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  1. I should clarify that the problem is not so much that the pharmacies don’t have any at all, but it’s that generally they are not set up for the social distancing that has become the norm here. We would much prefer to go in when few are present and I ended up at a pharmacy/supermarket at 3:00 pm. That was not ideal. Therefore, I was particularly envious of those with a drive-through availability. But I do agree that it is great that you seem to have better access at the doctor’s office. It would be interesting to see if there is a marked difference in uptake of the vaccine between the US and Canada. Our government has been very active in advertising to get people to have the shot. If that approach was successful, then that may help to explain if it’s actually a distribution problem. Regardless, if/when a Covid vaccine is approved, all the governments will have to examine their implementation policies very carefully.
  2. Because of a change in loyalty status, we had to use the reward of free nights before the end of January 2021. The process was as efficient as it could be. On Tuesday, we contacted a rep. at loyalty services, selected a cruise in August, 2022, (when we hope the present problems have dissipated) and she forwarded our request for approval. Received that approval today at a price that provides considerable savings. I know that many have been rightfully frustrated at their treatment by Azamara in recent months, but in our case the system worked as designed. Of course there is a risk. Our deposit may be in some peril. But, at this stage at least, we will take that risk. Even if two years away, it is nice to have the present hope that we may be back on Azamara.
  3. Thanks to those who have described the processes for receiving the flu vaccine in other countries. And now I a envious of your procedures. I have just set up a text messaging system that keeps us informed as to when a vaccine supply will be available locally. Our daughters would have been highly amused at my efforts to navigate that process. I do hope our jurisdiction is willing to examine and learn from others. I have also heard what NeilWM has pointed out. That the flu season may be a mild one given the masks. social distancing, etc. already in place. Today, I will be mapping out how to improve the ventilation in our garage so that we can meet the family as our weather turns colder. We have already acquired a space heater, an item that has been jumping off retailers' shelves.
  4. I do hope that Bonnie’s absence is temporary and that she will return as our CBO.
  5. I am very impressed that Ottawa is using waste water analysis to detect the expansion of Covid-19. That, and hospital admissions, may be the only valid methods to ascertain its prevalence. Your comments about the heedless young and, later, the appreciable dangers of winter driving in Ontario reminded me of a time when storms and road closures were, to us at a more youthful age, simply challenges to be overcome. Now we worry that some relative may die in the winter months and that Covid and storms will prevent us from attending a funeral. And now to my pet peeve of the day. Like you, we also attempt to be as isolated as possible. However, perhaps ironically, the reasonable warnings about a possible "twindemic" has us scrambling to find access to the seasonal flu vaccine. Minister Elliot assures the province that there is a sufficient supply, so I can only assume that there is a distribution problem. Our pharmacies seem to have very limited supplies and our family clinic has no clear idea as to when they will receive any. As a result, I ended up at a pharmacy/supermarket yesterday that could supply the shot, but in circumstances that provided less social distancing than I look for. The potential providers also seem to be in a rather surly mood about the whole process. And as for getting the high dosage shot, well.... I do hope that lessons are learned for the time when a Covid-19 vaccine becomes available.
  6. Thanks for your response. Indeed, your country seems to take mobility much more seriously. Here, the residents of the three areas in “lockdown 2 lite “ are advised to avoid travel that has not an “essential purpose”. You can imagine how that will be interpreted. Our challenge is that in Ontario local health authorities have potentially a great deal of authority, so it is sometimes difficult to establish provincial standards. For example, a good friend who resides primarily now in Antwerp is back in Toronto. She has gone through her quarantine, and has been tested three times. Theoretically, we know more about her health than about the other visitors to this area. The question is, can she now travel north to visit us before returning to Belgium? The answers would vary.
  7. As Wendy the Wanderer has pointed out in another thread, because of a second wave of infections three heavily populated administrative areas in Ontario have now been placed in a Level 2 “Lite” lockdown. The meaning of that term is rather vague, but those three areas certainly appear to be experiencing exponential growth. We are just north and northwest of two of those designated areas, and our jurisdiction is also experiencing a significantly increased rate of diagnoses. This Thanksgiving long weekend there were very high levels of traffic indeed on the highways that provide access to our municipality from the Level 2 areas. I have posted some pictures that might help explain the vehicular pressure. The third last picture shows cars parked along one of the rural roads leading into the local provincial park where I took the photos. It was the early morning so that number would only increase. And I apologize that I can’t edit out the photo that has been repeated.
  8. Given that at least a significant group of the under 30’s are, out of financial necessity, living in shared accommodations and working in service jobs in gyms, restaurants, stores etc., I’m not certain that their increasing rates of infection are largely the result of stupidity. Moreover, I do wonder if it is wise to have them living on a downtown university campus. An epidemiologist has referred to that as like having a cruise ship in that area. Facing these new and challenging circumstances, not always clearly explained, I must confess that I am not certain that I personally always do the right thing.
  9. I imagine that Azamara would argue that, in this case, the pandemic did play a role in cancelling this itinerary since the disease outbreak was the reason the 2020 charter had to be moved. However, it is still true that Azamara and cruise lines with smaller ships may well wish to benefit from the revenues of a charter for purely business reasons. We had a cruise some years ago that we had to rebook for just that reason. I certainly agree that the cruise line should ensure that affected passengers should be financially compensated as a recognition of the issues created. I hope Azamara can address your concerns.
  10. I should apologize for bringing bad news without also mentioning that there are options provided for changing your booking and also for considering offers of compensation. Whether any of the above meets your needs, I do hope that your extensive cruise plans can be maintained. I must admit that we weren't too upset by this news since a/ at our age we didn't really expect to be on board anyway and had made no preparations, b/ losing a cruise to a charter actually felt like some return to normality 🙂, and c/ the charter business may provide a windfall of much needed funds and also give RCI a reason to keep Azamara in business. I did not really think about the adverse results for others. I should have. Over a year ago we took a similar itinerary to the one now cancelled and it was wonderful. I hope at some point you have an opportunity to experience that route. The replacement cruise is a pale shadow of what they had offered.
  11. We received a notice from our TA that Azamara has made some changes in Journey's schedule due to COVID-19's impact on a 2020 charter that has now been moved to 2021. Originally we were to be on a 14-Night Spain Intensive beginning on May 26,, now it is a 10-night cruise beginning on the same date but ending in Dublin. That charter may be influencing your dates as well.
  12. Thanks for sharing your experience. We would concur with your position, although it will be interesting as to how long masking remains sensible even if/when a vaccine is available. If others are more adventurous, and that allows cruise lines to survive, I would echo your hopes for good luck and good health for all involved.
  13. Given national governments' need to establish far-ranging policies to control this virus, I am not surprised that these proposed rules are, indeed, a blunt axe. I believe that COO Cabezas did refer to the need for perhaps a more individual approach on Azamara by using the phrase "leverage these protocols". However, it would take a great deal of leveraging to reestablish the Azamara experience. Too much, I would say. However, I take this announcement as it's intended, a step forward. It is certainly not nearly sufficient to bring us back and on board. But is it a glimmer of light down a still very long tunnel?
  14. Glad you are taking us along with you. Lovely photos of the Greek countryside. The goats were a blessing to Greece (meat and milk) but also a detriment (denuding the landscape). But we can just enjoy their charms.
  15. Grandma Cruising, glad to hear that the worst of the storm missed your location. Looking forward to more info and photos once the weather really improves.
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