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  1. nordski

    Carbon offsets

    That was a link I hadn't discovered. Thanks
  2. nordski

    Carbon offsets

    Good points. Perhaps best to care for our own backyard.
  3. nordski

    Carbon offsets

    I think the discussion seems to be moving in the direction as to whether “any effort” (thanks to Mrs. Miggins for her reply) has “no chance” of meaningful impact (thanks to Phil for his reply). I already have conceded that carbon offsets may be “weak tea”, but sometimes that is the best we can do. The issue to me is whether they are pointless. I also concede that I hadn’t really thought much about the issue until confronted by some young people in our lives. First, adding a cost to our activities serves to help concentrate our mind on this issue in order to make better choices. For example, I still haven’t been able to accurately assess the relative environmental impact of sailing on smaller but older ships vs the more modern behemoths. I think the former may be a better choice. Does where you are sailing lessen or increase impact? Secondly, are some Offset programmes more beneficial than others? This is a question which I hope some people can help answer. Thirdly, should we focus on cruise lines that are more quickly adapting to using LNG, LBG, and solar power? Will offset programmes reflect that divergence? Fourthly, I am not so naive as to think that individual cruisers have anywhere near as much impact as corporate policies. But does the interest in offsets impel corporations to act more quickly if they see that interest rising and a potential impact upon consumer choice? I only make this detailed reply because there is, as Phil points out, endless opportunity for hypocrisy in our lives and we should try to avoid it. On the other hand, I hope there is also an opportunity for pragmatism and that is the approach I am attempting to follow. Research may help decide if that avenue is even open.
  4. nordski

    Carbon offsets

    Well, I doubt that 😄. What I was interested in was a anyone else’s experience or relevant research.
  5. Agree totally. On our last cruise, for some reason they also weren’t asking.
  6. Hiccups, I personally find it a bit of a crap shoot about getting the VAT refund. In 4 attempts I’ve received it once, although usually it’s because I’ve missed some step such as the one you just mentioned. Fumicino this autumn was the most frustrating and yet typical. While in the ship’s store, we were reminded to get the form stamped at customs At the airport the lineup to do so was so long that it looked like at least a half hour wait at both the customs and Global Blue kiosks. My natural indolence, and a judgement about the rather small amount involved, led us to skip the lineups. But look! There was another Global Blue kiosk once we exited security. Fearing the worst, I asked the nice woman if we could get our refund and she assured me that it would be no problem. Had our forms stamped. The result? We have received no refund. On the other hand, I know an accomplished shopper who has only once failed to get her refund. Some skill set does seem to matter. But I do hope you are more successful than we have been.
  7. nordski

    Carbon offsets

    Appreciate your reply and the necessary neutrality. I have some much younger and very bright neighbours who are active in these issues and programmes. I may challenge them to make some recommendations. Since air lines are already providing various means to buy offsets, perhaps at some point cruise lines will begin to offer the same option.
  8. It was a performance by the excellent acapella choir, Perpetum Jazille. As I mentioned in my review of that cruise if you wish to view a sample of their work you can find them on YouTube, although on that platform the performing group will be larger. If three ships are involved it might be an interesting logistical challenge. Our presentation was at grounds that seemed to be part of a night club. I believe that at previous times the choir performed in Tito Square in the centre of the old city. In both cases, the ships are not far from the presentation area.
  9. nordski

    Carbon offsets

    It is fairly easy to personally buy carbon offsets for flights, as many airlines provide the opportunity to do so. But for cruises it doesn’t appear that companies are providing that option. I do recognize that, as a corporate body, RCI has donated money to at least one company to offset CO2 creation. Has anyone researched and bought carbon offsets for a cruise? As a result do you have any recommendations? By the way, I’m not inviting a discussion concerning the principle of carbon offsets. I think that should be in a different forum. I also recognize that buying offsets may be rather weak tea as an approach to addressing the issue. I’m just interested if others have discovered programmes that seem to be well run and have an impact. Thanks
  10. Same experience as other posters.
  11. We were in Koper this autumn. Lovely city. Our experience was enhanced in that we were there on a Sunday. We don't know if it it is typical, but that day there were a number of markets set up in many of the squares in the old city. Created a very festive feeling. If not on a shore excursion, you can obtain a map from the local Tourist Office that outlines a route that helps you experience both the old and new cities. The old city is very accessible from the dock location. You can visit the town early in the morning before many of the guided the tours organize. It was also the location of our excellent Azamazing Evening.
  12. Finally, based upon these replies, I had an opportunity to explain something to my wife who has a degree in textiles. 😄 Thanks!
  13. Thanks for confirming what I had finally concluded. I had wondered why anyone would bring a white pinafore, which is what I pictured, to fend off the potential chilly weather.
  14. It has certainly been done. From the beginning I have been a bit puzzled by someone wishing to wear a “jumper”, white or otherwise, to White Night. I have finally realized that the word may well have a different meaning in the UK than in North America.
  15. Thanks, Bonnie. We hope any changes will make Azamara an even more attractive experience.
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