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  1. I just recently survived the Velocicoaster at Island of Adventure unscathed, so this one should be a piece of cake! I'm looking forward to it! Having said that, I tried the sky course a few years ago and had to be "rescued", LOL! When it comes to heights I prefer to NOT be in control of my destiny. 😵
  2. As others have mentioned go to the Ocean Players Club website, and click on the contact us button. At the bottom of the page there will be some choices, one of which is verify offer. Just fill in the requested info and you will receive an e-mail response. It's also worth mentioning that if you are traveling with another person who may have qualified for the offer, ask if they too should receive the perks. There is a place to add comments. It's a very simple and streamlined process....much easier than it used to be to call and beg for casino cash, lol!
  3. That's what I do....especially since I had no idea that ANY Carnival ship would play Netflix. 😃
  4. Unless something has changed since my last cruise, streaming sites are blocked, even with the premium. NCL allows it with their premium, but Carnival historically has not.
  5. The problem with the floater is that it's technically part of the first drink. You can order and pay for a drink with a floater outside of cheers, you just can't order a floater and add it to a drink using cheers. I know, it's ridiculous, but I promise that they won't let you do it. It drives me crazy too because I typically am not a fan of high calorie cocktails, but I do like the occasional frozen drink.....but for all of those calories, I want a bit of a buzz, lol! As others have mentioned, order the liquor of your choosing straight up, and ask to have the cocktail made 5 minutes later.
  6. I've never been able to......and believe me, I've tried on a lot of ships, LOL!
  7. I'm sure that he was not thinking 100% clearly yesterday. He must have been quite shocked! It's perfectly understandable that his perceptions were clouded by emotion, as would be the case for most of us.
  8. I'm not suggesting that he was lying. I do doubt that he was in the know as to the circumstances of the other passengers. Nothing happened yesterday that I'm aware of. The point is, in accordance with the restrictions in place (those enacted in January), he should have been restricted from traveling every day since then. Perhaps there was some leniency over the course of the past few months, that I don't know, but the law is unchanged. The exception is only in place for crew members with the appropriate Visa. He didn't have that. Btw, I don't blame this on John Heald. Carnival
  9. You're right of course, I lost a day. Epidural Spinal Steroid injection yesterday, LOL!
  10. I love Carnival. I like John. With all due respect to his perception, we have absolutely no reason to believe that any group of travelers who were legally allowed to travel yesterday were denied boarding today. We do know that he was not legally allowed to travel yesterday and was ultimately denied today. An empty airport line for travel destined to the U.S. originating at Heathrow wouldn't be anything unusual with the existing travel ban in place. That's the only circumstance that I witnessed on the video. Sorry, I forgot the quote. I was responded to Mamallamaanddaddy
  11. I think that the situation is unfortunate for everyone affected, though what troubles me the most is that Carnival didn't understand the law. As others have mentioned, there is no documented evidence that any new regulations have been added as of today, and those that were in effect already seemed to prevent Heald from traveling. I hadn't had the need to read the travel ban prior to today, but it didn't take any legal acumen to realize that he would likely be denied entry as a Brand Ambassador. He should have been listed as an official member of the entertainment staff a month ago and been e
  12. Not a lawyer and don't play one on tv, but I read those visas as only applicable to commercial vessels, and those by definition carry cargo. I'm not sure that cruise ships fall into that category.
  13. Right, but I wonder if though Carnival decided that he was an essential worker, it wasn't confirmed with authorities beforehand. He said that he had a letter from Carnival with him, but perhaps that isn't binding. I'm just guessing.
  14. That's sad. We're on first (not officially the inaugural sailing) of the Mardi Gras and he was expected to sail with us. I'm a little confused because I thought that travel from the UK had been shut down for ages, and only expected to resume sometime around July 4th....now pushed back because of the Delta Variant. I've read numerous stories about people flying to other countries from the UK, staying there for the required 2 weeks, and then flying to the US. I bet that he needed to apply for the exception weeks ago, and that a letter from Carnival was always insufficient. I do
  15. Here's the e-mail. Dear Carnival Guest: We are excited about our summer restart and I wanted to follow up on our email from late Thursday about our plans to operate your cruise. Things are moving quickly, and in our desire to share information with you in timely fashion, we know that there a gaps to fill in. First, as we work through this restart process and our operations for August, we are extending final payment on your sailing to Monday, June 21. As we operate to meet the CDC guidelines, there is an exemption process to accommodate a small n
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