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  1. I don't think that there's been any issues with cruises cancelled by the guest. I was able to cancel future cruises with no issues with my credit card or cn deposits. I think the issues are occurring with cruises that NCL cancelled that have additional FCC attached. I still don't have my 2 cn certificates from my April 4th cruise.
  2. We're still waiting too. Maybe it's a CAS thing. Fortunately since it was comped, it's not a huge amount of $$$, so I can be patient for a bit.
  3. Just before this all started I paid in full for a B2B Transatlantic/ Mediterranean cruise next year. I needed the miles in time to book the airfare at a reasonable rate (we have to fly first class because of DH's health issues, not respiratory thank God). As things unfolded I realized that traveling with him overseas has too many potential complications....if I had to come home unexpectedly I could cram into any seat, he could not, nor could he tolerate unexpected travel delays in the airports. Obviously, I chose to cancel those trips. It took about a week for both to be credited to my Amex
  4. I agree! I sail April 4th on the Breakaway, and I just upped my already "good" bid a little bit because I figured that they would be doing just that. So far nothing....which seems pretty silly to me. I had a casino comped cruise in a mini-suite, so I just offered what I would have paid for a balcony cruise for each of the Haven categories, should be a win for both us imo.
  5. Exactly. Now if they were instructed to give false information regarding cancellations, the situation on board, or anything else within NCL's purview, I would be appalled, but I can't imagine a situation where discussions involving medical advice would ever even come up. This seems like a stupid act from a stupid person, that likely impacted no one.
  6. Oh yeah, I forgot about the casino. I'm pretty sure that will be a no go for me this trip. I guess I can get over the guilt since this is a Casinos at Sea comped trip, LOL!
  7. We sail on the Breakaway April 4th. We're taking an extra 2 weeks of meds, alcohol wipes (purell has been off the shelves for the past week), antibacterial soap for handwashing in the cabin, disinfectant wipes for shared surfaces (like lounge chairs), both of us will bring a laptop (don't want to be fighting over the one that we usually share in a quarantine), a couple of seasons of something on dvd, and a fully loaded kindle. I always overpack clothes, so we won't be naked regardless of what happens! I do admit that I'm hoping really, really fervently that my upgrade bid is acc
  8. At least as far as my Gen Pop comment goes, you clearly can't recognize tongue in cheek. Do you think that maybe there was a reason that I thought that we were missing something the last few times that we stayed in the Haven? pfft
  9. On our past two cruises with NCL (one on the Breakaway, and this last one on the Getaway) we've elected to go Gen Pop, and I'm thinking that going forward I may bid higher for an upgrade to the Haven. I had actually come to think that we were missing something in the Haven, but on the bigger ships, having the option to wait until 15 minutes before a show starts, and having the restaurant is such a huge perk. I still don't think that I'll book outright anymore, but I definitely missed the advantages this past cruise.
  10. Also on this sailing. Things that I also was troubled by: Definitely wasn't pleased that they ran out of so many food items/supplies. It actually became a topic of jokes in Syd Norman's...grilled shrimp anyone? Apparently there was a plethora of frozen shrimp, but butter, half and half, ice cream mix, lettuce, various fruit, iced tea mix, and many other items were not replenished in Copenhagen. I can understand not having more than 5 days worth of fresh fruits and veggies, but the rest is ridiculous. The venues for both shows and activities were absurd
  11. When I booked the upgrade it didn't process properly. Not only did the 250 minutes go away (which was expected), I also lost my ship to shore phone call perk and $100 of onboard credit. I worked with 2 different people to try to get it corrected. Ultimately we decided to have the amount refunded, and to do the upgrade on the ship. For those who take advantage, make sure that ALL of your perks remain.
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