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  1. And having worked with both LE and Fire I can say that Fire is better at ICS. LE are trained to work alone and Fire never works alone.
  2. I just returned from Israel and met a doctor from the US who shared about this vaccine. Glad it has made the news
  3. nearly 1/4 of the daily "hold" is the amount of hsc too . . .
  4. What will be key is whether both accounts were using the internet at the same time. Only 1 device online at a time is one of the restrictions that HAL places on internet use. (one that can be gotten around with a little tech)
  5. Just off the Veendam today. The new carpets look great and the ship is in great shape for an older ship. We had 1 night in 12 where the air didn't seem to work right and we called and reported it and they called us back the next day to ask if they had fixed it which they did. The ship layout is not as great as others with the galley blocking motion on that floor. We loved the hand washing stations on the Lido. The Lido is smaller because the ship is smaller. We thought the entertainment was seriously lacking compared to other ships. It lacked the variety that BB Kings offers. Lots of piano music if that is your thing. Also all the key entertainment areas are around the casino and there was smoke odor. We spent more evenings watching DVD's in the stateroom that any other events - which is a first for us. The crew was fantastic. The TV's are old school and really small. Fleetwide there needs to be more variety for America's test kitchen for those who cruise more than once every 2 years. New York Pizza was advertised as lunch and dinner on the online app but was closed the first 3 days and then only open from 11 - 2:30 PM. There were lots of kids on the transatlantic who would have liked pizza for dinner . . . The Fitness Center was in great shape and opened every day sharply at 6 AM which was first for us as 4 star mariners. (some ships it is 7 and most often the staff forget 1 out 7 days to open and the desk has to be called.)
  6. We are on the Veendam coming down from St. John's to Boston on Saturday. We missed St. Pierre because of weather. (unrelated to Dorian) Today we are at Bar Harbor but are cutting the stop short by and hour. Captain Mark plans to head full speed to Boston arriving by 2 AM but not opening a gangway until 7 AM as planned. We were in Halifax yesterday and it was a beautiful day. Now to get through Immigration this morning. Kevin
  7. I am on the same cruise - a few observations: The water being off wasn't a problem for us and was way less time than indicated. The New York Pizza was closed the first 3 days as they re-tiled the cooking area. Now it is only open 11-2:30 though the online navigator shows that it is available for dinner. we miss getting a pizza late in the evening like on other ships with the pizza. We had to ask for a future cruise deposit form. EVERY HAL cruise prior has had one delivered to our stateroom without asking. The pool has been closed for the last 3 days for repairs to the tile. With the removal of the rear pool there is no back up option and with the unplanned sea day the pool was missed by a fair number of people. (not me to be honest) The food has been great and the cabin stewards on this cruise are amazing. The smoke from the casino has spread more than on previous cruises and most of the key public spaces have smoke smell. (Ocean bar, Mix and Adagio area outside the Pinnacle)
  8. Some states do have laws that indicate that any scheduled drug not in a pharmacy labeled container is a violation of the law. The bottle and label provide proof that you have been prescribed the scheduled medication. While one could later provide proof and have charges dropped do you really want to have deal with this in a place you don't live and are simply passing through to vacation?
  9. On the Veendam now. We have used the soda card for cans of pop and tonic. On other ships they have only provided a glass of pop from the soda gun at the bar or part of a can but not the entire can. Here we get 2 cans at at a time and keep them in our stateroom. We prefer diet tonic and have often brought it onboard at embarkation and in ports with no trouble
  10. I am on the Veendam as I write and as we approach St. John's Newfoundland. The ship is in good shape in terms of maintenance and carpets and such. All the elevators are working. The new carpet from the last dry dock looks great. I found the rear hot tubs ok and working fine. My biggest complaints are the old TV's which are way too small as programming has adapted as TV's have grown larger and my second is the lack of the BB Kings in the evening. We are not huge ship fans but find the ship a little small and prefer the Eurodam and even the Westerdam or Zuiderdam. We have a new captain who is filling in on the voyage and he shared yesterday that ships used to be built for 40-50 years of service but with the new class they are planning on only 30 years of service and talk is now about 20 years of service. People want "new" and the industry will provide what people will pay for. I laughed out loud because I remember people on this board talking about "the new ship smell."
  11. We will spend our 100th night on a Dam ship as we embark on Monday on the Veendam.
  12. While we have enjoyed the menu and preparation, we stopped going because on most ships it is right next to the dish room and the door was never closed and we couldn't hear each other over the sounds from the dishwasher and the rest. The food has been good but the atmosphere terrible. It has often felt like they chose the least utilized space in the Lido to use for the restaurant.
  13. HAL refers to as a hotel service charge - thus it isn't called a tip
  14. There is never a corkage fee for wine bought from HAL. That said if you can buy wine and carry it on, it is often cheaper to pay the corkage that the inflated prices though the packages do help with that. You can also have both a red and a white open and enjoy different wines with different courses and both will be corked and stored for the next night.
  15. Some friends took the QM2 to England and brought folding bikes. No problem embarking in the states but at the end of the summer when they tried to board they had trouble with the return trip. (this was last summer) Took some strong arguing before finally being allowed to bring the bikes on board.
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