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  1. When you press Print Travel Summary, it opens and at the bottom of the page it is listed, it will not print the page unless you want it to.
  2. The Best Ever Sale has been very badly handled by Princess on both sides of the Atlantic. Here in the UK most of the Princess agents didn't have a clue how the AddOn worked for existing bookings. If I had accepted the first agents insistence it couldn't be added I would have missed out, as would several others who post on here. Very unprofessional, managers should insure all staff are properly trained.
  3. Thanks. Yes that makes sense. It makes me realize how good a deal this Promotion is, the price paid is just over a third of the full price.
  4. I have added the Drinks, Wifi and grats package at £35 pp pd (UK). On checking my travel summary they are listed under Special Services at the full price. Quite a difference in price, is this usual ?
  5. Had a problem adding my Singapore to Sydney cruise on Regal in November 20. The cruise is sold out so the Princess systems wouldn't allow the Add On. Didn't give up and they agreed it qualified and will be added when their systems allow in a week or two.
  6. Thanks for the info. Waiting to see if I can Add On to my booked Regal Princess cruise, Singapore to Sydney in Nov 20. It is listed although the cruise is sold out. Will post when au know.
  7. The sale is supposed to start in the UK tomorrow, 20th Dec. I have read it is one add on of Drinks, Wifi and Grats for £35 PD per person on listed cruises, what they are I havn't seen. Any info would be welcomed and I will post anything factual I know. Thank you
  8. Hopefully you will. In the UK we never gets the deals the USA do, however this one starts in the UK on 20th December.so keep an eye out, you may get lucky.
  9. For us Brits the offer of drinks, grats and Wifi for £35 a day is good value. We rarely get any extras such as drinks for free, so it is a pleasant change to get any offers.
  10. No, it's not your problem. It's crazy that the booking conditions are so different, no Sip and Sail or any other offers. Once we pay a deposit that is it, no cancelling without loss of deposit. Not just Princess, all cruise and holiday companies are the same.
  11. I wish I could book with a US agent, Princess will not allow it.
  12. In the UK we book a cruise and that is it, no changing or lower prices. It is so annoying that there is so much difference if you book in the USA.
  13. When you have been through the Bay in a 1500 ton RN survey ship you will know what rough seas are. We went through on the Brittania, PandO, in similar seas and it was fine.
  14. Gobsmacked ! How nasty.
  15. I can't think of a worse way to pass an hour, especially if some people have a win at all costs attitude.
  16. There is an obsession on this site regarding gratuities. Why worry ? Either accept the statement Princess have made regarding the amount and where they go or don't sail on their ships.
  17. Booked in Feb this year for Nov next year. Latest was a bargain, booked on the Sunday sailed on the Wednesday. 15 nights Trans Atlantic from Malaga to Barbados, balcony and return flights from Manchester UK, £750.
  18. As always diverse views on tipping. It is a cultural thing, most of us Brits will tip for good service but not to the levels that Americans do. We have an 18 night cruise next year and to pay about £400 for tips, plus 18% on top of all drinks is just crazy to me. I know many will want to slam me but that is the way I am conditioned and after 70 plus years I am not going to change now. Auto tipping will be adjusted and I will be content.
  19. Having cruised with Fred Olsen and many other lines, IMO it is the worst by far. Old ships and even older passengers. Now before I get slammed, I am 73 so am no spring chicken. The average age on our FO cruise must have been 80 and many were travelling single and could hardly walk, even with aides. We were constantly helping people who had fallen and again IMO should not have been allowed to travel. Food was very average, so was the entertainment.
  20. Thanks for the replies, even those from the miseries !!!!
  21. We will be on board the Regal in Nov 2020 when the Regal will cross the Equator on our way to Sydney. Anyone had this experience on board a Princess ship ? I assume there will be a deck party.
  22. If you have extra days I would recommend Lake Garda. Train from Venice takes one and a half hours and first class is cheap.
  23. The Captain or Master is always in charge. Pilots are experts who advise.
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