I have, I hope !
  4. I have been indulgent today and ordered Sky Glass. Lounge TV is getting old so a brand new all singing TV seems too good to miss. Not everyones taste but I am looking forward to watching in UHD and with better sound. Delivered Thursday, in time for the USA Grand Prix.
  5. Very annoying, want to plan ahead, pull your finger out 😄
  6. I obviously got this wrong ! I Thought Megabear2 was reporting back from P&O Executive Office.
  7. Megabear2 Many thanks for your time and trouble researching this important topic. Very reassuring that P&O will cover non insured expenses, even for a partner.
  8. Banks are getting more fraud aware when it comes to credit/debit cards. I had a debit card declined today when paying a balance with TA. Had a text from fraud dept of my bank shortly after asking me to confirm it was legit. Had to text back Y and was then able to complete payment.
  9. Back in the here and now, Britannia and Azura for Nov and Dec, 15 nights, Caribbean, including flights £999, balcony £1199. Would be tempted but going on Iona in Feb22.
  10. Unless it is a serious assault the police wouldn't act without a complaint.
  11. There would be no evidence if the person assaulted didn't formally complain, therefore P&O's hands are tied. There should be deck lounger monitors available who could take possession of property when a lounger is left absent for a designated time. Too many feel they have a reservation for the day once theit towel and maybe a book is left.
  12. I am getting concerned now cruising proper has started and Covid cases are occurring. I am due to pay my balance on 28th of this month for my Iona Feb 22 cruise. If there are more cases on the next Iona cruise commencing on Sat 9th Oct, I may change my cruise to later next year.
  13. The 10/- piece of beef brought back memories of when I was first married over 50 years ago. Our allowance for a Sunday joint, beef or lamb was 10/-, and we thought we were pushing the boat out then ! How times have changed, that money today would hardly cover the cost of potatoes.
  14. I assume you did not mean the last two sentences to read that no other opinions are based on current experiences. I have read a few opinions of recent cruisers, I have been on Iona twice and given opinions. There are others full of bluster constantly belittling the Line, but their opinion counts for nought IMO.
  15. Cruising today cannot be compared with cruising 40 years ago, when it was the preserve of the upper middle classes. It is affordable and I do not accept that P&O is a 3* product, the surroundings, cabins and food on Iona is far superior to any 3* hotel and cheaper. Why some of you daily frequent the P&O board is beyond my thinking, you just like picking it to pieces.
  16. It is nearly three years since I used them and they were excellent and if you timed the booking right, very reasonable.
  17. I didn't do a one to one comparison, but I don't think so. They have been complimentary with coffee before Covid, another money grabbing extra.
  18. The cakes were not free a couple of weeks ago, although someone posted somewhere that they were before 11am, which I can't comment on as it was later when we had coffee there.
  19. Thanks for the update. The 4 to a lift when we were on was obvious, 4 large circles in the corners of the lift and notices, these are obviously gone. It will be interesting what other changes will happen before we are next onboard on 19th February 22.
  20. I am disappointed that things are slipping . On both my cruises mask wearing and 4 to a lift were followed by all, the way the OP comments, it appears the 4 to a lift was totally ignored. Is that correct ?
  21. Yes it does pull away so it can be watched other than face on.
  22. I do hope that most of you have fixed an energy plan recently. I luckily switched 3 weeks ago to a two year deal, same company are now selling a one year deal costing half as much again !
  23. I asked this question whilst onboard the Iona. The lady said initially they had hoped by the end of the month but now didn't expect release date to be before mid October.
  24. We enjoyed the diverse choice of dining and entertainment venues. Did you see my earlier post re seeing you briefly ?
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