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  1. According to a Celebrity sales rep. I spoke to on Sunday, Constellation is now scheduled to be revolutioned in 2023.
  2. jshli


    In the past, Celebrity offered a 10% discount on internet service (not a sale), just for booking it in advance of your cruise. In addition to the 10%, you were able to get the additional Captain’s Club discount depending on your status by calling customer service and having it applied. Maybe they don’t offer this incentive any longer.
  3. Does Celebrity still offer a 10% discount for internet service when booked in advance in Cruise Planner. For my 12 day cruise, it is showing $299.00 with no mention of this discount. On our 12 day cruise in Oct., the price on our Cruise Planner was $299.99 minus 10% ($269.00).
  4. Considering Hilton Marina vs. Riverside Hotel for a 3 night stay. It appears that Riverside may be more centrally located for restaurants etc., but Hilton Marina has been recently renovated. We will have a car, either way. We would book executive tower king balcony room at the Riverside or king water view, high floor tower room at the Hilton. Both about the same price but Hilton package includes buffet breakfast. Would appreciate any input.
  5. In order to receive the Captains Club discount for an internet package, you have to call Celebrity to have it applied, the amount dependent on your status in the program. It can not be done online.
  6. I agree with you Bo 1953 that Celebrity would allow changes or cancellations in many cases and it won’t be a deal breaker to many. My only thought is to those who would want to book a different cruise, by the time they discover the modification, there may not be the cruise availability or cabin choice they would have had if the modified itinerary was posted on their website in conjunction with the itinerary change.
  7. Still showing Curacao on their website, therefore anyone booking this cruise now will not see the correct itinerary. Celebrity should do a better job of updating changes in a more timely manner so people will know exactly what they are getting before they book, giving them the opportunity to choose a different cruise.
  8. Thank you so much Chemmo for your quick response. I believe you are correct that it is too early to reserve since both Murano and Tuscan Grill have no availability for any date or time. What confused me is that it showed availability for about a week in November, but then disappeared but I doubt that both restaurants sold out in this short time, so far in advance. Like you, I feel that since it is a special occasion, I plan to make reservations in advance to secure the time I want. Happy cruising!
  9. My husband and I are booked on a 12 night Caribbean cruise on Jan. 17, 2021 on the Celebrity Equinox and would like to eat at Murano one evening to celebrate my special birthday. In Nov, all dates and times were available but we felt we had plenty of time to make a reservation. Within a few weeks, the option to eat at Murano (and Tuscan Grill) disappeared for the entire cruise. While looking at my Cruise Planner, I now notice that the only specialty restaurants showing as available on this cruise are Chef’s Table by Daniel Boulud (in Murano) on Jan 17th only at 5:30 PM (5 course set
  10. I believe it just may be too early to book a hotel for that date. Most hotels become available around 11-12 months out.
  11. We are going to be in Tauranga and our port time has been modified to arrive at 4:30AM and leave at 4:30 PM. We have a 7 hour shore excursion, (Rotorua- Te Puia, Geysers, Culture and Kiwis) booked with Zeelandier Tours that returns us to the ship at 3:30. We are concerned that this is cutting it too close and does not allow for any unforeseen delays with traffic, etc. Zeelandier assure us that this timeframe is fine and they will get us to the next port (Bay of Islands) if necessary but this alternative does not make us comfortable. Does anyone have any opinions if this is cutting it too clos
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