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  1. We were on the first cruise on July 23rd and had an Uber. We were directed to the Taxi line and were as close as anything else and a porter was there immediately.
  2. Thanks for all the comments and concerns. The incident happened on a traffic island under the monorail as it turned toward the space needle around Denny and 5th ave. I consider myself pretty situationally aware. I was a sworn LEO years ago and am a chaplain for a PD now. My wife is NP with experience with psych issues. The person presented as just having psych issues. No question and the PD confirmed this. Unfortunately he took advantage of our being sensitive to the psych stuff to steal. He was clearly homeless. He also was clearly used to being arrested as he kept getting into position to have cuffs placed on him. We have lived in many places around the midwest. I have yet to live anywhere that has a great system for handling the chronically mentally ill. I am a full time pastor and less than a month ago a son of a member who has been in and out of the state hospital was in crisis. After a recent hospitalization they couldn't find a proper psych bed. He was sent to a nursing home an hour away with no psych skills. They needed a bed filled and the hospital needed to get him out. He got into an altercation with another resident. He was arrested and put into the regional jail for 50 days without psych care or any of his meds. His family finally got him into a psych unit in the city but after getting him stabilized they couldn't find him a place to live and so discharged him to the street with no meds or plan. Suffice it to say I know every city has issues with those like we encountered. I am thankful we got my phone back. I am sad there was nothing the PD could do but let him go. (jail would not have helped) I am up at 2 AM icing my knee and thankful that this is the extent of my injuries. (I also think now is bad time to complete the HAL survey!)
  3. Not any we talked to. There were trying but they are already overloaded.
  4. We disembarked and checked into the Crown Plaza. They let us check in early. On the way to the space needle we were accosted by a mentally ill homeless person who reached in my pocket and stole my iphone. I fell in the process. Thankfully sore and bruised but nothing broken. Called Seattle PD and we got in the back of a cruiser and directed them to the location of my phone using find my phone. They caught him. We got my phone back. They seemed surprised that we could accurately describe him and as they walked up we made the phone make a noise. We still did the Chihuly and the space needle but I am in the hotel at 3:30 icing my knee and done for this trip. Thankful nothing worse happened.
  5. We do too. Especially the on demand of ATK and cooks country. I will say the two shows with the Pinnacle chef were good - but there were only 2
  6. No bar - just liquid. It is so much cleaner and nicer. This is our first with dispenser at the sink
  7. The sticker needs to be trimmed but is to be placed in the journey's journal they gave us!
  8. The crew seems to be trying very hard and are very gracious. The elimination of the wine stewards is a dismal failure. Tonight it took 35 minutes from when I finished my wine before more was delivered. It took 20 minutes for our waiter to realize and another 15 for it to be served and delivered. As my wife said, that isn't fine dining. My wife observed that she thought the wine stewards could be obnoxious but she really misses that they watched and attended to empty glasses. The waiters are just tasked with too much now. It isn't that they aren't trying, it just isn't on their radar after 10+ contracts with that being handled by someone else. We found the menu tonight to lack depth and choice. She ordered tortellini on a night she always looked forward to lobster. I ordered duck because the beef option was not optimal. The three dessert options didn't interest us and we saw lots of ice cream which wasn't on the menu being served. (waiters have caught on!) Our cabin steward has been amazing and really taken care of o us.
  9. We do it every cruise that we can. they have amazing Lamb chops that are better than any other night on the ship. For seafood we find the fruits de mer is absolutely worth the supplement. We were so full I couldn't do dessert so they had the international cheese plate delivered to our cabin later in the evening!
  10. We are disappointed by tonight's menu apart from the lack of lobster. The diminished options are significant
  11. We have a similar problem. Have been to the desk 3X and still have charges covered by EPB remaining on our statement.
  12. Wifi for the intranet (on the ship) is free. Internet you have to purchase. The app either relies on local servers on the ship or is not filtered and allowed on the internet without cost. I suspect it is locally hosted to reduce internet volume.
  13. The invitation to the reception was in our cabin last evening when we returned. I am guessing others who planned to attend the roll call had a similar experience and that may explain the attendance. I apologize that we didn't make it.
  14. So we reviewed the menus for the week on the app and TV and made our specialty dining decision based on it. Tonight's menu changed from yesterday after we planned Tamarind. Tonight is escargot, lamb chops, filet mignon with crab béarnaise. We would have stuck to main dining room if that had been up yesterday. First world problems! We are vaccinated and on vacation so we can't complain too much and we love the Tamarind. One day they will get that piece figured out. today was the reception at 11 with the captain and officers for 4 &5 star. They all came around and thanked us for returning and joining the first cruise. Clearly working on customer relations which is no surprise with HAL.
  15. Loving the cruise so far. Menus for food and beverage are not as big though for drinks they can make anything. Waiters are now handling wine rather than wine stewards which really hampered the meal and wine service at the main dining room. This may be a way to reduce numbers interacting. Changes for health are great. Even opening door last to the aft deck so you can keep your hands clean. No packet of sugar or sweetners. All in stainless dispensers. You can’t fill a cup at the lido. cabin stewards are only servicing cabins in the morning unless you ask for turn down service. We did as my wife goes through ice and we plan a great gratuity on top of having. many crew say how lucky they are as they are working and HAL got them the vaccine and they worry about friends waiting to work at home
  16. My wife and I head to the airport in a couple of hours. So looking forward to this cruise!
  17. My wife and I will be on this cruise! Didn't know it would be the first but are really looking forward to it.
  18. Apparently the system crashed. It just booked us without giving us the excursion credit and won't let us use the credit for dining either. I called and they don't know when it will be working again.
  19. We will be on the Nieuw Amsterdam on July 24th. Looking forward to it!
  20. Rich thanks for the daily. I can't wait to watch the New Amsterdam head north for Alaska! We booked for July 24th out of Seattle and are hoping that nothing prevents the restart. We are both fully vaccinated and the efficacy of the vaccine is incredible. We also think HAL's protocols will keep all safe.
  21. I sure have enjoyed the daily. I am not able to read it every day but it has been great while we can't cruise. DW and I took the bite and are scheduled out of Seattle on July 24th. 7 day only but it is something!
  22. My father spent 37 years working for Eastern Air Lines. He started as floor sweeper and worked his way up. He turned down VP every time it was offered to him but when they closed he was responsible for all of their parts inventory company wide. Eastern helped him become an A&P mechanic and then he moved over to the parts side. During the great strike that finally bankrupted Eastern he was sent to Boston to do maintenance. He was a Florida boy through and through and wore 3 pairs of long underwear under his clothes and was still cold.
  23. RIP Krazy Kruizers. She was such a welcome presence here when we started cruising HAL. Can anyone share a link to her obituary?
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