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  1. Am I correct in remembering that the ship was docked almost in the downtown area? It was a very short walk to the main sites. Or am I confusing this with another Sicilian port?
  2. The 5:00 or 6:00 pm cessation times may be correct in other cities, but in Barcelona they are listed as running until 7:00 (winter) and 8:00 (summer) .Of course, service is presently suspended. And upon resumption that timetable may be adjusted.
  3. I have to share that, in our Toronto press in the past few days, Vermont’s policies are receiving accolades. In particular there is a great respect for the state’s efforts to protect those at risk and those who cannot easily self-isolate. This is one of the few good news stories that we hear as our approaches seem to be wanting.
  4. Thanks for the new epithet. I was only familiar with the word “plonk”, a term often employed by Horace Rumpole (of the Bailey), who used it to describe his favourite tipple: Chateau Thames Embankment.
  5. Grandma Cruising has given you excellent advice. If I may, I would suggest considering taking the HOHO bus in evening if you are just using it as an overview of the city. Less crowded and you see the many fountains lit up in the various city squares. On our last visit, I took an excellent ship’s tour on the architecture of Gaudi led by a local college instructor. However, if it’s your first visit to Barcelona there is much else to see.
  6. That’s certainly the consensus here. In a fit of madness I bought covers for my winter rims. And now the dealership that stores my sets of tires has...you guessed it... lost them. 😢
  7. So the question is do you use wheel covers with the rims of your winter tires? In this area, there is a clear majority decision on that crucial issue. 😄
  8. A correction: I should have referred to Dr. de Villa. Somehow the Dr. was accidentally omitted.
  9. Glad you are keeping your Florida options open. You are certainly braver than we are, but we are probably also in a higher risk group. Right now I’m deciding as to whether I’ll meet with one of our daughters in the Dovercourt or High Park areas of Toronto next Sunday. As a resident of Toronto she is much more comfortable with the present circumstances than I.So I’ll be carefully watching de Villa’s recommendations.
  10. I just wish that drug companies would wait for peer review of their findings before issuing a press release. However, like most, we consider this potentially good news indeed. and if the protection rate of 90% is confirmed it will rather amazing news.
  11. My guess is that these guidelines will be revisited by the advisory panel announced by Biden this morning.
  12. We are living in the “heat wave” in Ontario, but these photos reassure me that having the winter tires mounted this morning is still a good idea.
  13. We are in the midst of a week long “heat wave” where the daytime highs have been in the high teens or warmer, often setting set new records. This makes it comfortable for raking up leaves as opposed to the cold drizzle, or even snow that we often encounter at this stage of the season. Unfortunately, the number of Covid cases is also setting new records, especially in the municipality to the south of us. Some epidemiologists are forecasting that if we don’t take mitigating steps now conditions will become rather dire. Finally, a third record. For the first time a pair o
  14. Thanks for your work on this.
  15. This is very unfortunate but I hope that it works and that, for the sake of consistency, the Johnson Government stays the course despite misgivings in the caucus. On a brighter note, on BBC 4 this morning they devoted some time to music from a marching/concert band of, I think, the Queen’s Household. I probably have that designation wrong. The music was to remind us of the traditional Remembrance Day Services, services which may look very different this year. And, on the Archers, a programme which has reverted to its more traditional format (will it continu
  16. Apologies for not focussing on the year 2019 in your post and the resultant irrelevancy of my reply. My only defence is that. living in Covid semi-isolation I barely know what day it is, let alone the month. Apparently, the problem is expanding to the year we are in as well 😄.
  17. I posted on my experience concerning the free nights on an earlier thread and in that thread LaurieB also posted on this matter. We attained Discoverer Plus last February. As I understand the regulations, you have one year from that date to book your 6 nights. We have done so, selecting a cruise in the summer of 2022. I believe Azamara has listed cruises up until the first months of 2023. Our thought was that if cruising conditions didn’t allow us to utilize our choice, then there would be far greater problems for the cruise industry than honouring our change o
  18. How frustrating this must be for everyone, but especially people like you who are committed to making the system work. I do hope Election Day does not create more challenges for that system.
  19. Thanks for the srticle. It’s a fair comparison to place Sweden in the same league as other Scandinavian nations. Not only was their death rate far worse, their economy has not enjoyed any advantage. Most epidemiologists are not surprised. I do agree that some experimentation in dealing with this disease by various authorities is a good idea. However, there have to be some scientific parameters guiding the range of options. We, too, are experiencing targeted lock downs on geographic areas. Given the high mobility of people today, like you I am not con
  20. I hear on the BBC that southern Yorkshire is in stringent lockdown. I hope that Bloodaxe, GrandmaCruising, and other posters from that region, are not in that particular area and that these measures are as brief as possible. It is a little hard to make out what is happening to our friends in the UK as the various jurisdictions, for example Wales, seem to be pursuing rather independent policies.
  21. I should clarify that the problem is not so much that the pharmacies don’t have any at all, but it’s that generally they are not set up for the social distancing that has become the norm here. We would much prefer to go in when few are present and I ended up at a pharmacy/supermarket at 3:00 pm. That was not ideal. Therefore, I was particularly envious of those with a drive-through availability. But I do agree that it is great that you seem to have better access at the doctor’s office. It would be interesting to see if there is a marked difference in uptake of t
  22. Because of a change in loyalty status, we had to use the reward of free nights before the end of January 2021. The process was as efficient as it could be. On Tuesday, we contacted a rep. at loyalty services, selected a cruise in August, 2022, (when we hope the present problems have dissipated) and she forwarded our request for approval. Received that approval today at a price that provides considerable savings. I know that many have been rightfully frustrated at their treatment by Azamara in recent months, but in our case the system worked as designed. Of
  23. Thanks to those who have described the processes for receiving the flu vaccine in other countries. And now I a envious of your procedures. I have just set up a text messaging system that keeps us informed as to when a vaccine supply will be available locally. Our daughters would have been highly amused at my efforts to navigate that process. I do hope our jurisdiction is willing to examine and learn from others. I have also heard what NeilWM has pointed out. That the flu season may be a mild one given the masks. social distancing, etc. already in place. Toda
  24. I do hope that Bonnie’s absence is temporary and that she will return as our CBO.
  25. I am very impressed that Ottawa is using waste water analysis to detect the expansion of Covid-19. That, and hospital admissions, may be the only valid methods to ascertain its prevalence. Your comments about the heedless young and, later, the appreciable dangers of winter driving in Ontario reminded me of a time when storms and road closures were, to us at a more youthful age, simply challenges to be overcome. Now we worry that some relative may die in the winter months and that Covid and storms will prevent us from attending a funeral. And now to my pet peeve of the d
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