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  1. Thanks for the amazing review. We will be flying tomorrow morning. Can't wait!! Anxiety kills me! I feel like it's my first time (in a cruise, of course! Lol). fat ankles remedy: ice water! I suffer from the same. once again, sorry for my english!
  2. Of course! I LOVE the reviews, especially your reviews! this last year go very slowly to me. I have 2 knee surgery and the recovery is so hard! dream every day with the embarkation day,lol. Have a nice trip! and sorry for my english, lol.
  3. We sail on her next week too!! But my boys are not athletes, lol. One is a writer (16), and the other is chess player (11). We flight to Florida next friday. Can't wait!! Time passing so slowly.....
  4. Yesssss!!! I NEED this review!!! I’ll be there (on Harmony) next week!!! have a great cruise!!!
  5. I use a cane. I have reduced movility, bug can walk. I can't up in a electric stairs. Can I have a problem to board and disembark?
  6. anaivali

    Civitavecchia to train station time question

    Can I walk from Ship To the train station? How it takes me to get there?
  7. anaivali


    Is Valencia port easy to boarding? I'll be there in July for take Msc Preziosa. How is the cruise terminal?
  8. anaivali

    Spanish Beaches

    that depends on where you are! if you are from Northern Europe you'll be fine! sorry if my english is bad :o
  9. anaivali

    Spanish Beaches

    you're right ... I'm in America and when I go in summer to galicia I can not stand the cold beach water!! :D:D:D
  10. anaivali

    Spanish Beaches

    The beaches in Galicia are SO cold ALL the year! Playa de Las Lapas is a good option in Coruña with all services. Samil in Vigo is the most popular beach. Galicia's beaches are the cleanest in the world!:cool:
  11. anaivali

    valencia port car parking

    Hola! Nosotros también vamos ese día! Hablas español?
  12. I traveled with my kids in both. Disney cruise is much bored, starting because the pools are very small. In the Oasis they lacked time for fun! Too many things to do, the kids area is fantastic. All you have good in Disney cruise are the characters. My kids are men, so the princesses are not of the interest of them.That is my opinion. Disney is not bad but I will not repeat. Sorry for my bad english. :o
  13. anaivali

    Pop Century to Disney Dream transfer

    Thanks moki! I tried to call but I have been waiting for o ver an hour without response in long distancie call! :eek:
  14. anaivali

    Pop Century to Disney Dream transfer

    Thanks for reply! My english is so Bad that i did no expolian well In the web pague only gives the airport-port ground transportation options not the resort-port option. Can i make arrangements to pick me up at the hotel when i arrive in the front desk of pop century? Or what can i do?