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  1. A few years ago when my wife and I were both working we each had a car. We fancied a new Renault each and my wife went to do a deal for two cars. The salesman obviously thought she was a time waster and kept leaving her to deal with other people. She walked into the manager's office and told him they had just lost a sale for two cars, turned around and walked out. He ran after her and she waved as she drove away !!
  2. Another Kalos masterpiece. Now, which part is the master and which is the piece ? Who cares !!
  3. Lol ! I wouldn't usually pay that kind of money but it is a special occasion, our 25th wedding anniversary.
  4. Thank you for your comments on PI. Now back to my original question.........
  5. I wanted opinions on the Southampton Harbour Hotel. I have stayed in others.
  6. A lovely day and more to follow. A question that I am sure has been asked before, but I would like any views from this community. Southampton hotels. I have been looking at the Southampton Harbour Hotel and been quoted £266 for bed and breakfast. Is it worth the money ? My wife being a canny Yorkshire lass thinks it is too expensive, I like the look of it so if any of you have stayed there, I would appreciate your views.
  7. Good morning. At last we have summer weather and my loungers are arranged on the patio. Set to last a few days according to the Michael Fishes of this world and look how wrong he was with a weather forecast. 😄 Lazy day, enjoying Sunday lunch of roast pork and all the trimmings, glass of wine and a G&T, isn't life good ! Stay safe.
  8. Good morning. Thank you Sharon, pleased there are no plans at present to change this thread. Overcast this morning, may have to wait a day or two for summer to return in Gods country, No plans today, my usual Friday job of giving the bathrooms a good clean. Stay safe.
  9. Don't always agree with you Harry, this time I agree with every word. Well said.
  10. Thanks for the clarification. Anyway, if it gets moved from the P&O board, it will not be the same and regulars will drift away. Inevitable that it would happen some day, just give us some notice please.
  11. I read this to mean the days of this thread are numbered. Good morning. Lovely sunny start and hope that summer has returned. Say safe.
  12. My formal trousers have shrunk ! Have to try and get some timber off before my cruise in August.
  13. Very best wishes Kalos. You're a shining light on here, one of the first things I do in the morning is look for your post, always very humorous. Stay safe everyone.
  14. We are just down the road from you, although outside the area. As you say rural areas are being tagged, when we all know it is the populated areas like Dewsbury where there are problems, and we all know why.
  15. Hope Michelle recovers soon. 111 is a great service, I had to use it myself a couple of years ago.
  16. Good morning. My best wishes to those of you with hospital or doctors appointments. Slowly getting back to normal, my next appointment is face to face, better than a phone call. A bit of sun this morning but a chilly 9c, but a promise of better weather to come later this week and next. I am enjoying the YT videos onboard MSC Virtuosa, not everyones taste but looks good to me, having enjoyed two cruises with MSC, I am sure there will be others. Looking forward to when Iona starts cruising and videos start appearing. We are getting used to the rules for our sunshine staycation cruise in late August, just to be able to relax and watch the sea go by will do me. Stay safe.
  17. My TA assures me she has added OBC with my DDC number, after I made my select fare booking.
  18. It is confusing, all the ships are showing the same, badly worded but must mean drinks are extra.
  19. I am waiting for OBC to be added for our Arvia cruise, Feb 22. Our TA assures me it has been approved and waiting for another invoice.
  20. My wife is in mourning, being born and bred in Hillsborough !
  21. Booked Iona for 28th August, 7 nights, balcony for a fabulous price being a Defence Discount Card holder.
  22. Booked Iona for 28th August, 7 nights, balcony for a fabulous price as a Veteran with a Defense Discount Card.
  23. Good morning. No rain, cloudy but a hint of sun, I can dream. Still tempted to book a Staycation, but Marie isn't confident yet. Still, we have our Iona cruise in February to look forward to. Bedding plants day, just hope we are past the threat of frost, who knows with this weather we are having ? Stay safe.
  24. Good morning. For any Veterans amongst us who are members of the Defense Discount Scheme, P&O, Cunard and Princess are offering up to 45% discount on Staycations. For example, 7 nights on 27th August, Britannia, balcony cabin, £336 pp. Very tempted !
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