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  1. We have too much luggage to take public transportation.
  2. It appears that the Pier 66 Hotel is closed (with the exception of the marina and a few restaurants) for a complete renovation until 2022.
  3. Thank you to all. I will arrange for a 6:30PM pickup which will hopefully allow for traffic delays that may occur.
  4. We are getting a ride directly to the airport.
  5. I did the research and at this time, there is nothing scheduled at either the Chase Center or Oracle Park on that day. Taking this into account, approximately how long a drive is it from Fisherman’s Wharf to SFO if we need to arrive at the airport at 8:00PM on a Monday evening. Thanks again, I just want to cover all my bases.
  6. How long to get to the freeway from Fisherman’s Wharf?
  7. How much time should we allow to get from Fisherman’s Wharf to SFO by car on a Mon evening if we need to be at SFO at 8:00PM? BART is not feasible.
  8. I see on the website to apply for an Australian electronic passport, it asks if you have been known by any other names. Am I correct in assuming that I should answer yes and give my maiden name?
  9. Do I need a PIN number to use my US issued credit cards in Australia and New Zealand?
  10. I read a post within the last week or two that said the classic package included drinks up to $11.00. Can someone clarify?
  11. Has anyone been able to receive Captain Club discount off a sale price? Last time I inquired, I was told it does not apply to sale price (with the exception of 10% off pre cruise price).
  12. My guess is they will cancel a cruise(s) in the future, to complete the Equinox “revolution”.
  13. Funny, my husband said 9:00 and I said 9:15. We plan on booking a private transfer. Thank you both for confirming that we were on the right track. Do either of you remember how long it took to get through customs?
  14. Our ship docks in Auckland at 6:30 AM. I am trying to figure out what time to make reservations to be picked up at the pier (taking customs into account). We are in no hurry as we are staying downtown in Auckland for a few days after the cruise. I would appreciate any suggestions.
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