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  1. Thanks, I enjoyed that! I am still struggling to remember BCE and CE.
  2. We have had an ongoing debate here as to what constitutes “essential” services. Is it inappropriate to think that delivering maple syrup is clearly one and should override border controls?
  3. The attached maple syrup item showed up on our doorstep this morning, and for a brief moment I thought it might be a special drone delivery from Vermont. However, more prosaically, it turned out to be a gift from a neighbour produced when weather was more favourable. The year on the label suggests that we are not the only ones becoming Covid-confused. In more positive news, both my wife and I have received our first doses of vaccine, but VOC’s (variants of concern) continue to be troubling in the province.
  4. This is great advice, and on Journey the ship’s carpenter reattached a headboard in our rear stateroom that had worked loose and rattled when speed was increased. When we were on Pursuit in the same location the problem was rather more serious and may have involved the engine’s drive train.
  5. Using the present setup, and in reasonably hospitable latitudes, we found FaceTime and Google Duo chancy at best. Of course they worked better if docked and if many of the passengers were onshore. Otherwise we made do without the visual aspect.
  6. A personal thank you because we were able to rebook an Oct. 2022 cruise at a considerable saving. This sale is clearly directed towards the North American market, and we hope that those in other areas are able to take advantage of a similar offer in the future.
  7. Since there was reference made to Azamara veterans who agreed concerning the poor quality of the food, it is not surprising that other veterans might express disagreement on this forum. Nor surprising that some posters might wish limited resources be spent on issues more important to them, the wine list seems to be a particular favourite. I thought the responses were measured and not disrespectful, after all there is bound to be different opinions on such a subjective topic. However, to suggest that Azamara cruisers are not experienced with other cruise lines and, wors
  8. Thanks Grandma Cruising. Those photos are beautiful and heartening.
  9. I hope I gave the right advice! But certainly production will be down. Keep in mind that I am so naive about prices on goods etc. that I am probably the guy on the ship who, in relative terms, paid more than any other cruiser.
  10. We are having above average temperatures for the past week or so and, although this raises the spirits of those who were stuck indoors, it does not help syrup production. So, those who have an interest should be stocking their syrup cellars in case there is a shortage. Also, Ontario syrup exports were up about 20% last year, suggesting that people around the world were turning to nature’s true comfort food. Thus even more reason to provide it on Azamara. 😉
  11. This is so cruel when the border to Vermont is closed.😢
  12. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Those photos just scream SPRING! Can we add a sound track of migrating Canada Geese? I have to admire an artisan who keeps their "sugaring off" equipment in such good condition. And thanks to the indigenous person, according to oral tradition a woman, who created this process.
  13. Well, done! And I suspect the initial high price is not helped by the cost of shipping the rather heavy product to Yorkshire. But I have been told that the Vermont version is equally good if not better. There are respected posters on this forum who, I believe, will hold that opinion. 😄
  14. That is certainly excellent production from one tree! Do you boil it off outside? Our local conservation area runs a maple syrup shack utilizing both traditional and more modern techniques. It is primarily an educational operation for children, so I don’t know if it will operate this spring given the pandemic rules. Now is an excellent opportunity for me to once again mention my crusade to replace the nondescript “syrup” provided at Azamara breakfasts with the real thing. Of course, given our unique “terroir” I would prefer an Ontario product but my open mi
  15. nordski

    Tony Markey

    In our view, we felt very fortunate that there were a number of excellent CD's, each with strengths, and as a result it was never uppermost in our minds who would be fulfilling that task for a particular cruise. At gatherings of experienced Azamara cruisers we are not gregarious participants, and during one of those events Tony obviously noticed and took time to sit with us for a quiet chat. During that chat, we discussed an upcoming retrofit of the ship and he provided some interesting information. We think fondly of him for that, and wish him all success
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